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    Ricky Gervais Podcast

    Has anyone else heard this podcast. It is the number 1 podcast on iTunes but yet I have not seen anyone else who has heard it. It's hilarious. I would recommened it to anyone.
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    USA v UK (EA Games)

    Has anyone else noticed how much more detailed the American EA Sports games are compared to the UK games. Example : Fifa 2006 has only recently grasped the create a team function. Madden 2006 you can create a fan. (useless but deatiled)
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    A1 Grand Prix

    I've only saw a couple of laps but so far it looks fantastic. Has anyone else seen it? What do you think? PS Don't tell me who won.
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    The Visor

    I stick my hair up and I can't wear a cap any longer because of this. Do you guys think that a visor would look stupid for tennis. Before you say it, I cant not gel my hair, it looks stupid and I cant concentrate. Believe me I've tried (ask Jonnyf)
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    Okay, we've all replied to the favourite car thread, so now I'm just interested in what cars you all drive. If you can't drive yet (because of age, not that you don't want to because of the petrol prices) just tell me your parents cars. Okay i'll start. Dad: Volvo V40 Mum: Merc...
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    Favourite Car

    Just wondering what all of your favourite cars were? Mines has got to be the Ferrari Enzo F40.
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    What a grip

    Has anyone else seen this What a Grip thing. It just slides onto the racquet. Has anyone used it. What does it feel like. Just interested.
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    Michelle Wie

    Have all of the Americans gone mad about Michelle Wie. Where did she come from? (Not a place) How long have you known about her.
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    Prince Shark MP

    On TW it says the swingweight is 327, but on the inside of the racquet it says the swingweight is 290. Thinking of getting one of these after trying it today. Whats going on?
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    Has anyone else joined in the Sudoku craze which is going on right now? These things must be the best puzzles ever made.
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    New RBK Range

    Have you seen it yet? Its on here. Its soooooo cool. Just wondering what you think of it. I think this is the coolest Rbk stuff yet and no-one (except me) will buy it because Roddick isnt wearing it.
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    Hybrid Tension

    Just to see what your recommendations would be for the tension of a Hybrid of Pro Hurricane and Xcel premium on a PD. Alsoifyouknow anywhere to find stringsaversplease e-mail me (check profile) Thanks.
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    Hybrid Stringing

    About to string my PD with a hybrid of Pro Hurricane and Xcel premium. Just to see what would be your recommendations and perhaps any unusual things which you have done which also work.
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    Surprise Package

    Just wondering who you think will be the big surprise this year at Wimbledon. To be honest I think it will be either Gasquet(although not much of a surprise) and Gael Monfils.