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    Vantage anyone?

    I just bought a used 95" Vantage and love it. I've tried them off/on over the years but I am now going to make a long term switch and look to add a couple of additional sticks. I haven't heard much about Vantage around here lately and was wondering if many, or few, board members are still using...
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    Future of Vantage

    I've heard rumors and talked to a Vantage sponsored player that they are soon to be having a US distributor. From what I understand TW declined to hook up with Vantage (too bad) and although the Vantage "annual sale" generates a decent buzz for a while I often wonder whether the brand will have...
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    Mods deleting posts arbitrarily

    IMO, the level of discussion and professionalism of TT has gone downhill substantially since certain mods were put in place. I have had two posts deleted FOR NO OTHER REASON than they called out KK for being a hypocrite. This type of mod behaviour is out of control and to see mods like KK...
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    Vantage frames

    I have been demoing Vantage now for about a week (five matches) and am astounded that they do not get more PR. I am only posting here because I hope that someday maybe TW will carry them (and I spend a ton of $$ at TW ;) ). Great frames! I have hit with a couple of different specs and my...
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    Over 40 - Over 12 oz?

    OK, a few weeks have gone by since I posted this thread and had some great responses. A couple of the boys got into a hissy fit and they deleted the thread. How about another try...and keep it civil ;) What sticks are the over 40 crowd using. Is 12 oz. or higher SW too much to handle? Are...