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    New York City

    Coming to NYC Sept. 1-5 to catch some of the US Open. I'm staying at the Hilton NY in Manhattan (1335 Avenue of the Americas). Can anyone recommend a place nearby to hit some balls, or even get some lessons in while I'm there? Thanks!
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    How low is this?

    OK, I need some opinions here. My buddy and I both took up tennis about a year ago. Really love it. We decided to take lessons together a few months ago. Pretty sporadic, maybe one lesson a month at most. All of a sudden he starts getting a lot better than me, I'm thinking what's going on here...
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    Rate these players (video included)

    What NTRP rating would you give these two, both the guy in the gray shirt and the one in white? Also, feel free to provide any criticism/analysis of either player's technique. Thanks!