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  1. tlm

    Approach shots video

    Working on hitting flatter consistent approach shots. I guess because I hit up and loop the ball so much from the backcourt I have a hard time driving the ball flatter when I get a short ball. I am visualizing hitting more over the top of the ball instead of up the back of it so much.
  2. tlm

    Prince Phantom 100X

    I’ve been demoing the Phantom 100X 305 and 290 and feel these rackets are really impressive. I like both but have been playing better with the 290. Just wondering how many others have tried these rackets? They definitely have a unique feel and are extremely comfortable. I can definitely feel...
  3. tlm

    Video of some one handed backhands

    Not sure what camera we were using but it wasn’t very good. But it still shows my partner in the far court hitting some beautiful one handers, he has excellent timing on that shot. What do you guys think of his backhand?
  4. tlm

    4.0 VS 4.5 video

    Here are a few points from a couple years ago. At the time I was rated 4.0 and my buddy was a 4.5 player, which it’s pretty obvious he is a much better player.
  5. tlm

    Topspin with Side Spin

    I want to hit this type of topspin sharp angle shot with side spin more consistently. I’ve always been better at hitting the inside out forehand and my cc forehand was not that good and I couldn‘t hit much of a sharp angle like in this video. So I’ve been working on hitting the strong angle cc...
  6. tlm

    Some Drop Feed Points

    Here are some drop points that my partner and I played at the end of our practice session. We were pretty worn out so that’s one of my excuses for playing so lazy. Lol We do start points slow so that we start even no going for the corner on the first few strokes. I know that it is good to video...
  7. tlm

    Some Point Play Video

    I have taken some video this week and realize that I have to get moving and split stepping more, plus quit foot faulting. I am way too lazy on the court and not staying active enough. That’s the advantage of taking video once in a while, I had no idea that my movement and anticipation was that...
  8. tlm

    Edited Video

    Here is an edited video of what I posted the other day. All the dead time is cut out so much better to watch. This is from some sets I played yesterday, I should have recorded the first set because my partner was out of gas by the second set...
  9. tlm

    Video of a few games

    Here are a few games from some practice sets today.
  10. tlm

    Vcore 95 2021 vs Vcore 95 red 2018

    I have only hit with the 95 red so far and feel it’s a great racket. I’m wondering if any of you have hit with both and what are the differences?
  11. tlm

    ALU Power 18 gauge

    Has anyone tried the new 1.15 ALU? I’ve been experimenting with it the last couple of weeks and it seems to play very nice. Exceptional bite and spin and a very crisp feel, so far it seems better than the 16L that I usually use. I haven’t used it long enough yet to say for sure but so far it...
  12. tlm

    18 Gauge ALU Power

    Have any of you tried the new 18 gauge ALU? I’ve been testing out a set in my Clash 100 the last few days and it plays really well. I’ve only had 3 times out with it so not sure about it’s longevity yet.
  13. tlm

    Hitting 2 handed Backhand video

    I’m trying to develop a better 2 handed backhand and I can finally hit it pretty consistent but it seems like my power is limited. I would also like to get more topspin on it.
  14. tlm

    Hitting Flatter Trajectory with Western Grip

    This is a hitting session from this morning. I’m working on driving the ball more and hitting a flatter trajectory. This shows that you can hit a flat shot with a western grip.
  15. tlm

    Recent Lesson video

    Here is a clip from a lesson I took a couple of weeks ago. The first part is too bright but it shows my coaches instruction, second part is better video of the hitting practice. My coach is working on me hitting a lower trajectory with weight going forward and using my legs...
  16. tlm

    What Happened to Prosupex Blue Gear?

    I used this string years ago and liked it now it’s really hard to find in the States. I’ve been experimenting with different string jobs because I just changed rackets and am now using the Wilson Clash. I’ve tried a bunch of different strings and tensions trying to dial my racket in to my...
  17. tlm

    Vortex Rackets

    Are any of you guys using a Vortex racket? I used one years ago and I’m going to demo one again and just wondering if anyone is playing with one of these spin rackets.
  18. tlm

    Video of serve

    Here is a video of my hacker serve as opposed to my coach’s beautiful serve motion. He wanted to take a video of both of our serves to show me the difference.
  19. tlm

    Video of lesson today

    Here is a clip from my lesson today with a local college player. He is having me work on hitting more through the court and getting weight on my front leg instead of hitting off me rear leg. He wants me to start more closed instead of straight open stance which I usually use mostly.
  20. tlm

    Some Set Play Video

    Here are some points from a set I played yesterday. 4 Play all
  21. tlm

    Hitting Lower Trajectory-Video

    I've been working on hitting a lower trajectory for when I have an open court. I still hit high looping shots when rallying but need to improve putting ball away.
  22. tlm

    Poly Main with Rip Control Cross

    Anybody using rip control cross with a poly main?
  23. tlm

    Anyone Tried this Tennis Trainer?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this training device, it looks like it could be helpful...
  24. tlm

    Slow Motion Video

    Here is a short clip of some ball machine hitting in slow motion. I posted some practice video a week ago and I received some good tips. Some pointed out that I am jerking my head up early to watch where the ball goes and the video clearly shows that's true. Also the lack of bending at the knees...
  25. tlm

    Some Hitting With Ball Machine Video

    I have been working with the ball machine a lot lately trying to improve backhand and learning to hit it down the line. Plus working on hitting sharp angled forehands.
  26. tlm

    Video Of Some rally Points

    Here is a clip of a game of 21 with drop feeds that I played against a very good hitting partner. You can tell that he is taking it easy and working on his back court game, plus he lets me start most of the points. This is a good practice game because you play a lot of points in a short time...
  27. tlm

    Video Of Some Point Play From Today

    Here is a clip from some points I played today against a much better player. This guy can kick my butt even while taking it easy on me. My Edited Video
  28. tlm

    Afternoon practice Video

    Here is a short clip of practice today with my wife. My Edited Video
  29. tlm

    Playing indoors vs Outdoors

    Went indoors last night for the first time since early spring. It is amazing how much easier it is indoors compared to outdoors, to me it is like night and day. So much easier to swing away aggressively and keep the ball in. Much easier serving also you can hit harder serves and hit at a...
  30. tlm

    Forehands In Slow Motion

    Here are a few forehands I hit in Slow motion. I know I use a strange technique and there are many things I could improve. I know to that I do arm the ball to much at times but some say that I only use my arm and it is going to fall off and on and on. But to me watching in slow motion it...