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    Buying on from US

    Hello, wondering if anyone can help. Pls contact me through profile. Thanks!!
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    IG Prestige MP Same as Youtek Prestige MP?

    Sorry for the newbie question, but are these the same racquet ? I know the lineage of Prestige from the days of old (Classic>I>LM>FXP), but don't really know what came after that. I googled both and they both look the same to me. Any way to distinguish the two?
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    Becker with Fischer Vacuum Pro 90?

    Has Boris ever played with the Vac Pro 90 in the past? Bought one recently where seller mentioned this racquet was played by BB during a tournament in Hong Kong. I highly doubt it, but thought I'd ask.
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    Anyone from Columbus, OH??

    Anyone from Columbus, OH area? Need a favor, please give me a holler. Thanks in advance.
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    Skewed H2H Cuased by Racket Choice???

    I'm a pretty reasonable guy who can sit through and keep an open mind on rational discussions regarding goat existence, h2h, weak ear, wft/og/dc, etc. I enjoy reading both sides of the arguments. I don't get agitated when someone is voicing an opinion that I don't agree with, nor do I feel the...
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    Any TT Stringer From the Chicago Area?

    Just wondering if any one of yous from the Chicago area?
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    Head Prestige 25th Anniversary Bag in Hong Kong?

    I'm here in HK for vacation and thought I'd pick one up. But of the 3 pro shops I visited near Victoria Park, none has this available. Anyone in HK know where I can buy one?
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    What's There to do Around USC Area?

    Every Monday and Wednesday nights, I have to drop off my girl at campus for her grad class. I have 3 hours to kill while she is in class. What's there to do besides running on the track and walking around campus for 3 hours? I want to see what options I have before joining a local gym.
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    How to Restore and Maintain Leather Grips

    Just wondering what to use to get the dirt and gunk off of leather grips. I read the instruction on Fairway, and they say to use wood alcohol to clean, and castor oil to recondition and bring back tack. Is there any other safe way to restore a leather grips?
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    iPrestige Mid Variations

    I have the first version that have the rubbery paint at the throat. There were also two other versions that have the hard paint at the throat and Made in Austria listed the throat and buttcap. Can anyone describe how these variations hit compare to each other. Suppsedly, the early version is...
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    Gap Between Caps

    I'm about to restring a capped Graphite Pro for the first time. I'm going with hybrid of gut/syn. The cap grommets at the 12 o'clock position has a gap of 1/8" and seems to flare out and don't seat properly. My question is should I protect the center gut mains with something when I pull. I'm...
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    Anyone Else Here Using 15L NG?

    I've been using VS 15L setup for awhile, and so far so good. Most of my racquets are midsize and have dense string patterns. Any advantages for going to a 16g or 17g? People say higher gauge string provides more spin and feel. I do agree with the feel part, but regarding spin. Doesn't the...
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    Head Special Edition Edge

    I've got this cool Head Special Edition Edge racquet. I haven't hit with it because of the dismal grommet. Anyone have any info on this? On the side where Head normally lists the composition, it's blank. The headsize is definitely smaller than the 89.5 Maybe an 81 model. The...
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    My Vintage Head Collection

    Hey guys, I've been lurking here for awhile now, and would like to start contributing. I've learned so much from you guys, and hope I can be of good use. These are my vintage Head racquets in my collection. Most are in near mint condition. Still missing the 'must have' TXP and Elite Pro...
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    Restringing Crosses

    I'm about to cut out the high tension poly crossess from a racquet, due to severe arm pain. The mains are multi, so I'll re-cross it with Gosen OG 17. My question is do I mount the frame, and then cut the crosses, or do I cut the cross, then mount the racquet? And also, any advantage of using...
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    Head 'Designed In Austria' ???

    I have a Head Pro Tour 280 and Head Classic MP that says Designed in Austria. The PT 280 is on the outside of the throat, and the Classic is above the hadle. But no where on the frame does it show country of origin. Are these frames made in China, or could they be from Czech Rep.? I thought...
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    Cracked Wilson PS Midsize: Try to Repair, or Hang it Up?

    I have here an old Prostaff Midsize that has a crack on the inner hoop. I have no idea how I've acquired it, but it has been sitting in my tennis bag for the past 7 to 8 years. I do remember having both Prostaff Original and 6.1 in 110 head version, but can't seem to locate them...