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    Cheapest but best place to get racquet customized?

    I am wanting my racquets to be matched and customized. I am on a budget so I want to know what the cheapest (but best quality) place would be to get my racquets matched. Thanks!
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    Racquets similar to TFight VO2 Max 325

    What racquets are fairly similar to the 325 VO2 Max racquet, but has more spin potential and a little more feel? As far as string patterns go, I do not mind 16x19 (Probably would prefer it) however I do not want it to be an overly open 16x19 string pattern (like people say the 320 is) Also, I...
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    Angell TC95 question

    For people who have hit with Angell or Vantage racquets, can you tell me what you think a TC95 with a 16x19 string pattern, 70RA stiffness, 320 grams (11.4oz) , 315-310 mm balance (9-10 pts headlight), and a 27" (or maybe possible 27.25") racquet would play like? I do not have any experience...
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    Tecnifibre TFight VO2 Max 295. Platform?

    Would this racquet be a good platform stick? If anyone has used it as a platform stick, could you tell me your experiences with it.
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    28in Vantage/Angell racquet

    Does anyone have any experience with an Angell/Vantage racquet that is 28in? If you do not have any experience with those specific racquets, but have played with a 28in racquet, could you tell me how it felt? I have been very interested in knowing how a Angell/Vantage racquet would feel in...
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    What Tecnifibre string should I use?

    I currently use Signum Pro Tornado 16 guage (which I really like) at 58 lbs on my Tecnifibre VO2 Max TFight 325. However, I am switching to a Tecnifibre string, and would like suggestions on what to use. I am only in the market for a poly string. I am thinking that I would probably choose either...