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    WCT Tournaments

    Yes, that's right.
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    WCT Tournaments

    Yes of course, how mindless of me. Urban, can I ask you a question about the World of Tennis yearbooks? It's not related to the topic at hand but Angela Lumpkin in her 1985 Guide to the Literature of Tennis claims that the yearbooks were supposedly annually published in both New York and...
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    Do You Remember Toomas Leius?

    Moz, by chance I stumbled on that 5 set loss to Laver. In the "BP Book of World Tennis 1970" it is mentioned that they met during the quarterfinals of the New Zealand Open in 1969, with Laver winning 63 46 46 63 75. For a while Leius was regarded the top Soviet player until Metreveli took...
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    WCT Tournaments

    Rod Humphries' 1981 "Guide to World Championship Tennis", includes a review of the WCT Tours from 1971-1980. It lists the 20 events of the 1971 tour in chronological order as follows: Philadelphia, Sydney, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Rome, Tehran, Bristol, Washington, Louisville, Quebec, Boston...
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    Early Monte Carlo results

    Tomaz, probably your best chance to find a copy is through antiquarian/secondhand booksellers in France, perhaps also Germany. Not living in France myself, I know this is not so easy from abroad. Still, these days many antiquarian bookdealers have found their way to the internet. So I would...
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    Pro tennis begins with...

    I see, thanks. I believe Paula is (was?) daughter of Burghard von Reznicek ("Tennis das Spiel der Volker)? Incidentally: Najuch contributed three pages to that book, on the merits of a good training regime ('Ohne Fleiss Kein Preis'). Yes, I think I've come across the title which you mention...
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    Tennis Books

    The eurobuch site is sort of an Über-portal bookfinder. It directs you to sites such as Amazon but also to other portals such as Abebooks. In my experiece Abebooks is quite reliable. The only downside is that they ask a commission from their sellers, so when buying you should not only look at...
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    Tennis Books

    I have noticed that the website of the already mentioned Tennis Collectables is not always updated. But it's proprietors are very nice and helpful if you email to ask whether a particular item is in stock. I think they ship worldwide. The largest catalogue in tennis is probably Alan Chambers'...
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    Pro tennis begins with...

    Can you say more about his memoires? I don't remember having seen them referred to before now.
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    Early Monte Carlo results

    Chaognosis and others who are interested in the tournament history & results: In 1997 Michel Sutter authored & compiled the book "Aujourd'hui 100 Ans 1897-1997 - Le Tournoi de Monte-Carlo", published by Gallery, Paris. It is a French language history of the Monte Carlo tournament. Beautifully...
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    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    Clips of her pressconference in French: From rtl sport: From the Eurosport site...
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    Monte Carlo 2008 Final: [1] Federer vs [2] Nadal

    Actually, if I have counted correctly, Nadal is the 15th man to win both the men's singles and doubles title in the same year since the Monte-Carlo event was first staged: Both Dohertys, Ritchie, Wilding, Gordon Lowe, Leighton Crawford, Cochet, Tilden, von Cramm, Pierre Pellizza, Lennart...
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    Rosewall / Laver

    Jim Westhall. The book is called 'Nonsense at the Net'. This webpage has a retrospective by Bob Sullivan, with a nice description of the atmosphere of the early years. Also: click on the tournament-logos on the left for a '73 aerial view of the court.
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    Do You Remember Toomas Leius?

    I should have liked to have watched him play in his heyday. From what I read, he was a natural and graceful player. But he actually did make it to the finals at Queens, this was in 1964, losing to Emerson 12-10 6-4, after having beaten Rafael Osuna in the semis. On his time spent in prison: I...
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    Borg on the Blackrock

    Yes I believe they are all televised, regionally, locally. We do not have a 'tennis channel' in Europe so for television coverage of the Blackrock tour events we are dependant on whether or not we have access to a (national/regional) television channel that happens to televise an event in a...
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    From Russia with love. Haas poisened? Davis Cup - Gift-Anschlag auf Haas? Eurosport - Mi 07.Nov. 15:06:00 2007 Dem Tennissport steht nach den Spekulationen um Wettbetrügereien und dem Kokain-Missbrauch von Martina Hingis möglicherweise der nächste...
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    Were 140 ATP matches fixed?

