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  1. jjs891

    Vcore 98 plus

    TW when / if are you going to have them available for demo ? Plus version. Thx
  2. jjs891

    TW. Replacement grommet for Babolat Pure Storm Carbon Xtrem

    I am looking to replace grommet for my Pure storm carbon xtrem racquets Does the one you have listed for Pure Control/Storm GT fit ? Thank you in advance.
  3. jjs891

    Matching 2 racquets

    Hi I have 2 Volkl Super G 8 315 racquets that I am trying out. My problem is that one is a bit under spec and weighs 9 grams less than one close to the spec. How can I add lead tape to the under spec one to match ? The balance are almost identical. I have not measured the SW but if I can get...
  4. jjs891

    Used racquet pricing

    Hi TW This is not a complaint or anything, but I'm just curious. Why some of the racquets with same rating have different prices ? I have even seen some lower rated racquet priced higher than higher rated ones. Again, I'm just curious. Thx
  5. jjs891

    Problem with my order

    Hi I was trying to place an order online but came up with a problem checking out. The issue is that I want to use Paypal to pay for the order. I also have a small store credit left over that I want to use up. While during check out, a message keeps coming up that says I cannot use Paypal...
  6. jjs891

    Why my sales ad is rejected ?

    I have listed racquets for sale many times before and follow the general guidelines for listing regarding description of condition etc However I tried to list my Wilson PS 95S several times but was rejected each time. Please contact me and let me know the reasons. I am pretty sure that...
  7. jjs891

    Question for TW sales dept

    Hi. I have an unusual situation that you may or may not be able to help me. I recently purchased a reel of Solinco Tour Bite Soft. The problem is that the string is so twisted inside the reel that I am having a heck of time unwinding it. But I did use about 20 feet of it already so I can't...
  8. jjs891

    Babolat PD grommets

    Hi TW, I noticed that you have separate listings for replacement grommets for GT and pre GT cortex Pure Drives. Does this mean that they are different? If I have a set for PD Cortex, does it not fit the 2012 black PDs ? Thanks in advance
  9. jjs891

    Donnay customization kit

    This is probably a long shot but is it possible to purchase just a 10 gm butt cap and not the whole kit?
  10. jjs891

    Wilson Ncode 6.1 95 16x18

    I picked a couple of n6.1 in 16x18 a while back from a member here. I like the way it serves with plenty of pop and great spin. Volleys are rock solid. I do ok with my backhand which I tend to hit fairly flat with little topspin. Backhand slice is good also. Where I'm having an issue is...
  11. jjs891

    Where's my kick serve?

    I just recently switched from 100" head to 90". Since then I just can't seem to generate as much kick as I used to. I know I'm supposed to hit up and out but not getting enough spin. The pace is better though. I use eastern backhand for the kick serves. Any suggestions? Is it just...
  12. jjs891

    Questions about Babolat Tonic string

    Hi, I've been using Babolat Tonic + natural gut string for years and I am happy with its performance. But I noticed on the last several packages that they are shorting us on the length. The package says 40' but it is actually only 37'. Yes I measured them. I found this out the hard way when...
  13. jjs891

    Reducing grip size?

    Hi, I am considering buying an used, older model POG but the grip size is too big for me. Is it possible to reduce the grip size without changing the grip shape? And if yes, do you provide this service at TW? How much change can you make reliably? Thank you. John
  14. jjs891

    Racquet shifting during stringing

    I have Gamma 4000 ( I think that's the right model number.) stringer for over 10 years, and it has served me well those years. However, I recently have a nagging problem with racquet shifting at the throat during stringing crosses. I've gotten to a point where I am over-tightening the throat...