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    Article on Federer's "accomplishments"

    Humor is lost because even here people haven’t seen this kind of trash talk
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    USA to drop US Open

    What will happen to Michael Barkin? After so many years he will need to do something.
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    JUSTINE vs. ROGER....

    Why not Justine vs Rafa? She is good on clay too...
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    Again...the winner is Miss Justine Henin Hardenne!!!

    You are not the only one - according to Steve Tignor's blog - "she was the only woman that the men regularly watched in the locker room" "Henin has done something better for the women’s game. She’s given people who love tennis...
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    What a Day at Cincinati

    Some of commentators said that after losing to Murray Federer said that this match cost him $1M. I don’t know how much he is concerned about points but the semi in Canada, win in Cinci and possible US Open will give him $2,5M which is worth of trying even for him
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    Can Roddick do it?

    Roddick should try mixed double.
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    Davydenko all the way?

    One new shot hardly will make Davydenko the better player. He still plays only offense and no defense. Canas gave him a perfect opportunity shoot, shoot and shoot again
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    Wilander: Cañas the onlyone who's not afraid of Federer or Nadal

    I don’t know what Wilander says in Spanish but in English he says different things: French Open - Three-time French Open champion Mats Wilander thinks life was made too easy for Guillermo Canas after his...
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    Do you want Federer to win the French Open?

    We already saw Canas facing Nadal in Barcelona and it was neither dramatic or exciting. He doesn’t have anything to hurt Nadal who is faster and stronger. Federer proved to be the only one who can stay with Nadal for 5 sets. So if you want something dramatic it better be him. About Baghdatis or...
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    Federer not on centre court....

    Today is "kids day".
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    Federer not on centre court....

    Some woman who is not playing awfully bad as well and who is a current #1 and even a champ there is playing on Lenglen as well. So may be it's not such insult after all.
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    Roland Garros 2007- Men´s Singles Thread

    It will be unfortunate. I don’t want to see Rome’s final again.
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    The hamburg match

    Agree. Therefore Federer won 4 times there. But still - the way to go.
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    The hamburg match

    He used the same tactic as Davydenko in Rome – taking balls earlier, hit flat and deep down the middle. Hewitt tried to do it as well but Nadal started hitting with even more topspin and Lleyton is not tall enough and fast to handle this. Looks like a new trend
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    Roger And Tony Roche End Coaching Relationship

    Not so sure that it’s Roger’s decision. He is not looking for more coach time. They spent plenty recently without much of success. Seems Tony’s main recipe is hard work and dedication but probably modeling and socializing don’t left much time for something else. Serena comes to mind, she liked...
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    Roger And Tony Roche End Coaching Relationship Roger and Tony Roche have mutually decided to end their 2 1/2 year long part time coaching arrangement. "I thank Tony very much for his efforts over these last years, during which I appreciated the 12-15 weeks per season we would work together. I am also grateful...
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    (ATP) Estoril

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    Battle of the Surfaces - Federer vs. Nadal

    I wonder about $1.3 mil...
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    Battle of the Surfaces - Federer vs. Nadal

    Finally Fed started to use his head
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    Battle of the Surfaces - Federer vs. Nadal

    Apparently he doesn’t make them enough
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    Battle of the Surfaces - Federer vs. Nadal

    The only funny thing is how they change their shoes.
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    Battle of the Surfaces - Federer vs. Nadal

    Actually it’s on SopCast channels 18190 and 20036 and not much of entertaining, quite boring as matter of fact. Everybody so serious only Fed is smiling. Maybe they expected something like a bull fight.
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    Battle of the Surfaces - Federer vs. Nadal

    Ok Now Nadal turn to win a set and nobody gets hurt. It will be a pair to Seol expo.
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    DC Russia-Fra livestream right now

    You need to install SOPcast first and then click on the channel. You can d/l the tool from
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    DC Russia-Fra livestream right now

    On SopCast channel 19959. Enjoy
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    Federer and Sharapova video
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    Livestream from Kooyong

    try 6001 - much better
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    Livestream from Kooyong

    6543 showing Roddick
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    Livestream from Kooyong

    SopCast channel 6543 is showing right now
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    Davydenko about Nadal

    I think what he said is clear enough: the only thing that Nadal can do - run faster, even more topspin and fight