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  1. thatguymattin

    Need critiquing and advise.

    Hey everyone, I'm getting back into tennis and this is a set I played earlier today. I ended up losing 4-6 in the video and 0-6 after I stopped recording. I'm the guy in black shirt and white shorts. I never played competitively other than high school division 5, and am entirely self taught. I...
  2. thatguymattin

    ProKennex Black Ace

    Found one at a thrift store today for 10 bucks. Not sure which one it is. It looks like a 90 sq racquet, has a very thin beam, and gold and red accents on black. Is it the 93 or 90 version?
  3. thatguymattin

    The Handbook of Tennis

    So I found this book, "The Handbook of Tennis," by Paul Douglas, in a Goodwill a few months ago. I only skimmed through it, but was curious. Would it still be considered a feasible reference or guide to learn or improve your tennis game? I think it focuses on a traditional play style, being that...
  4. thatguymattin

    May you guys critique/ help me on my serve? Part 3

    So the reason why I've created a 'part' thread every time is because I've either made changes to my serve or because I've taken time off, and this time it's both. Here's a link to the previous thread in case you guys would like to compare and contrast my form from before...
  5. thatguymattin

    A faster serve is generally better?

    I'm fully aware that having a big serve does not mean the serve is good. Combining spin, angle, and variety may make the serve better. As well as having a tactical plan before and following a serve. But what I'm thinking is, that if a player is able to generate more pace on their serve, as well...
  6. thatguymattin

    Generating pace on a floating, slow paced, shot with a 1hbh

    Ah yes, I have this dilemma whereas it's difficult to generate a lot of pace on my backhand side if the shot received is a floater (such as if my opponent would chip back a fast serve). I see multiple options if a shot like that were to occur: run around the ball and hit with my forehand, slice...
  7. thatguymattin

    What kind of exercise is Tennis?

    So since I have been going to the gym, my sister let me have her heart rate monitor. And it's all adjusted to my body now, and I usually burn about 600-800 calories in the time I'm at the gym. I think it's accurate, but can anyone confirm this? Or can a heart rate monitor not have an accurate...
  8. thatguymattin

    Tennis shorts as swim shorts?

    Hey guys, I recently acquired my first Nike Gladiator shorts, and I was wondering if they can dub as swim shorts! Well I was wondering that because I got the Dimitrov Purple and Orange shorts for $15 used, and they look like swim shorts. I have swim shorts, but they're really baggy, and it would...
  9. thatguymattin

    Help me develop an exercise regimen?

    Well, I was wondering if you guys could help me out on developing an exercise regimen in order to lose weight, become more healthy, and to be able to play tennis better. A little about myself: I'm currently 19 years old, 5'11", and I weigh around 230lbs. I gained around 45lbs after high...
  10. thatguymattin

    Ghost Serve?

    Recently got a new frame, and I'm out here at the park practicing serves again. I served a few, and it felt much easier compared to my 350 sw K88's lol. On one serve particular, it felt like I didn't make contact at all, and my racquet just went through air, but the serve was good and fast...
  11. thatguymattin

    Looking for Inland Empire hitting partners

    I haven't participated in any tournaments before, just played high school tennis. So I don't know what my ntrp rankings would be, but I can keep up with 4.5's and 4.0's. So if you'd like to hit sometime around Inland Empire, CA, then send me an email at I generally can...
  12. thatguymattin

    Specific racquet color and hues for paint

    I often use thick nail polish to fill in relatively small scratches or paint chips on a frame. It works pretty well because it's rather thick, but I'm going to purchase a used vcore tour g soon, and it has a paint chip at around 10 or 2 o' clock of the frame whereas the Orange, black, and silver...
  13. thatguymattin

    Is this a shoulder rotator cuff injury?

    I think it started hurting when I was practicing my serves, and I was not properly warmed up. I mostly armed the ball, and like a genius, I continued to practice; despite having a slight pain in my shoulder. Two weeks later, this pain has yet to degrade, and it only hurts whenever I try to...
  14. thatguymattin

    What is Monfil's Play Style?

    Defensive baseliner? I've seen him play aggressive and rather flat/sidespin, but it seems like his shots of lately have been defensive, and to have relatively low pace.
  15. thatguymattin

    May you guys critique/ help me on my serve? Part 2

    Original Thread is here: It includes two videos of how I used to serve. I haven't played tennis as much as I did before. Mainly I rallied on every weekend or so, but never practiced my serves or played any matches; so I'm out of practice...
  16. thatguymattin

    Best Rated Racquet for Serving?

