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    Incorrect grommets received?

    Hello! I just recently ordered pure aero vs vs tour grommets for my aero storms, but I believe I received ones for the new 2020 version. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. The code on mine says SKU 179304 and below says BG Pure Aero VS 20. Which definitely sounds like...
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    Where to get bumper guard and grommets changed

    Hello! I have two frames that need a change in the bumper guard. I think I recalled that there was a link on tennis warehouse that said you can ship them in to get them changed out? If so could someone send the link and if not does anyone know of any reliable services to send them into? They are...
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    pure aero vs tour customization

    Hello all, I'm currently demoing the pure aero vs tour and was thinking about purchasing it afterward. I was curious if there are any suggestions as far as adding weight to the racquet since i am very new to customizing. I would actually like to make the racquet a little bit more headlight and...