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    Dear MOTJ

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    Bicep injury

    A few hours ago, I was hitting with a friend and towards the end I felt a pop in my bicep while hitting a forehand and couldn’t continue playing. Currently icing it right now, but not exactly sure what the injury is. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or perhaps what the injury might be? Thanks.
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    Gasquet v Wawrinka RG 2013

    Been waiting a while for this one! One of the best RG matches of the 2010s.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Nadal has

    a beard.
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    Better Career: Monfils or Gasquet?

    Monfils Career high rank: 6 Titles: 10- 3x 500, 7x 250 Finals: 21- 3x M1000, 5x 500, 13x 250 Prize money: $18,932,391 GS SF: 2 GS QF: 7 WTF: RR Gasquet Career high rank: 7 Titles: 15- all 250s Finals: 3x M1000, 2x 500, 11x 250 Prize money: $18,150,829 GS SF: 3 GS QF: 2 WTF: RR x2 H2H: 11-7 Monfils
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    De Minaur Withdraws from Australian Open

    Unfortunate, he was a delight to watch in ATP Cup.
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    I love Tennis Channel

    Was looking forward to watching Kyrgios play in ATP Cup, but TC is broadcasting Gauff and Siegemund, whose rankings are 68 and 73, in a 250 tournament :/
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    Del Potro: 2009 vs 2018

    2009 6785 points YE #5 54-16 17-3 in slams 11-9 vs Top 10 3 titles (Auckland, Washington, USO) 2 runner-ups (Canada, WTF) 2018 5300 points YE #5 47-13 17-4 in slams 7-4 vs Top 10 2 titles (Acapulco, IW) 4 runner-ups (Auckland, Los Cabos, USO, China)
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    Big 3 saving ATP from becoming WTA

    The slam winners are based on who lost to the Big 3 late in a slam (QF/SF/F). For example, AO 2017, Stan lost to Roger and Grigor lost to Rafa, so the final would be Stan vs Grigor. In cases where 2 of the Big 3 met in the SF, the players they defeated in the quarters would be included in a...
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    Is it that time once again...

    He had done what he had set out to do. As a certain Serb grew too strong for even his closest rival, a legendary creature was born, and stopped the Serb in, not one, but TWO slam finals, keeping his fellow Swiss’s slam record safe. As the Serb weakened, the beast went into hibernation, his job...
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    Ash Barty Slice

    Is she the only female player that knows how to hit a proper slice? Been impressed with both her slice backhand and slice forehand.
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    Kyrgios & Tsitsipas playing doubles together at Citi Open

    Never would’ve seen this coming. Was under the impression that they disliked each other after USO last year.
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    Kyrgios is one of the best grass court players in the world

    According to the man himself. “My record at Wimbledon is pretty good.” 12-5, 1 QF in 2014, nothing since. No grass court titles. Loses to Berrettini in straights on grass. But he is one of the...
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    Schwartzman Barcelona Open

    Does anyone know why Schwartzman, number 24 in the world, had to qualify for Barcelona when someone ranked below him, such as number 30 Tiafoe, was seeded?
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    Who would win this doubles match?

    Federer/Murray vs Djokovic/Nadal All 4 in their prime
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    Yoshihito Nishioka

    The first time I really saw him play was IW 2017 against Stan, and I was surprised how close he came to beating a solid Stan. Then he blew his ACL a few weeks later and has been on the comeback since the beginning of 2018, in which he won his first ATP title. Watching him against Delpo, and he’s...
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    Kyrgios has a new coach
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    Zverev on Tsitsipas Match Sounds like a sore loser to me :/
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    Best match of Wimby 2018

    For me it was Nadal v Delpo. The quality of that match was so good and the drama in the 5th set, with Delpo having so many chances to break back, both players playing at a high level, it was great. It’s close between this match and Djoker-Rafa, but this one gets the nod only because of how hard...
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    Zverev losses in slams

    AO: Bageled in final set by Chung FO: Breadsticked in final set by Thiem W: Bageled in final set by Gulbis Maybe needs to eat more pasta instead?
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    2018 Breakout Player

    Kyrgios had his ups and downs this year, but I think next year he's going to have more ups and less downs, starting with a deep run in AO and another in Wimbledon, along with some solid performances in Masters 1000s and a top 5 ranking. I will predict an early USO exit, but overall I think...
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    Unless Murray wins USO....

    Unless Murray wins USO, 2017 will become the first year since 2003 to have all 4 slams won by a player who did not win a slam the previous season.