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    Are these tell-tale signs of change of Era? This WTF team Djokodal played team Thievedev 4 times and Djokodal lost all 4.

    I believe aroma is pretty strong and noone can deny what is cooking. Yes, big 3 are being cooked and ready to be eaten by nextgen or newgen. First Nadal and Djokovic both surrendered to Thiem and then both surrendered to Medlad. For me the fact that Djokovic and Nadal didn't win even a single...
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    The reason Fed won today

    He served extremely well and hit forehands with venom. Moved well and kept pressure on Djokovic all the time. All this is fine and he has had matches where all this didn't prove to be enough. The real reason he won is :
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    Last 3 matches of Z at WTF, defeated Federer, Defeated Djok, Defeated Nadal. All straight sets. Is he real GOAT?

    Not much to be said, No player ever defeated all Big 3 consecutively at a Single Tournament. Z boy achieved this feat which will not matched till eternity. He is GOAT. It's ****ing his time. Period. All hail new era which will be called Zera.
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    Nadal beat Djokovic in same slam for three consecutive years. Djokovic could never do that to either of Fedal.

    F012,13 and 14. Djokovic didn't even for 2 consecutive years.
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    Good servers playing match on fast court is like Football teams playing 3 Penalty shoot outs (20 penalties in each) instead of full match.

    I am appalled whenever I see these farcical rituals pretending to be a tennis match. 95% of the time you would know who is going to win particular game as is the case of penalties, most of the time they are going in. In case you have misses one, there is no point in continue watching. The player...
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    Theim vs Medvedev, who is deserving no 4 for the year 2019 YTD?

    Guys, who do you think is deserving no 4 for the year, just behind big 3. Each of them have had some amazing wins this year. Made one GS final each where both of them went on to lose Nadal in a tough match. Both of them have one masters each. Lets compare - One GS final for both of them - One...
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    Beijing Semi Final Lineup - Next Gen Big 4??

    Look at semi finalists at Beijing? All top 4 seeds in semis and all represent next gen. Would have been good to see MadLad in mix too. But this will do as well. Do we see same line up happening in one of the slams... say in 2 years?
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    Which one was a better match? W 19 F or USO 19 F?

    Okay, this question has been heavy on my heart ever since I witnessed that epic 5 hour long drama at USO. So letting it out. General convention would clearly go with W Final. A 38 yr old GOAT contender going at what could have been dream finale of his glittering career against another GOAT...
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    Isn't it surprising that Medvedev is playing an ATP 250 (St Petersburg) after such a busy US summers?

    Medvedev barely managed to limp through to his runners-up title at USO after overplaying for month and half or so. I would expected him to take rest and get ready for bigger prizes later in the autumn. But all I see he is playing some lousy 250 starting from today. Is he like Thiem when it comes...
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    One and Five reasons why Nadal will not win against Barrettinni tonight.

    Well, let me go on record to say it is not anti-jinx thread or anything like that crap. So please get that damn thing out of your mind and read on with full seriousness. As much grief it causes me but i'll have to accept and reconcile with the fact that my fav player is not going ahead in this...
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    Between Murray and Nadal, they have lost 8 AO finals in last 9 years without winning one..!!

    About time this anomaly gets corrected. I mean this will be grossly against the law of averages if Nadal loses another AO final. Should not happen and must not happen. Very foundation of statistics will be shaken if that is to happen.
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    U S Open 18 R2: Baghdatis (Titan of era 04-07) vs Lucas Pouille (17)

    Who wins this contest between these two great players ? Pouille may have higher ranking but Baghdatis knows what it takes to go all the way the way upto finals of Grand Slams.. All pumped up to watch great champ Baghdatis in action.
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    Nagal out of USO

    well at singles ranking of 306 he couldn't make it to qualifying draw of USO well, had to make it otherwise someone else would have made it.
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    Better big 4? Federer, Roddick,Hewitt, Safin or Federer, Nadal, Djoko,Murray

    I think this is very close. Though I am tempted to go with first option. Here are my reasons? 1. Federer is common to both so cancels out. 2. None of the Nadal, Djoko, Murray can produce the same level of serve that Roddick did. His forehand was also superior to all of them. If it was nor for...
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    Aus Open 2018 QF : [1] Nadal vs [6] Cilic

    Just as ordained be the draw, Nadal meets Cilic for a spot in SF. Cilic had won their very first encounter but since then Cilic has lost to Nadal 5 times on hard. The only Grand Slam they met earlier is AO only in 2011. Nadal had got pretty routine victory. But now Cilic is looking pretty hot...
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    Aus Open 2018 Round of 16 : [1] Nadal vs SCHWARTZMAN

    Should be an interesting one. If Nadal has to win this one, he'll have to earn it. Diego is not known for doing favours. Hope Rafa makes it to quarters.
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    Delpo-Berdych or Nick-Tsonga, which going to be better 3rd round match?

