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    Would Murray have beaten Djokovic in the Wimbledon final 2012?

    If Djokovic is number 1 seed and Murray is seeded 4th, why are they not in the same bracket? They should have met in the semis. I thought that the Djokovic & Federer match was the finals.
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    I just watched 2 warriors battle for 6 hours and Maria

    I guess you're inclined to counting double faults? I really love to see the consecutive ones, I'm still waiting for 4 consecutive ones for an entire game. That will be the most exciting game ever.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Miley Cyrus plays tennis?
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    Agassi says the number of slams one wins is meaningless

    I would have agreed with this if he wasn't OWNED by the other person that he might be correlaring this with. That's where you see where all of this is coming from. The Valet parking tip thing is also another very low blow that I couldn't believe he would put in his book and then claim everyone...
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    Why don't the pros serve like this more often?

    It's disrespectfull because it's a cheap shot that one will do only when they're so desperate to get a point. You only get it once in a entire game because you only try to catch your opponent by surprise (almost like serving to your opponent when they're not ready but it's not exactly the same...
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    Any tennis in Poway, CA?

    Tennis in Poway, PQ or Miramar If you're looking for a public court, your best bet is Poway community park, I believe the 2 courts are lighted. The next one would be the 2 courts in Hilleary park, these are not lighted. I don't think the courts in Poway High are open to public, I have never...
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    Tennis is a Great Game

    There's a lot. Boxing & MMA, you can be ahead in points but you get knocked-out. In chess, you can have more pieces remaining but you get check mated. Any sport that plays best of 3, 5 or 7 like basketball, hockey etc.
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    Males: What level does a female have to be for you to be willing to play her?

    Why would someone better than you hit with you when you don't want to hit with someone lower than you?
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    If Sampras and Agassi played an exhibtion

    Better yet they could just have wheelchair tennis :mrgreen:
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    any filipinos here?

    Oh, is that you mabuhay, you're cute.
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    Connors: Candidate for Greatest Ever

    I agree that Connors is a great player but the list above is self-serving, why list consecutive grand-slam semi-finals and not finals and better yet championship. Someone could come up with a list of most consecutive quarterfinals and claim that person should be in the greatest ever list. :roll:
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    So why aren't red clay courts built more in the US?

    I like clay courts better than hardcourts myself, but sorry they're not easy to maintain like you think.
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    Teaching Tennis - Legal Issues

    You're not allowed to profit from public property. When you think of it, it's not a really big deal for me. The only time it becomes a problem is like what Steady Eddy said is when the instructor acts like he owns the court. You have to remember that a regular player can only use the court...
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    Federer Warm up/Practice video

    Practicing tennis without racket, it must be this one. He's got incredible volleys. It's not Federer though :mrgreen:
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    iPod - > Computer help

    You would think that it's this easy because you can do it in your computer that has your ipod registered to the itunes installed in your computer. This is not true if you try it in another computer. If you connect your ipod to another computer it won't recognize it because the ipod has a...
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    So, where's your $600 going?

    Economic Stimulus Refund checks (Somebody sent this to me) The federal government is sending each of us a $600 - $1200 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China. If we spend it on gasoline it will go to the Middle East. If we buy a computer it will...
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    Real Estate Sales History Web site

    Can anybody recommend a good web site for checking the history of recently sold houses (from 1 month ago to 1 year). I have tried zillow but It doesn't seem to be updated frequently enough. I have googled too but I can't find recent sales history. Thanks for your help.
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    the morals of scientists?

    Let's set morality aside. How do you feel when the scientists comes up with the first half human half cow individual? If that is not ok with you then when do we start regulating the use of human embryo for research and development if not now? If that is ok with you then I guess we...
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    Can I return the ball (i'm not the receiver) if our opponent hits a drop serve?

    NO. USTA Rule 15. order of Receiving in Doubles The team which is due to receive in the first game of a set shall decide which player shall receive the first point. Similarly, before the second game starts, their opponents shall decide which player shall receive the first point of the game...
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    Thoughts on low tension stringing, poly crosses and Roger's recent form...

    Roger strings his racket between 53-60, so there goes your theory.
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    Federer improving consistency for clay season and ROLAND GARROS!

    If you're preparing to compete at the french, you practice on clay, you enter warm up tournaments on clay not hard court, other than that you're just ruining your game.
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    Stadium at me local club

    I bet you they're gonna be installing a hawk eye system you think that is right on the $$$mony$$$?
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    Thread for people who Dislike Djokovic and don't Really know WHY...

    I'm not a Djokovic fan but this feeling of dislike without knowing the reason why is confined to only those people who like Federer or Nadal. Hmmm, I wonder why :confused:
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    Bag check.. whats in your bag

    This is the reason why they invented gatorade :)
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    Rule Question/ Need your opinion

    The problem with the USTA ruling is there is an element of time between the first and second serve to be considered interruption. It says if it is prolonged, it is considered interruption. The problem with unofficiated game is who determines if the time is prolonged or not? This is the reason...
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    Rule Question/ Need your opinion

    You're entirely correct, it doesn't matter how long it took to get the ball back. USTA Ruling 23. The Let USTA Comment 23.1: What happens when the server is interrupted during the delivery of the second service. Answer: The server is entitled to two serves. We do this in our club all the...
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    Question re string tension......

    The 'jumping/kicking' you are talking about is called the trampoline effect which is largely due to the elasticity of your string. Of course the tension also affects it, the higher the tension the lower the trampoline effect. Tension loss happens right away after stringing and will continue to...
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    stringing rackets?

    Yes, it's true, coz your coach strings rackets too and if you're charging so cheap he won't have any customers anymore that's where the trouble starts.