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    Does fit Thiem have the strongest FH and BH combined together on the tour?!

    Backhand, in multiple tournaments the mph and rpm has gone to Shapovalov (based off of hawkeye info). The shots he hits for a one hander are ridiculous. Definitely more error prone than Stan, but honestly just as effective offensively (defense, definitely not).
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    2020 US Open - Official Thread for Women's Tennis

    Sevastova has one of the best forehand techniques i've seen on the womens side. Tons of power and spin, very compact (ATP backswing).
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    Djokovic comments on crowds not supporting him

    What? Do you actually watch his matches, or just regurgitate the same rose tinted juice as this entire thread? The guy has a huge problem with behaviour and it is quite disgraceful. Glad you seem to let it slide and maybe you were raised with different values and virtues on how to treat people...
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    Djokovic comments on crowds not supporting him

    You all buy this nonsense? He is terrible to the ballkids. Great tennis player, may be a great person to his family but you reap what you sow. The fake desperation that emanates from his desire to be loved by the crowd and his handling of court volunteers is very disappointing. Not someone I...
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    First time recording match play. Advice please

    Thank you very much. I noticed that also, watching myself back. My off hand and arm are really not conducive to balance or power. I will need to make a conscious effort. I uploaded a second video with better light settings and also added quite a few of the mistakes I made this time rather than...
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    First time recording match play. Advice please

    This exactly, its a brand new Gopro Hero 8 with 4k60fps source. The light in the bubble is mediocre I apologize, and I had the ISO set to low. I am playing again on Friday I will try turning it up. There are 6 courts indoors and yeah there are a ton of children behind us in the training courts...
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    First time recording match play. Advice please

    All advice is welcome. I've been a member here fore a while but don't post videos often. I am in green. I still make quite a few mistakes as I am currently not playing often enough to get into a groove on the forehand and backhand simultaneously (I find). EDIT: Match 2, brighter light Really...
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    None of the Young Players Have Reached This Level Yet

    How can anyone say Shapo doesn't have a backhand? His backhand is the best of the next gen minus Zverev, period. He hits more spin and winners than anyone else down that wing? Just because he is aggressive with it and take huge cuts doesn't mean it's not a good shot. His problem is between the...
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    Great tennis player but...

    I am indifferent as to who won, I am a tennis fan first before a fan of any player.
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    Great tennis player but...

    ...disgusting behaviour. Things don't go his way - yell at the ballkids "come on come on, hurry up!" as they carry your soaked towel for free. Show some class - none of which he clearly has. Won't even start on the cursing in his native language or the "shut the **** up". He wonders why he...
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    2018 ATP Rome Masters

    @mike danny Were we not watching the same match? Denis hit 36 to 10 winners....Berdman had no chance once Denis decided to win :D
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    2018 ATP Rome Masters

    Shaps hits more spin on his BH than Berd on his FH, plus with as much pace. That is scary.
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    How do you deal with recurring issues/hitting a wall?

    Now that I have been playing in my local club league for around 2 years, I have learned the weak parts of my game. I had a humbling experience going up to division 2 (out of 8, which is probably 4.0-4.5 level with mostly 45+) where I just got frustrated not being able to hit through people (play...
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    Little warmup vid for AO 18 (Fed/Dimi)

    Since it is travelling a shorter distance the ball speed on impact is also higher due to that though. They are both terrific shotmakers.
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    Little warmup vid for AO 18 (Fed/Dimi)

    Avg groundstroke speed here must have been really high. Best of luck to both of these guys in 2018.
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    ******* press conference from today, I like the honesty

    https://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/48293/roger-federer-i-had-arguments-with-nadal-but-today-he-is-my-friend-/ He really is different than 5 or 6 years ago. Nice to see him speak his mind.and be honest about how painful it is to lose, and the talk about how unlucky Rafa has...
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    Federer Post Match comments

    I am thoroughly impressed with the way Federer spoke in the press conference. I have NEVER heard him give anyone that much credit or basically state "I had no answers tonight", as if to say, someone was better and it wasn't on my racket. Federer has not only had a terrific year but the time off...
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    Possibly the greatest car commercial of all time?

    Saw it watching the US Open last night in Canada...
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    Shapovalov vs Edmund

    Personally I thought he would have won anyhow. Kyle got injured and retired rather quickly so, Denis was looking to be a little more in control as of then. No guarantees though.
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    Will Shapo make Americans more interested in tennis?

    What kind of crap is this? How does spending the first year of your life in another country dictate who you will become? A persons most formative years are between 8-16 in which Denis lived and trained in Canada. What are you on about? By your argument, unless you are a native (indigenous), you...
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    2017 USO R2 - [8] Jo Wilfried Tsonga vs [Q] Denis Shapovalov

    Don't want to get to high so I will just say - excellent playing so far. Love the net rushing to the weak BH and more than anything, good awareness of when Tsonga is compromised.
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    2017 USO R2 - [8] Jo Wilfried Tsonga vs [Q] Denis Shapovalov

    Some of these guys must turn out to be top 20 of all time.
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    2017 USO R2 - [8] Jo Wilfried Tsonga vs [Q] Denis Shapovalov

    Do you all have any idea how hard it is to hit that short ball with a one hander that low like he did? ****ing insane.
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    Is this the end for Bouchard?

    I don't like the way she threw Canada under the bus with the "expectations" comment a few weeks ago. Be glad you have people cheering you on. Very sad. Shapo, Vasek and Milos = complete class, opposite.
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    2017 Cincinnati QF - [1] Rafael Nadal vs Nick Kyrgios

    Why all the boos? Kyrgios stepping up and showing when he is on the top guys gotta be at their best to have a chance to win. Nadal is brutal under pressure. Complete change from early in his career.
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    2017 Montreal R3 - [1] Rafael Nadal vs [WC] Denis Shapovalov

    **** the rafa nuthuggers for giving shapo no credit. He made Nadal feel uncomfortable all match and forced those bad shots. Do not compare the Fed match today where he was missing shots with no pace. We are always looking for nextgen to push through, this was a moment. Enjoy it!
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    2017 Montreal R3 - [1] Rafael Nadal vs [WC] Denis Shapovalov

    I dont expect anything less from the *************. At least Shapo is making shots, Nadal isn't handing him the match. Give the kid some credit, my god.
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    Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal (who is the superior / better baseliner)?

    I think Nadal has the bigger weapon with the FH, but Djokovic since 2011 for me is the best baseliner. For 4-5 years he basically outrallied everyone, dealing with big pace, no pace and everything in between. I would have much rather Fed played Nadal since (2011) than Djokovic at say, Wimbledon...
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    Wimbledon losers: Highest level

    Roddick '04. Couple points either way and the match could have turned. Fed did well to blunt the power and turn the match around. I would say that peak Arod is the second best grass player behind Fed since '03.