    Two interesting match-ups involving 4 power players. All 4 have potential to threaten Fedal hegemony. But recent form suggests all Nadal fans will be rooting for Delpo and all Fed fans for Nick and these choices are not emanating from some very mysterious reasons. Hope we'll get to see two very...
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    Aus Open 2018 Round of 32: [1] Nadal vs [28] D. Džumhur

    Rafa would not like to recall their encounter 2 years ago in Miami when he had to retire cause of feeling Dizzy. But that was the time when Nadal was going through worst ever crisis in his career. Things have changed quite a bit from that time.
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    Aus Open 2018 Round of 64 : [1] Nadal vs L Mayer

    Their last encounter (USO 17, second rounder) wasn't a very straight forward affair so Rafa be rather careful of. Interesting trivia is whenever Nadal defeats L Mayer, he goes on to win whole thing. (RG 14, USO 17). All to play for. Start time 3 AM (GMT 0.00).
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    Aus Open 2018 Round of 128: [1] Nadal vs V. Estrella Burgos

    3.....2....1.. and here we start..!!! Hopefully Nadal off to a good start in year 2018.
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    Nadal Fans& Federer fans respectively-Would you swap your player's 2017 with other player's 2017?

    Okay. This has been little convoluted. As a Nadal fan we lost lot of bragging right with respect to H2H and can't afford to give lot of weightage to that piece of argument at least for the year but at the same time Nadal ended year as the best player of the year and would be officially known as...
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    Cumulative stats for last three sets in Rafa-Delpo match

    After set one, Rafa kind of switched something on and played unreal tennis. Something which was promising to be a very enthralling nail-biting match got turned in absolute pummelling. Such was barrage of attack from Rafa that even DelPo's forehand started breaking down. I think this...
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    USO 17 R1 - Nadal vs Lajovic

    Why this thread for a lowly first round match? Because Nadal can always make things interesting :(
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    Reasons for Grass to be discontinued as surface in field hockey. How many of those valid for Tennis?

    I came across this interesting discussion on why Grass was discontinued as the surface in hockey. Was just worndering how valid this discussion on Tennis courts. In wake of just finished Wimbledon which saw so many injuries, uneven bounces and overall monotonous servebotting tennis, how relevant...
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    Nadal return position on Muller Serves

    I missed most of the yesterdays match as had to be away for unavoiable reasons. When I came back score was 7-7. I was shocked to see Nadal's return position. It was further back from anytime I have seen. How he was expected to cover angles from that distance ? I just wonder whether it was...
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    Wimbledon 2017 - R1 - Nadal v Millman

    There is enough anticipation, apprehension and expectations around every single of Nadal's encounter at Wimbledon this time. So it's worth to create a thread of it's own.
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    How to watch final online or otherwise (in Italy/ Florence)?

    Apologies to have created a thread for personal purpose but I could not resist my temptation to do all to be able to watch this grand finale which could very well turn out to be a great great match. So, I planned an ill-timed trip to Italy in this whole week. However hoped the hotel I have...
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    Struggling to shift serve grip from Forehand grip to continental grip. Suggestions?

    I have been playing Tennis for few years and developed game myself without any kind of coaching and lessons. Over a period of time developed a reasonably well forehand and lately started to manage crosscourt rallies from my back-hand (a double handed one). However my Achilles heels remain my...
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    It's predictability that is hurting Nadal most against Fed.

    Federer was giving regular balls at Nadal backhand and was staying withing deuce court because he very well knew only shot Nadal going to play is cross court backhand at good pace. If I remember correctly, Nadal hit only one fully committed back-hand DTL which resulted in a winner (or a forced...
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    Which kind of court you have played your tennis ?

    Just trying to ascertain that which courts most of the people around play Tennis on. Just wanted to check how this compares with respect to the pro-tour.