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  1. Gonzo_style

    Is AZverev the best player in Open era without a Slam title?

    Or ABZ? Hard to put any of the Davydenko, Nalbandian or Alex Coretja over him
  2. Gonzo_style

    Aljaz Bedene awarded British citizenship
  3. Gonzo_style

    Better forehand, Seppi or Federer?

    What do you think?
  4. Gonzo_style

    Stan Wawrinka: 'I want to play like Pete Sampras'

    That's what he told me last night after the match with Cilic. 100% true.
  5. Gonzo_style

    Barclays ATP WTF 2014 - Semifinal: Novak Djokovic vs Kei Nishikori

    H2h is 2-2, indoor HC 1-1. Djokovic beat Nishikori two weeks ago in Paris in similar conditions, should be the favorite but you never know with Nishikori.... My prediction - NDj in 3.
  6. Gonzo_style

    Wimbledon champion Kvitova faces storm over Monaco tax haven

    She won the Wimbledon tennis singles title for the second time just one week ago. But now the Czech tennis star and current world number 4 Petra Kvitová is facing criticism for an alleged lack of patriotism stemming from the fact that for tax purposes, she is registered as a resident of the tiny...
  7. Gonzo_style

    Federee shows why he is better than Nadal

    After Roland Garros, Nadal lost in his first match against Bob Marley, while Federer won the whole event. There you go.
  8. Gonzo_style

    Can Nadal, Nole and Murray win 30 slams?

    What do you think? they have 21 (13+6+2)...
  9. Gonzo_style

    Ilie Nastase: 'Federer can play until he is 60'

    Roger Federer should play until he is 60 if he wants to, according to Romanian former world number one Ilie Nastase. The Swiss 17-times grand-slam champion has slipped down to sixth in the world rankings and won only one title this year, prompting many to suggest he is a spent force at 32...
  10. Gonzo_style

    Who is better, peak Safin or pick Federer?

    What do you think? discuss&vote in the poll
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    Viktor Troicki's 18-month ban reduced to 12 months

    Serbia's Viktor Troicki has had his 18-month ban for failing to provide a blood sample cut to 12 months by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The 27-year-old was given the initial punishment by an International Tennis Federation (ITF) anti-doping tribunal. Troicki had refused to...
  12. Gonzo_style

    Who is better on grass, Djokovic or Murray?

    What do you think? Vote in the poll plz...
  13. Gonzo_style

    Rafael Nadal: 'I'd rather play someone other than Novak Djokovic'

    Rafael Nadal has said that he would have preferred to play against someone other than Novak Djokovic in the final of the US Open. The Spaniard will renew his rivalry with the world number one in Monday's final after beating Richard Gasquet in straight sets at Flushing Meadows. When asked...
  14. Gonzo_style

    David Ferrer - three consecutive GS semi-finals

    Congratulations!!! He had no chance against Djokovic at US Open and Australian Open but now will play against Tsonga on his favorite surface.
  15. Gonzo_style

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga vs Roger Federer - RG 2013 QF

    Blockbuster QF! IMO Tsonga in 4. H2H (doesn't matter lol) Federer - Tsonga 9-3 Madrid 2008 - Federer 6-4 6-1 Montreal 2009 - Tsonga 7-6 1-6 7-5 AO 2010 - Federer 6-2 6-3 6-2 Doha 2011 - Federer 6-3 7-6 Rome 2011 - Federer 6-4 6-2 Wimbledon 2011- Tsonga 3-6 6-7 6-4 6-4 6-4 Montreal 2011 -...
  16. Gonzo_style

    95 UEs in Miami final

    It was entertaining match, Ferrer's CP, etc but 95 UEs is just too much...
  17. Gonzo_style

    Who is the best 'wind player'?

    We know that Djokovic is the worst (at least in top 5) poll coming...
  18. Gonzo_style

    John 'Almighty' Isner (USA) vs Novak 'Son of God' Djokovic (SER) - Davis Cup QF 2013

    Miami is not over yet, but who cares about that when you have a possible match between two giants Best server vs World #1 Isner-Djokovic H2H (doesn't matter lol) 1:2 DC 2010 (clay) Djokovic-Isner 3:2 China Open 2010 (HC) Djokovic-Isner 2:0 Indian Wells 2012 (HC) Isner-Djokovic 2:1
  19. Gonzo_style

    ATP Miami Masters 2013 - general discussion thread

    Who will win 5th Major?
  20. Gonzo_style

    Fedal H2H

    How it will end? I'd say 26-13 for Nadal, 10-2 in GS
  21. Gonzo_style

    Best unfinished matches?

    For me it's Murray-Nadal AO 2010 QF. Djokovic-Tipsarevic USO 2012 was another great match...
  22. Gonzo_style

    Novak Djokovic - Tomas Berdych Dubai Final 2013

    Novak is strong favorite, with great H2H and tired Berdych, but surface is very fast Your call?
  23. Gonzo_style

    Tipsarevic out of Davis Cup QF vs United States

    World no. 9 will not play against United States. He also didn't play against Belgium...
  24. Gonzo_style

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga - Tomas Berdych ATP Marseille Final

    Berdych lead H2H 4:1, won last match in WTFs 2012.
  25. Gonzo_style

    Level of play by underdog: Wawrinka vs Rosol

    I'm not asking who is better player because the answer is obvious. I ask for the level of play in those two matches, Wimbledon 2012 2R and AO 2013 4R
  26. Gonzo_style

    Great match without Djokovic? Impossible!

    I mean really, guy has played in nearly all the great matches lately. Djokovic-Waw 2013 AO Djokovic-Fed 2012 WTFs Djokovic-Murray 2012 Shanghai Djokovic-Murray 2012 USO Djokovic-Tsonga 2012 RG Djokovic-Nadal 2012 AO Djokovic-Murray 2012 AO I expect more blockbusters in...
  27. Gonzo_style

    Novak Djokovic v Stanislas Wawrinka AO 2013

    Both players still have not lost a set. Djokovic leads H2H 10-2, both Stan's victories were in 2006. My prediction is Djokovic in 3, with one TB set.
  28. Gonzo_style

    Djokovic was real #2 in 2008?

    IMO Djokovic was second best player in 2008! What you guys think? On the ATP List Federer was only 10 points ahead of Djokovic. Both players won 1 Major, Federer had slightly better results in Majors, SF F F W, Djokovic W SF 2R SF Both players won 4 titles, and there is the biggest...
  29. Gonzo_style

    Djokovic and Hopman Cup finals

    Today Djokovic lost another final with Ana vs Verdasco/AMG. Djokovic lost finals in 2011 and 2008 (girls were injured) but after that he won titles in AO, losing only one set! Could this happen again this year?