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    oginal Federer's Vapor V for sale with his sign

    Hi, I hope that admin will not ban this post because it's non profit sail. For all Fed's fans!!!! There's an auction in Poland where you can buy his shoes which he was really wearing during Monte Carlo, Rome, Estoril and Hamburg tournaments. It has also his sign. You can have them and btw help...
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    Nike 2k11 iD

    my simple style imagin that in EU you have to pay $60 more for such pleasure.
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    Nike Cb 3.3 Clay

    is that possible for anyone to check if Nike is going to sell Vapors in clay version?
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    Nike Fall 2010

    Is Nike going to sell any occasional Wimbly or Roland t-shirt this year. do you remember this one? or or last year
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    clay version of ballistec 2.3's?

    hey. there are always some differences between EU and US collection. last year CB 1.3 clay was also slightly different in US last year in US were available around 7.06.09. If U need them from eu I can help U with delivery. (write on my priv)
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    Nike Summer 2010 pics

    but I found direct in one british online pro shop that clay version will be in 57 days and most popular sizes are gone (from 9-11) :(
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    Nike Summer 2010 pics

    clay CB 2.3 Hey. does anybody know when clay version is going to be on stock??
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    Ballistec 1.3 vs Vapor 5's fit

    Hi, I was wearing Vapor IV than I bought last year Vapor V and after 4 matchs I've got corn on my achilles, so luckly I bought 2 pairs of IV ones more. This year I bought Vapor VI (mainly because of outsole which look like more for clay) and... sadly after 3 matchs I've got corn in middle foot...
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    Nike Spring 2009.

    What is the name of this t-shirt?? how long it was available? two days?
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    Worst Shoe you have ever worn?

    Nike Vapor VI with RF logo. The first one which I got this year. Thay are so tight in the middle. No previous Vapors ware so tight. After three tranings I've got huge corn that I gave them to my friend for free. (now I'm playing in CB1.3 clay and I'm very hapy :) )
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    ASO or Aircast

    Sprain Ankle ones more, help with choosing stabilizer Hey tennis players :) I'm going to repeat this post. Which stabilizer is the best. Last answer was given about two years ago so maybe do you have some more experience in this topic. So ones more: I have sprain my ankle, so which stabilizer I...
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    Nike Fall 2009

    DIFFERENCE :shock:
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    Nike Fall 2009

    I found something strange: this one is with pocket. so maybe NAdal was sopposed to wear this one ina different colors: and us open colors:
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    Nike Spring 2010

    no way. brand new? sure mail me I'll put may mail address in my profile. thx
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    dont wear cb 1.3 clays on hardcourt

    don't you think that is was a reason that thay colled this model "Clay":shock:??? if you like so much this color you should buy multi cour version . In my opinion claycourt sole is little bit softer to better court grabing, so on hard it is wearing out, and I think that after few matches you...
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    Nike Fall 2009

    yes it is.
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    Nike Air CourtBallistec 1.3 Men Clay Shoe prices

    Hey. I wont ask TW-E staff why prise of Nike Air CourtBallistec 1.3 Men Clay Shoe is so bouncing?? Firs it costed about 85€, after month it rised to 98€ then to 105€ and now it cost 90€ do you think that it will be sale maybe back to 85€ or less?
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    Nike Spring 2010

    Hey people. 2.3 are great, realy. they look little bit lighter and lower, so probably Nike is going to make "NAdal's" shoes more tennis. sure that now it is more "skate" shoe but still lower than previous so less "basketball" BTW do you remember this agssi collection shoes from 2002, I loved...
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    When do cb 1.3 yellows come out

    what kind of outsole do they have? claycourt or allcourt? and yellow means this one??:arrow:
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    Nike Fall 2009

    check this out!!! new Courtballistec 1.3 color!! Preaty nice :) I think it is for US Open, because it'll be available in October.
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    Nike Fall 2009

    exactly. last year TW had at least this white t-shirt from Paris. And this year is drought. That is realy sad because for me (Poland) it is cheaper to buy apparel from US than from TW-europe. :(
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    Nike Fall 2009

    LOVE LDN in Dark Navy :)
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    Nike Summer 2009

    i'm clicking, and then i can find any email or option to send mail :(
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    Nike Summer 2009

    it's very nice of you, but maybe you'll write e-mail address. or better write where did you find it.
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    Nike Summer 2009

    thx to innoVAShaun. I don't know why my pic doesn't run on forum
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    Nike Summer 2009

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    Nike Summer 2009

    how about this? Do U know if it was available in shops?