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    Which dining room chair do you like?

    not sure if you were seeking opinions other than those 2... but we have and like Crate and Barrel Basque chairs
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    4.5 / 5.0 players in Orange County

    sent you PM...
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    Raising a puppy dog

    On our 4th pit rescues, prefer adult to bypass all the things that puppies do. But pups sure are cute... adopt if you can...
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    Is there any hope Pacific tennis rackets will return?

    Hope you recover and play again soon... I've been exclusive with the MSpeed 105 well over 10 years and have 10 of them, both SL and UL. I have been faithful... My only want - replacement grommets because I frequently dig for volleys
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    Lowering my tension

    I just string at 30lb on a constant pull. I'm def in the low tension camp for several years. With full poly, I've gone as low as 25lbs but didn't like it there. 30lb seems to be the sweet spot for me. I don't even like 32lbs and my elbow/wrist don't neither. I must be a soft egg...
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    Lowering my tension

    I used to use the ERT300 to track SBS fresh off stringer and every day on the court. Then noted which SBS felt best, or I really should say which day I had played well. I then tried duplicating that SBS fresh of the stringer or by pre-stretching or by letting it rest til it hits that SBS...
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    The Fischer Faction!

    I don't know the specs of the Pacific X Force Comp to compare but... I play w/ the 105 SL altho I also have the UL as well but haven't played with it for quite some time. My wife uses the UL. Few weeks ago, I strung up the UL (same string/tension) hoping I'd get more racket head speed and...
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    Good low tension Polys strung under 40lbs

    30lbs on constant pull here, I like MSV and Tour Bite Soft.
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    Multifilament vs Synthetic Gut for Different Level Players

    For me, tour bite soft plays very very similar to MSV.
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    Multifilament vs Synthetic Gut for Different Level Players

    My tension was buried in my original post... I use and like various MSV strings, cofocus, Evo focus and evohex, I prefer 1.25 on the mains, 1.20 crosses. 30lbs on constant pull. I've gone as low as 25 but 30 is the sweet spot for me. I don't even like 32.
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    Multifilament vs Synthetic Gut for Different Level Players

    Appreciate the concerns gents. I'm def monitoring how it goes and if she can/should stay on it but so far so good. For my own TE arm, I'm convinced of the switch to low tension with poly both in playability and comfort. It's been a win-win for me so far the last few years. YMMV...
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    Multifilament vs Synthetic Gut for Different Level Players

    late to the party... My wife plays 3.5 league doubles 2-4x a week. She got TE a few years ago most certainly from overplaying and poor techniques After that, made her use either the Prince EXO Tour or the Fischer MSpeed 105 SL 320g strung w/ natural gut, then natgut/syngut then finally to...
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    I need help with finding shoes that fit me (need advice from people familiar with head shoes)

    I only have experience with the Revolt Pro 2.0. As recommended, I'd ordered half a size up and they seemed perfect initially. Until they broke in after a few months then they're slightly too roomy. I'd ordered a 2nd pair w/out going up in size and they seem a tiny bit snug w/ my usual thick...
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    Biking anyone?

    Fun for me is to suffer the pedalling up to get to bomb the downhills. I've swapped bikes mid-rides w/ a long time riding buddy; he on 29", me on 27.5", same bike same model, only different wheel size. He was complaining why I cannot keep up on the climbs as I usually do (on my 29er) and did...
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    Biking anyone?

    My previous mtb was a 29er with 160mm front/rear travel. My current mtb is 27.5" with 170mm front/rear travel. For me, I prefer the 29er platform; easier to climb but not as playful as the 27.5. My next bike will be 29er with 170mm front/rear travel, or more. there's a trend... bigger is...
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    Seeing Def Leppard again

    I'm carbon dating myself... but saw On Thru The Night, their first tour of the US, when all members of the band were still teenagers, in a small venue in LA...
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    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    I have several prescription sunglasses. My fav is Oakley with Oakley lens, prescription, amber tint and polarized. It's rather expensive (around $500, lenses alone about $300) but well worth it since it's been my preferred for tennis/biking for over 10 years. Fortunately my prescription has...
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    I need some help with new SHOCK ABSORBENT shoes for hard courts

    I will echo WestboroChe on Head Pro Revolt. I went from Prince T22 (for me, they feel like bricks, no cushioning and unfor I've gone thru several pairs of T22s), to Babolat SFX (several pairs of those). On WBC's recommendation, I'm on my first pair of Revolts and they are way way better than...
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    Thinking of purchasing machine - opinion on particular brand

    I believe I still have the crank mechanism and arm from my past Alphas. Yours for the cost of shipping if that helps to convert back to a crank or upgrade to a Wise.
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    Similar to Solinco Tour Bite Soft (But Cheaper)

    I've tried TBS couples times at the same tension as MSV Evo-Hex and for me they play similarly. I've gone thru several reels of MSV (Evo-Hex and Focus-Evo) and still use it.
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    What do you shave with?

    after about 10 yrs w/ dozens of pricey brushes and DE razors, recently converted to the higher model Braun from Costco. Happy camper.
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    Amateur Stringer vs the Pro Shop....

    I've been buying US Open at walmart for few years, not a single bad can yet. Never costco penn again and even if they were consistent, the USO last much longer for me so imo a much better value.
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    The most comfortable racket you've played with?

    having had TE... I've had/have: Volkl C10 PK 5g, 7g Prince EXO Tour 16x18 Fischer Pro #1 98 I play with Fischer Pro#1 105. The Fischer Mag Speed Tour is nearly identical to the 105 to me but in 100sqin, but only have 1 of those.
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    Stringing recommendation for TE

    for me, flat strokes (continental grip for all strokes) was likely a contributor to TE. Once I got TE, changed equipment (heavy/flexible racket, soft string, low tension) allowed me to play again but it always felt like was always on the verge of getting TE again. Lots of discomfort after each...
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    ERT-300. How sturdy?

    I think I'm gonna steal your idea and use a lanyard to slip over the racket handle, instead of my wrist.
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    ERT-300. How sturdy?

    Mine doesn't seem to like readings below 30 DT much, the lowest I've seen is 24 or so. But that's after many tries at various locations, not at center.
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    ERT-300. How sturdy?

    sorry don't have any useful data for you but the first time it flew off on me, I've since sit on the carpet when I use it. I've always wondered if the 3 plastic "legs" would survive a drop and if one broke off, would it be another $180?
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    Favorite socks?

    Have always preferred med thickness cotton socks. Wasn't looking for better socks but saw this thread and last weekend at costco saw Adidas Traxion socks, curious so bought the 4 pack and surprise surprise I think I like them upon first try. Will see how they do on a really hot day.