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  1. pabletion

    Tecnifibre ICE CODE finally in reels on TW!!!

    One of my fav strings, FINALLY being carried by TW in reel form. Its like a softer version of a Razor Code, at least it feels that way to mee, plenty of pop, plenty of spin, I really feel the ball sink on the stringbed. I really like the 17G (1.25mm) gauge, although, for chronic breakers...
  2. pabletion

    Dumb question #2: when you win a tiebreak, did you win 7 games???

    For a round robin tournament, where sets won-lost come into play, and games won-lost, in the event of ties, whats the deal with tiebreaks? Does the 7/6 mean you won 7 games and lost 6?
  3. pabletion

    Silly question (someone made me doubt): String reels in carryone ok for Intl flights?

    Someone is bringing me a reel, they only have a carryon, no checked bags..... Are string reels in carry ons airplane safe??????
  4. pabletion

    Where can you stand in doubles???????

    The specific question: Can players stand wherever they want during doubles? For example, if I'm serving on the deuce side, can my partner stand on the deuce side as well? I attempted to do this yesterday: me serving deuce side, my partner at net on the deuce side as well, so I would serve and...
  5. pabletion

    Lacoste AGLT Ultra.... hows that going so far???

    Hello! I'm a Lacoste fan, but never tried their shoes, and am really tempted about the re-launch of their tennis shoe line. I've always used adidas, Nike (Zoom Cage 3 for years till they pulled the plug), moved on to Asics (FF2 and Gel Res 8, which I love). Can you guys give me some imput about...
  6. pabletion

    Triple tie criteria for Round Robin tourney

    Heres the Juice: Group stage, 1st and 2nd advance to an elimination bracket. Three players are tied with 2W and 1L. So whats the ITF and/or USTA ruling for these ties? I assume its w-l sets difference, then w-l games and then direct result. But here is the Curveball: one of the players tied...
  7. pabletion

    Hey! Kyrgios lost 1st rd, and its not news anymore! Is it???

    He lost, again. He looked annoyed. He complained. He seemed to not care at times.............. WHAT ELSE IS NEW? I feel like its just expected now, I dont care anymore, dont know if I want him to actually loose 1st rd, but what do you expect if you're not gonna put in the hours in this modern...
  8. pabletion

    How come AYAAA is not a hindrance???

    Wondering.... If a player said c'mon right after hitting the ball, just like Vesnina goes "ayaaa" on every hit, would it be a hindrance???? Its not like Vesnine has ALWAYS done this, its a "learned" habit, its not like its completely involuntary. Why is this not a hindrance?????
  9. pabletion

    Venus not wearing ELEVEN????

    Saw highlights, could only see the ELEVEN logo on her visor. Whats the deal, did it fold?????
  10. pabletion

    I heard something about Djokovics racquet during Agassi-era...

    Was watching some latin ESPN coverage of the French, and Jose Luis Clerc (remember him? 4 in the World argentinian in the 80's?) mentioned, very briefly, something about Novak Djokovic's racquet during his time w Andre Agassi coaching him: He mentioned that he was able to hold one of Nole's...
  11. pabletion

    Shipping weight for one racquet?

    Anyone know this? I asked on the TW chat assintance, but they dont know................................. Package would consist of one 300g racquet (10.6 oz) plus box and some cushioning paper and/or plastic bags I assume...... I dont know if the whole thing would go over one pound (16 oz)...
  12. pabletion

    Nadal Setup: RG 2020, go thinner???

    I dont know how you guys are perceiving him, to me, he lacks speed and ACTION on his shots, obviously conditions are different: different ball (smaller, heavier, less lively) and cold weather. Reportedly he has always used RPM (Or Hurricane Pro) at a very thick gauge, 15L, and a friend of mine...
  13. pabletion

    JOMA shoes??? References please!

    Hello, considering them.... any opinions/reviews/comments? What about quality, comfort, durability, PRICE RANGE??? Thank you all!
  14. pabletion

    Who's on the UTR train already????

    I find it fascinating, ESPECIALLY bc, living outside of the US, I'm really out of the famous (or infamous) NTRP, I could only "guesstimate" and we all know that is hardly objective (or even impossible!). So, I'm really excited about the possibility to have a REAL tennis level rating, solely...
  15. pabletion

    I have to tell someoneeee! Hit an awesome shot around the post! Anyone else?

    Here's a beautiful tennis story: I've wanted to hit a shot around the net post like the pros occasionaly do, but came to realiza that, on courts that have a doubles ready net all of the time, its even harder to get the opportunity.... Unless that is, you play doubles. I'm not much of a...
  16. pabletion

    Thinner gauges feel tighter?