    urban, in the link you need to scroll about three quarters to the bottom of the page. According to this selection of articles on the Court Coverage site (I don't know who edited it, as you say it could very well be the editor of the site) the list - citing a number of 138 matches - first...
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    Here are all the possible masters cup groups

    Ok how about all other possibilities if we factor in either or both Roddick (Davis Cup fever) & Davydenko (dead man walking, poor thing . .) not attending?
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    Federer and Nadal asked the Paris surface to change

    By the looks of it carpet is now all but lost to regular tournament play? Only to pop up occaisionally during Davis Cup? Slowly all European indoor events have succumbed to hard courts. Some acrylic stuff with or without a wooden sublayer, but with several cussioned layers below and of course...
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    Were 140 ATP matches fixed?

    You know, it's not merely the fact that match fixing is/was happening (although I find it despicable enough), what I just cannot understand is how among players, for years now it was apparantly a well known (perhaps even acceptable?) secret that players are approached both by outsiders and...
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    haas accused puerta of match fixing

    Those are steps that ought to have been taken long ago it now seems, because looking at all the info that governing bodies had / could have had for years, they've really let things develop into a mess. Now people like de Villiers feel there needs to be a culture change (yet there is still no...
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    haas accused puerta of match fixing

    Not quite, I think. I think his comments were in response to the German television programme "sport inside". There's nothing exciting about anything he says really. Eurosport and other German internet sites have the actual quotes...
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    betting corruption on ATP tour

    Clearly not, given that the rules threatening with these sanctions have been in place since 2003 (or was it 2002?). And like urban mentioned, bookmakers have compiled a list of ca. 140 suspicious/possibly fixed matches (including 17 at all four grand Slam events) over the past 5 years or so...
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    A 5th Grand Slam ?

    I think Fedexon is right. There could very well be a 5th tournament in (near) future that is equal to the four grand slam tournaments in terms of prize-money, dual gender, sponsor & business opportunity, etc. But how long - if ever - will it take before it really becomes an equal in the minds of...
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    match play and the spin of the ball - Big Bill Tilden

    For those interested: you do not have to go to bookstore, or alternately to wait for an online order to arive to be able to read a bit of Tilden. The full text of his 'The Art of Lawn Tennis' is available for reading in E-text by Project Gutenberg: The book...
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    Federer and Nadal asked the Paris surface to change

    Not meaning to question or discredit it, but what is this "" website? Is it a web-blog of sorts? Maybe the 'change' of surface was already planned long before trying to lure Fed and Nadal to Bercy became an issue? Or do these two actually have the power to influence a company...
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    Who shares this sentiment (Eurosport)

    Warriorroger: als jij in Nederland woonachtig bent, ga dan na of je in jouw regio digitale televisie kunt ontvangen (bijvoorbeeld via Casema). Digitale televisie aanbieders hebben meestal uitgebreidere zenderkeuze). Bij Casema ontvang ik Sport1. Zij zenden ALLE Masters toernooien uit, en wel...
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    Peharps Bjorn Borg is the GOAT.

    If you are goin to compare achievements by taking into account the specific conditions, why not be even more specific? Isn't it so that in the year Agassi won Wimbledon the weather also played a part? And that the sun baked courts produced a higher and truer bounce than normal?
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    Future of tennis

    In his autobiography written in collaboration with the late Gene Stott, Borg disspells this myth, which apparently dates back to the occaison when he, aged 18, had to take a medical exam for military service and was recorded at 38. At the time when they were working on the book (published in...
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    Congrats to Juan Carlos Ferrero

    I'd like to think there was some of the old JCF at Monte-Carlo and that this means something with the upcoming events in mind, but I believe that's just wishful thinking on my side. I'm merely trying to conjure up contenders for the role of darkhorse or someone to possibly trip up either Nadal...