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  1. Rosstour

    Help me find a clay-court shoe!

    So I'm sadly realizing that the Vapor 9.5 and X clay shoes I've been playing in are most likely nearing the end of their playing days. I'm gonna need to buy another pair at some point. I know almost nothing about non-Nike shoes. And it doesn't look like there's many clay-soled Nikes on the US...
  2. Rosstour

    Repost? Another interesting Fed stat re: Match Points

    This one surprised me--and runs counter to the narrative that Fed is great at choking and nothing else
  3. Rosstour

    Is 2009-13 the best five-year period ever?

    Watching the Rafa/Murray match that @MichaelNadal posted, I can't help but think this was the peak of the strongest era we've ever seen and how spoiled we were to watch these four guys' peaks overlap. 2009 was perhaps Fed's most important year--four Finals made, CGS locked up, equaled then...
  4. Rosstour

    What did Fed and Rafa say to each other?

    I'm going with a well timed "lol" from Roger on MP
  5. Rosstour

    Playing a former college player tomorrow

    So I'm on vacation with my parents and my daughter, and we thought it might be good to book her a lesson at the wonderful clay courts that my Dad and I play on every summer. The instructor is 23 and played in some capacity at a northeastern D1 school. During one of the breaks in her lesson he...
  6. Rosstour

    Hang onto Fedal gear, or start liquidating now?

    I have noticed a recent and significant uptick in the transaction prices of old(ish) Fedal Nike kit. And I'm talking about pretty recent stuff, not the classic kit from early/young Nadal days. My collection is dominated by 2015, but even that stuff is getting more expensive now. And some of it...
  7. Rosstour

    Tennis asymmetry and you

    How many of us have muscle and/or bone asymmetry from playing this sport? If so where do you notice it?
  8. Rosstour

    Care and feeding for the PS85 (I searched)

    A lot of the content I found on here is old, including some threads on stringing. But if I missed something please feel free to point it out and we can shut this down. So after reading a thread here about people still playing with classic racquets, I ended up buying a St Vincent PS85. I'm...
  9. Rosstour

    Clash 98 vs Technifibre TF40 vs Textreme Warrior 100 dilemma

    My buddy keeps buying racquets that he hates and has finally just decided to use the same frame that our other buddy and I both use (Textreme Warrior 100). First he tried the Clash and when I hit with it I loved it instantly. It was actually a 100 but I am sure the 98 would be even sweeter...
  10. Rosstour

    Venting: when you improve everything and still get crushed

    So I play 90% of my tennis with one guy. And I lose, all the time. He is 10 inches taller, ten years younger, and much better (I stopped at HS Varsity, he played at a good D3 college). I used to win sometimes, but not since he made a racquet change about 3 years ago. Baked goods are common...
  11. Rosstour

    Some gems from Fognini's new book

    A little something for everyone, check the whole Twitter thread. I liked this one:
  12. Rosstour

    Why some of us think Shapo is the next 'Maestro', in one shot

    My God There is no one else on the tour who can hit this shot, with the possible exception of Federer...but he doesn't really do those donkey-leg shots.
  13. Rosstour

    Anyone own the 2019 Rafa sleeveless AeroReact tops?

    I am debating getting some sleeveless tees to wear on court. But, all sleeveless tees are not created equal. Some are flattering and some aren't. Can anyone comment on how these things fit/feel? I'm looking for something comfy with some room for the neck and arms to move around. Not a...
  14. Rosstour

    Looking for the thread w/diagrams on different hybrid setups

    Does anyone remember this? It had cool visual representations, almost like spherical graphs, to illustrate the differences in power, durability, control, etc. I remember reading it and thinking that I should try poly crosses and multi mains. I didn't save it and I have no idea what to search...
  15. Rosstour

    Adidas apparel--sizing compared to Nike?

    I really can't stand Adidas, but the value compared to Nike is hard to ignore. Does anyone wear their stuff enough to comment on how the sizing runs between the two brands? I'm not a big guy at 5'6" and 135lb, but the Nike slim-fit stuff (Fed, Rafa, Nike Court slim cut) is too tight in the...
  16. Rosstour

    Anecdote on Fed's longevity, through the eyes of a child

    So my daughter is six, with a pretty killer memory. The other day I was watching Tennis Channel in our TV room, and they were playing the Sampras-Agassi US Final from 2002. She looks at Sampras and says, "Daddy is that Roger Fededer? He looks a lot older now, what happened to him?" She simply...
  17. Rosstour

    Yonex PC Fusion Rev 3 (TW Clearance) -- should I?

    I am debating pulling the trigger on these. My clay shoes are Vapor 9.5 and are getting a bit worn. Does anyone play in them or have firsthand experience, specifically related to sizing? The price is...
  18. Rosstour

    Who did Rafa's wardrobe for this shoot?

    This is terrible lol
  19. Rosstour

    Zoom Cage 2 failing after 2 months

    I'll try to post a pic from my phone, but basically the outsole 'panel' is separating on the inside of the right forefoot. I have played on these shoes 2-3x week for 2 months. Had two pairs in the past and this never happened before, I got holes in the soles but never anything like this. Anyone...
  20. Rosstour

    Oliver's Tennis (Wellfleet, MA)

    How many of you have played here? Anyone within reasonable driving distance of Cape Cod, MA absolutely has to play here. It's a shangri-la of antique courts, nestled into the bush right off the main highway that runs along the Cape. It's owned by one guy, the son of the original owners. He...
  21. Rosstour

    DelPo coaching change

  22. Rosstour

    Finally took a video. Critique/Slam/fix my serve.

    So today I hit a few serves that really surprised my hitting partner. He was absolutely sure that some of them had been over 100mph. So after the match I asked him to take some videos and here they are.
  23. Rosstour

    Zoom Cage 2: any differences between M's and Wmn's?

    Wondering if it's safe to buy a women's version? I know women's shoes can be different sometimes, like shorter arches. Anyone know if this particular shoe is unisex? Thanks
  24. Rosstour

    US 2002 final on now

    Watching Pete’s swan song it is so sad that he was 31 in this match. Let me just say that I’m a huge Sampras fan and when he retired I stopped watching for a while. But it’s hard to watch this match, which was only a year before Fed broke through and only three years before Rafa did, and not...
  25. Rosstour

    Fed is a child

    I can’t be the first person to post this here, right?
  26. Rosstour

    This video shows Fed's longevity and evolution more than anything I've seen

    What is he, 17 here? The strokes are so stiff, he looks like Sampras out there. All that crazy wrist lag we take for granted wasn't there yet, and even his movement looks very much like a player from the 80s/early 90s.. Really captures how he is truly a product of another era and just kept...
  27. Rosstour

    Putting a finer point on how the ATP calendar favors Rafa and hurts Fed

    This guy’s posts annoy me generally but occasionally he will make a good point. And here is one.
  28. Rosstour

    Every M singles champ since 2004 (save Murray & DelPo) is in the 2019 4R

    Another WTF moment that really makes you appreciate the consistency of this era. And those two missing names are still active, just injured. Hopefully this isn't a repost, please delete if so.
  29. Rosstour

    More Rafa Bias in the media (New Yorker)

    Just proving my point that the genpop know nothing about tennis and are generally Nadal fans--unfortunately these people will drive the discussions on who is the GOAT. See the subtle shade the author throws at Fed: not a classic match, means nothing in the grand scheme of things...just a data...