    My country's David Cup captain told me that, when you string w a thinner gauge, it actually ends up feeling TIGHTER than if you string w the same string but thicker....... so its best to lower tension 3-4 pounds less if you string w a thinner gauge.............. what?????
  17. pabletion

    Why were Sampras' Nike clothes sooooo ugly????

    Was watching that classic Federer-Sampras Wimbledon match and wonder why o why were Sampras' clothes so ugly, if not ugly then definitely DULL as can be... In that particular match, Federer had a cool looking white Nike polo, not flashy at all, wouldve bee great for Pete to play on. But instead...
  18. pabletion

    Tecnifibre X-One balls, any opinions?

    They're supposed to be one of the best balls out there today, has anyone tried them yet? What did you think? How do they compare to other TOP-TIER balls? (Wilson US Open, Dunlop AO...)
  19. pabletion

    Wimbledon dress code: did they tighten measures?

    Watching some of those old 80's and early 90's pics of the players, with some hideous outfits which had PLENTY of colors (remember that famous FILA gear Borg displayed?), and then remembering those RF Nike shoes that were banned because of their orange outsole (those looked SICK!), when and how...
  20. pabletion

    MIAMI OPEN 2020 Updates...

    Now that BNP Paribas at Indian Wells has been cancelled, I'm keeping a very close eye on what is happening over there in Florida, since I was scheduled to go for the 1st week of the tournament. Any news of what is going on from you Florida residents??? Do you think the inevitable is going to...
  21. pabletion

    All racquets have suddendly increased about $30! Why is this???

    Is it bc they come from China? Or is it a usual yearly practice of increasing the sales tag?
  22. pabletion

    Who here is aware of the CONSOLATION 3rd SET?

    It is that one where, you either have won or lost in two straight sets, very handidly, and a third set is played because, well, match was over faster than Kyrgios takes to curse at umps during a match.... And MOST OF THE TIME, he who has won the match, loosens up enough for the other guy to take...
  23. pabletion

    Anyone wanna hit around Kissimee/Reunion, general Orlando area?

    Gonna be staying at Encore Resort at reunion from the 7th till 17th, there are a couple of tennis courts over there and would love to hit some. Bringing my mighty Tecnifibre TFlash 300 w me, and of course, Id prefer someone from TTW. Let me know Fl people!!!
  24. pabletion

    Orlando park area challenge! Dec 7th - 18th!!!

    Hey everyone, I'll be at Encore Resort at Reunion (parks area) from Dec 7th till the 18th, and tennis courts are available. I'm a 4.5ish, 5.0 player on my good days if anyone is around and would like to come play. Also, any good tennis pages to find people to play with? Or good pros to take a...
  25. pabletion

    Did you watch the Womens Soccer World Cup?

    Well...... did ya? Answer anonymous poll please...
  26. pabletion

    Best knee brace/support out there...

    Yup. Very sadly having knee issues, mainly a mild meniscus tear (it really has me down), so I dont know what tennis is gonna be from now on. I put some kinesio tape on last week and a patellar strap on and felt ok, although was really scared of running hard at all. My knee felt very well and...
  27. pabletion

    This is what me crackin' forehands sounds like...

    Very short, crappy video though (some ppl just lack those important decent video shooting skills...). I was fortunate enough to have a 1hr hitting session with my country's best player (carreer high 799 singles, 261 dobles in 2018) and it was just awesome, it felt like I played for 2 hours or...
  28. pabletion

    Sports glasses users: Help me find the right lens for my M2's!

    Hello gang, I got some Oakleys M2 frames two Christmasses ago and I absolutely LOVE them, I can't play without them anymore when I play around noon. I wanted them bc my eyes were getting really irritated and itchy when playing in very bright sunny conditions, and these sportsglasses really...
  29. pabletion

    NOBODY cares about Fed Cup, not even players?

    I dont follow the Fed Cup, heck I don't really follow WTA Tennis and I'm an avid critic of its current state, but I've just found out that the women's US Fed Cup team will play the Finals WITHOUT their top 4 players! Williams' sisters, Sloane, Madison, they all "decided" not to play the finals...
  30. pabletion

    Average match lenght of ATP? Best out of three sets.

    As of today, after five matches played, the avg match lenght time is around 1:26 hours for the Next Get tournament, and this is considering the longest and shortest matches played (2:04 and 0:56 respectively). Im assuming the avg must be close to what a regular ATP best of 3 sets match should...