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    Yonex VCORE 95 (2021) vs VCORE Pro 97 (2020)

    Hi all! I'm coming from a Babolat PS 16x19 3rd Gen, which I don't necessarily dislike but my shoulder is starting to. I'm considering switching to Yonex, but there is no demo program where I live, so I need to buy to try. Has anyone played both these racquets and can compare them? Cheers!
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    Head pallets on a Babolat?

    Hi all, So I have this whacky idea. I have played with Head TK82 grip shape for too long. Lately I got a Babolat PS, and my grip just goes "too western". I feel like it is partly due to the more square grip shape. Do you think I could swap the pallets for my old pal, the TK82? Cheers!
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    Help me rate these strings by power?

    Hi all, Could you help me rate the following strings in terms of power? - Solinco Hyper G - Solinco Confidential - Head Lynx - Head Velocity (not co-poly, I know, but I've read it plays similar while being more comfortable?) - Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 - Kirschbaum Xplosive Speed - Volkl Cyclone...
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    LM Radical vs IG Radical MP

    Hi all, I was looking for input from people who have experience with both these racquets. Would you say that the IG Rad is a bit more powerful version of the LM, but maintaining the same feel? Or are these two far apart enough that they require an extensive adaptation period? Thanks!
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    String Recommendation for Babolat PS 16x19 3rd Gen

    Hi, I have just switched from a Head Radical Graphene Touch MP (spiderman paint job) to a Babolat Pure Strike 16x19. I'm wondering what non Luxilon (budget issues) string would pair well with it. To give some context, the last combination of racquet + string I really liked was when I played my...