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  1. Tour_G

    How to properly string with this kind of machines?

    Hey guys, hope you are doing fine. I have a few questions about the right technique to be used stringing a racquet with the following kind of machines: (The first one on the video is exactly like mine) (This video is what I used as a guide to string my racquets) So, my questions are...
  2. Tour_G

    Planning to come back, which means I need new racquets

    Hey guys, after a break of tennis and having re-thought some things, I guess it's time come back to this beautiful sport. And that means I need new racquets.... My Vcore 98 and my TI Radical MP are on sale, and I only have a PT630 and a 95 D on my bag, both of them too demanding to re-start...
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    Grommets for Pro Staff Classic 18x20 25th Anniversary

    Can someone tell me what grommets fit this racquet? K Six One? BLX? Than you.
  4. Tour_G

    A couple of questions about my racquet's specs + other stuff

    Hello, I need some help here about my racquet. I'm using a customized TI Radical MP of which I'd like to know its specs, specially the swingweight. Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm. Length: 27.00 inches / 68.58 cm Strung Weight: 10.75 oz / 305 g Balance: 3pts HL Swing Weight: 312 Beam Width...
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    Which Head pro stock is this?

  6. Tour_G

    Please, come in and help me to solve this problematic...

    Basically, my tennis history could be summarized by constantly changing and testing racquets through buy and sell (shame on me). At the same time, of course, I got better at the game as I always took classes with a coach and still do. The thing is, I'm a bit bored (not sure if it's the...
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    From Yonex 95 D to something more easy to use... But which one?

    Hey guys, basically what the title says. I'm currently using a couple of 95 D's but sometimes I'm not able to use them properly especially on serves and on my ohbh. I feel them to be hard to maneuver and not too forgiving when I'm defending under pressure. For example some balls land short on...
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    Good news! New tennis videogame incoming! It's called Tennis World Tour and it will available on consoles and PC. Release date: 2018. Finally!
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    Which racquet suits me better?

    I'm looking for a replacement of my Head TI Radical MP customized (Leather grip, lead in the handle, at 12 and at 3&9-----Weight: 346 grams, Balance: I'm not sure, maybe 6 pts HL). Why? I want to stick with 2 or 3 same racquets and I only have one of this and, of course, it's hard to find a...
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    Best racquet review EVER (Graphene XT Prestige MP)

    I have now a big couple of reasons to buy this racquet :D
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    What racquet is this?

    I think it's some TGT 307.2, but I'm not sure.
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    Which of this racquets will suit my game better?

    Hi guys, I need some advice here, I want to make THE DECISION :D Let's start: I'm 20 years old and I have been playing tennis since I was 13, always helped by a coach (An unknown former pro). Along this years, I tested lot of racquets, but I think that now I really know what I want. I'm...
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    What's the truth about Duel G 97 310?

    If you read TW's review, they say, as an upside: Controllable power If you read the power score, it get 82. However, if you read some of the customer's review, you will see things like this: -Literally, it has zero power. -Very underpowered frame that lacks mass and SW. -Not the easiest...
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    Similar racquet to TGK 238.4 XL but...

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a similar racquet to TGK 238.4 XL (Youtek Prestige MP) but: _A bit more forgiveness, especially in defensive shots. _With a little more free power. _Standard length. I was thinking in somewhat like: _Babolat Pure Strike 18x20 or 16x19 _Babolat Pure Aero VS _Wait...
  15. Tour_G

    From Yonex V Core Tour G 310 to...?

    Hi, I'm looking for something with a bit more power, forgiveness, easiest on serve and to hit winners. These are the racquets I have in mind: _Wilson Ultra 100 _Babolat Pure Aero VS (Yes I know, yet not available, but in theory is similar to the GT, so you can still throw me some light...
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    Is it time for a tweener or what?

    Hey guys, I will post this to try to clarify what can I do. I'll attempt to make this the shorter, definite and with the less misspellings as I can do. I started to play tennis around 6-7 years ago, when I was 13. During this time, I changed lot of things, racquets (Head size, balance, SW...
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    Need lot of help matching these two racquets

    Could this post has misspellings? YESS!! :p Ok, here we go: I am actually using a V Core Tour G 310 customized to a static weight of 360 grams (Leather grip, two overgrips, strings and dampener included). A balance of 30 cm. And an unknown SW. So, where is the problem? A friend gift me...
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    Djokovic'' I was offerred 100,000 to fix a match''

    Secret files exposing evidence of widespread suspected match fixing at the top level of world tennis, including at Wimbledon, can be revealed by the BBC and BuzzFeed News. Over the last decade 16 players who have ranked in the top 50 have been repeatedly flagged to the tennis integrity unit...
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    Someone wants to learn or improve your Spanish?

    Hello, I have 19 years and I am a boy from Argentina who wants to improve their English. Is anyone interested in learning or improving your Spanish? Contact me and see how we do. Thanks. Cheers.
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    I need help now! (please) with V Core Tour G G or HG

    Antes que nada, hablo español ((((possible typos!!!)) Ok, here in my country (Arg.) is IMPOSSIBLE to acquire a Yonex frame. Why?---import policies. So, there is the possibility that a friend can bring me one from another country. I want the V Core Tour G 310 version. What's the problem...
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    Similar racquet to Wilson Pro Staff Classic Si 16x18

    Primero, perdón por los posibles errores pero hablo español. Ok, here we go: The last week I could play a little with this racquet and OMG is awesome (plow through, control, stability, it has all!). I'm just looking for something similar but lighter and less stiff, because it started to hurt...
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    What do you recommended for this playstyle?

    Hi, i'm currently using a Head YT IG Rad Pro, but i don't like it so much... My playstyle is this: agressive baseliner who also likes to do serve and volley. So i'm thinking in this racquets: _Babolat Pure Drive (I tried this a little (the 2012 version), and I can say "I like it")...
  23. Tour_G

    ¿Es posible una tienda de Tennis Warehouse en Latinoamérica?

    Quisiera saber si existe esta posibilidad, ya que por lo que se ve en Internet es una excelente tienda y sería muy bueno disponer de al menos una en latinoamérica. Gracias!