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    new racqet need help

    hello, i need a new racqet, because i quit tennis for a month and sold my racquet. my favourites are: aeropro drive cortex,prince speedport black and tecnifibre tfight 320. i play from the baseline with strong forehand bad at the moment ugly backhand. my serves are strong but to not controlled...
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    please help me, new racquet for me...

    hey... after 3months with the Prince O3 Tour i search a new racquet. 1. My Style of Play I play most from the Baseline with fast strokes. Im not often at the net, i like to serve fast. 2. what should my racquet have? My racquet should be have a good control at fast strokes. It should...
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    I customized my O³ TOur

    Hi, The O3 Tour was to light for me, i want to make it headhavier, so i add Lead like Coria and Davydenko @ 3 and 9 o clock. My racquet weights currently 347 grams... Tomorrow i will play first with the customized racquet... Do you think the Lead is ok? or to much?
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    Infos about the O3 Blake

    Hi, Today, a guy from Prince was at my local **********.. he told us some things about the O3 Blake, he cant say much but this: - 325 gram - tight stringpatter - O3 holes only at 3 and 9 o clock - hot look But he said, Pronce is not sure, if they bring out a special O3 Blake, maybe...
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    Help me wity my O3 Tour....

    Hey, last week ive testet the O3 Tour and loved it, so ive ordered one. Today i have played the first time with my own O3, so the original string from Prince was on it. So im real, it was terrible. Cant hit my forehand full, because than the ball was on the moon. si i have a few questions...
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    New Racquet for me...

    Hi, I search for a new racquet..first of all, i play 85% Baseline and like to serve forehand is good, but the racquet should help me a little bit by my bad backhand :D Ive picked um 3 racquets: Prince O3 Tour Head FXP Prestige MP Babolat Pure Drive Roddick+ Has anyone played...
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    Federer New Paintjob?

    Hi, Today i saw the Dubai Final, and noticed, that Feds Stick seems darker, the red of the Stick was darker than before. Has Fed a "new" Stick?
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    NCode 6.1 Tour vs. FXP Prestige MP

    Hi, can anyone here compare both sticks? Today ive tested the FXP Prestige MP, and i can say, Serve and Backhands with this Stick are the Bomb!! I can serve so damn fast with it. But the Stick feels very damped :( The Price is very very high, 184€ here. So has anyone here played with boths?
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    N Six-One 90 easy Spin access?

    Hi, @the guys, wo had played or play the Wilson N Six-One Tour 90, can you get good Spin with the Stick?
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    Head FXP Instinct Tour

    Hi Will a Tour Version of the FXP Instinct come out? The LM instinct has a XL Tour Version, anything you can say about a FXP Instinct Tour Version?
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    Will a Baghdatis Hype starts?

    Hi, I am a big fan of Nadal for a long time. Since last year (Nadal won so many tournaments...) it seems that "all" people are Nadal fans, and i see Aeropro Drives everywhere. Honestly i hate this hypes when a top 30 player come up in the top 10. Do you think that there are in a few days...
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    O3 Tour vs. Fischer M Speed Pro Number One

    Hi, Has anyone played with the Prince 03 Tour and the Fischer M Speed Pro Number One, and can compare both? Which feels better at Serve,Baseline...
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    Similar Sring to BB Original?

    Hi, Is there a String, maybe from Kirschbaum,Head, Wilson or Babolat which is smilar to the BB Original?
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    Aeropro vs Fxp Radical Tour vs O3 Tour

    Hi, at the moment i play the HEad LM Prestige MP, very good racquet, love to serve with this stick, but i think when the outdoorseason on clay starts, the Prestige will not be the right stick for me. So I decide to look for a new racquet, i found three sweet racquets: Aeropro Drive, FXP...
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    New racquet for Nadal this year?

    Hi, my friend told me, that he had heard that Nadal gets a new stick this year. Anyone knows more?
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    New toy after X-Mas for me

    Hi guys, X-Mas is ove and i hav a few $ So i decide to buy a new toy (racquet). I will not test the stick, i will get the stick very fast ;) Here are a few models which i find out for me: - Head FXP Radical Tour - Prince O3 Tour - Babolat - dont know which, but i like Baolat - Wilson...
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    Will i ever found my Holy Grail?

    Hey, I tried so much racquets: Babolat Pure Drive Team + Babolat Pure Control Babolat Aeropro Drive HEAD LM Radical TOUR HEAD FXP TOUR HEAD LM Prestige mid Prince O3 Tour Wilson NCode 6.1 Tour Every racquet was nice but no racquet was perfecht for me. So i search a new racquet for...
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    Prince O3 Tour weight?

    Hi guys, in the O3 Tour racquet from my coach there are two numbers for the weight. 290grams and 310 grams. What is the 290 grams? The real weight is 310gram or?
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    Wilson NCode 6.1 Tour vs. Head LM Prestige for me...

    Hey, I search for a new racquet. I played the Babolat Aero Pro Drive before, but the Aero had zo much Power and "no" control for me. So im looking to the Wilson NCode 6.1 Tour or Head LM Prestige... Im 19, and like to play from the Baseline. I like to serve big and love huge...
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    Where are the Nike Capri pants ?

    Hi, Ive seen here in Germany, and now on TW there are no more Nike Capri pants... why?
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    Why many Pros shaved their legs?

    Yes why many Pros, for example F. Lopez, i think Nadal too, does that?
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    Aeropro vs. O3 TOUR

    Hi, at the moment i play with the Babolat Aeropro, i search for a racquet with more control, im a hmm 4.0 player would you think, that the O3 will fit ? Any one here played both racquets, and can compere them?
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    New Racquet for me, 2. round

    :mrgreen: Hi Guys, i demoed so much racquets Babolat Aeropro Drive Babolat Pure Drive HEAD FP Radical Tour Wilson NCode 6.1 Tour VÖLKL Tour 10 V-Engine MP .. The racquets from Babolat are to powerful and with no control, the Wilson is to hard ro play. Any opinions what i should test...
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    LEAD Tape into the Bottom???

    Hi, how can i put LEAD Tape into the Bottom? Must i replase the BAsegrip?
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    How to generate Spin like Nadal?

    Hi, what is so special in Nadals strokes, that he can generate so much Spin? It seems like the other players but he generates so much... Any tips for me?
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    Aeropro Drive or Flexpoint Tour?

    Hi Guys, I have both racquets here, i want to choose one for me, but i dont know which. On the Aeropro i like: -The super Power -The easy way to get spin -feels very good in my hands What i not like: -litte to light -not so good control On the FP TOUR i like: The good serve The very...
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    Flexpoint Radical Tour - Baseline?

    Hi, To the guys, which played witz the Flexpoint Radical Tour, is the Racquet good, and stable in long and fast baseline rallyes? Whats your opinion?
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    New Racquet for me!

    Hi, at the moment i play the Babolat Aeropro Drive, but it dint fits to me because - to much power, not enough control- . So i decide to look for a new racquet, i found 2. 1. HEAD Flexpoint Radical Tour 2. PRINCE O3 Tour Im a powerful Baseline player. I wold say both racquets can fit...
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    Lead Tape Position

    Hi Guys, For my Aeropro Drive would you put LEAD TAPE to the 3 and 9, or 12 position?What would it change on the 3 and o clock position, what on the 12 position? I would have the Racquet more stable on Groundstrokes Thanks!
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    Vapor Speeds blue/white on clay

    Hi, does anyone played the Vapor Speeds in blue/white on Clay? Are they get very dirty? And can you clean them easy?