    Just curious, which reviewed racquets from Tennis Warehouse are considered the best to serve with according to the play testers? I know these kind of topics are subjective, but I would like to know what each of you guys think from your experience with different brands of racquets and different...
  17. thatguymattin

    Tibial Tubercle Pain

    Whenever I place pressure upon my leg, my tibial tubercle slightly hurts, and is noticeable every time I take a step or bend my knees evenly with equal pressure on both legs. Both of my tibial tubercles were inflamed when the pain first started when I played tennis. I think it was from...
  18. thatguymattin

    "EU" Grip Size

    My local tennis shop has many racquets with a "EU" grip. Prices are really good compared to Tennis Warehouse, but when I held a 4 1/4 racquet, it felt like a L3 grip. Although there was the plastic shrink around the handle, are the "EU" grips the same as grips we have over here, or are they...
  19. thatguymattin

    Which of these professions require more skill and/or talent?

    Cement Construction Foreman or Master Machinist, specialized in grinding?
  20. thatguymattin

    Tensions and Ball Pressure

    I have noticed with lower tensions, the feel of hitting flatter balls, tennis balls with lower pressures, feels very unforgiving and harsh. Only a dampener or fresh can of tennis balls may make the stringbed feel 'nice.' If the racquet is strung at a higher tension, say 55-60lbs, then hitting a...
  21. thatguymattin

    Wilson nCode nSix.One Tour 90 Buttcap

    Hello, I recently became the proud owner of three Wilson N90's. They all play like a champ. Question is, have any of you owners taken off your N90 buttcap? I plan to replace the buttcap with the recent Wilson Pro Staff buttcaps with the trap door Tennis Warehouse has to offer on their...
  22. thatguymattin

    Can you guys categorize this type of player please?

    Hello all, I've been playing tennis for roughly 4 years, and I am self taught. Initially I learned from my coach, but he didn't teach me anything "fundemental." Anyways, I am curious to what kind of player my coach would be considered. I know he's a computer rated 3.5, or 3.99. I think he was...
  23. thatguymattin

    Play-styles with Height

    The current top ten tennis players are mostly within the 6 ft to 6 ft and 3 inches range; or should I say the more successful out of the group. Ferrer and Nishikori being the shortest out of the group, have to compensate by playing with lots of topspin, and have to have really fast footwork and...
  24. thatguymattin

    Can Amplifeel be counterfitted?

    I have a 2012 Pro Staff BLX 90, and have recently weighed it on a scale unstrung; it weighs 11.2 ounces. The paint seems legit, but I received it with silicone in the handle. Therefore I don't know if there was foam prior to the silicone modification. I did, however, take out the silicone. My...
  25. thatguymattin

    Using left hand forehand/ 1hbh/ 2hbh

    Just curious, is here anyone else who alternates backhands/ ad-side ground strokes? I mainly use a one-handed backhand, but originally learned with a two-handed backhand; albeit, it was not a good two-handed backhand. My game developed as I learned to hit a better one-handed backhand, and I'm...
  26. thatguymattin

    Wilson Leather Grip/ Leather Grip in general question.

    Hello talk tennis community, I am wondering to know when a leather grip should be replaced. I have a few K88's I have purchased from a fellow board member, and their grips were rather dry. It did not feel really dry at the time I received them, but comparing them to a leather grip on a...
  27. thatguymattin

    May I return already returned shoes?

    Hello Tennis-Warehouse staff, I would like to trade a pair of Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5's (Grey/Crimson) for the newer Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 (Black/Hyper Punch) Color way. I am curious if this could be done because I previously traded a pair of Lunar Ballistecs in order to receive them. And...
  28. thatguymattin

    May you guys critique/ help me on my serve?

    Hello Tennis Warehouse forum members! Here are two videos of myself practicing my serve today. The first video is me warming up my serve being that they are the first few balls I hit. I'm practicing using my flat serve because I'm not good at serving flat at all, and I usually serve using...
  29. thatguymattin

    I can't play with 98's

    Ninety-eight square inch racquets seem like they would be the perfect sized racquets for me. I do not like one-hundred square inch racquets, or above, because they lack feel, control, and are too erratic to play with overall. I currently play with three Wilson K Pro Staff 88's, and have...
  30. thatguymattin

    Looking for a rubbery over grip.

    Hello all! I currently use Solinco Wonder Grip. When I first tried it a while ago, it felt very firm and "rubbery." After buying a new 30-pack bag of it, it doesn't necessarily feel the same. So I'm looking for a super tacky and firm feeling over grip. I've tried Babolat VS, Gamma Supreme...