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    swfh Poly Playtest Thread

    I'm doing a test of 6 strings over the next few months. They are: MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1.25 MSV Hepta Twist 1.25 Kirschbaum Max Power 1.25 Yonex PTP 1.25 Signum Pro Firestorm 1.25 Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.28 For the past year, I've switched between Weisscannon Ultra Cable 1.23 and Pros Pro...
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    What shirt is this?

    I saw a few pros wearing this at the qualies and I haven't been about to figure it out. Any ideas?
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    Just bought a stringer.

    Hi guys. I just bought a czech stringer with double action clamps (was getting sick of the klippermate). The owner said that it sat in his basement after stringing a few rackets. In any case, there is some rust on the gripper, and the clamps. I was thinking of giving the machine a wipe down...
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    Couple of Points

    Thoughts? Hitting with Eastern Rocks here
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    String cheaper in europe

    Hi all. Ill be going to europe for a couple of weeks and I know that some reels are cheaper overseas. Anyone know what those reels are/if it would be worth picking something up?
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    Bracket Challenge?

    will there be one for the aussie open?
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    The Big Short

    Currently reading this and I could use some clarification from people who understand the markets and such. Ill keep asking questions as I read more, but I am currently in the second chapter... So, my first question(s): What exactly is a credit default swap? and how can banks sell them? Thanks guys
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    Nike Men's Spring Vapor Classic Hat

    Is this a remake of the GHOAT?
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    Nike Exclusives US Open 2015

    Hi all. Can we expect anything exclusive from the folks at nike this year? Last year they had nothing (except the RF/Jordan sneakers). Hopefully something good this year
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    Federer Shirt Indian Wells 2015

    Hi guys. What shirt is roger wearing in this video? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks
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    USPS vs UPS

    I just went to the post office as I have done countless of times before to take 2 medium priority mail boxes, stick rackets inside with some bubble wrap and plastic bags, and send it to the buyer. This time, however, they wanted $35 to send 3 rackets from NY to California, which traditionally...
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    Calling All Racquet Gurus

    Hi guys, I have about a month and a half to switch frames before my outdoor season starts. Level: Collegiate Current Frame - Dunlop Aerogel 4d 300 Tour for the last 5 years. I currently have it set up with a leather grip and 4 grams each at 3 and 9, bringing it to a 331 swing weight and a...
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    Athletic dna sizes

    Hi all. Looking at an athletic dna mystery pack and I am wondering about sizing. I have a medium in one of their newer shirts, and I usually wear a medium for pants, 33 inch waist. Would getting a small on their 2013 shirts and shorts be too small? Thanks in advance.
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    Fitsok Are these the same socks as given out on the playtest? Thanks!
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    Please Critique Serve

    I will post a video from the back soon. Thanks, all serves went in
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    Is it Cracked???

    i had a rough day... what do you think? it doesnt feel cracked though
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    It's that time where I need to get new glasses. My current ones have been crooked for about a year.... I was wondering if I should continue to stay with glasses with nose pads, or if playing with glasses without nose pads is ok. I get the feeling that they would slip off. To anyone with glasses...
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    Head rip control hybrid

    I have have of a set of head rip control lying around, and I need a recommendation on what to hybrid it with. I want to use it in the mains, but I am unsure of what to use in the crosses. Should I use poly, or syn gut? Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Some help with lead

    I have been playing around with lead and my 4d 300 tours. I have not been counter balancing, so I have been making the frame more head heavy. At the moment, I have been shanking my forehands down the line. I hit with a full western grip. How can I maneuver the lead so I can naturally hit the...
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    Doubles service order

    So. I just played a doubles match and when we started the second set, I wanted my partner to serve first, rather than myself. I had been serving first before, but I didn't like the side that is was on. From what I understand, it is ok to switch the order of the service between sets, but my...
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    Cheap reels: polystar classic vs isospeed baseline spin

    Which string is better? Looking at either the 1.10 or 1.20 in the classic, and the 1.20 for the baseline spin. Thanks.
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    Isospeed baseline spin

    When will it be back in stock? Thanks
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    I want to start playing tournaments..

    I am 15 and would like to start playing usta tournaments. I know that this would be the best way for me to improve my game. Where should I start? Thanks
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    Help Me! I Hate My Feet

    So, with highschool tennis season starting soon, I am in the market for a new pair of sneakers. I have been wearing 2k10's for the last year and they are pretty good. I like that I can do all sports with them, and they offer a decent low to ground feel. Here is the problem, After taking off...
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    Saints Bounty Program

    Does anyone have a problem with it? Personally, I think that it is fine, and that it makes the game more competitive. I do see what other people are saying when they say that its bad, but im ok with it. Try an convince me otherwise.
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    Can Rafa Recover?

    Andy Roddick was never the same after the Wimbledon 2009 Final, and he would have won it had he made that high backhand volley. Rafa had a chance to go up 40-15 in the fifth set, but he couldn't make that easy shot. It was the final swing momentum, favoring Novak. Will Rafa recover? I dont think so.
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    US Open Qualifiers

    I plan to go to the US Open Qualifiers this year, but I have never been before. Does anyone know what I should expect? Thanks
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    Custom Adidas Barricade

    This thread is for all of the Adidas Barricade lovers. Go to and customize your own Barricade. Post your picture of it below. Let's see who can make the best design.