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    Sampras v Agassi footage a great reminder

    The rainout today was unfortunate, but getting to watch the 2001 USO quarterfinal between Sampras and Agassi was a real treat. Honestly, I was getting a little bit of recent-itis, but watching Pete's second serve and attacking style reminded me why he is arguably the GOAT. I'd really forgotten...
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    Interesting Article about Water vs. Sports Drinks

    Haven't seen this posted before, but I know it's commonly discussed. I'm sure there will be cynics who want to know who funded the article (I'd like to know), but I thought it would be interesting to post. BTW, I am a HUGE Cytomax and Endurox fan, so I wanted to let you know that I am a bit...
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    Meeting other TW folks at the USO

    First off, my apologies for not posting this in the correct forum (Odd and Ends? Travel?), but hopefully this gives the best visibility/turnout. Is anyone interested in meeting up in Midtown on Saturday night after the USO matches? I figured it might be fun meeting some of the other TW...
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    Purpose of a leather grip

    Out of curiosity, other than comfort, what is the purpose of a leather grip? It sounds like a basic question, but a junior asked me if there was a difference between leather and tacky, and I couldn't think of any (save for comfort/personal preference).
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    Fun to watch works in progress

    I have a lot of respect for pros who are willing to change up their games to "take it to the next level". Regardless of the outcome of the match or even the result of the point, it's great to see Roddick trying to develop a S&V game, even in big-time match play (all of Cincinatti Masters and...
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    Federer's eyes on the ball *MINI-SPOILER (Fed v Rod)*

    For any of you recording the match, check out the 5th game of the first set, Fed servering at 30-15, he completely whiffs a backhand. The cool part is that his eyes are totally fixated on the ball, even the whiff. It's crazy that you can swing so hard, and your eyes can stay so focused on the...
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    I'm in tennis Nirvana today

    Wow, this is the best Saturday of tennis I've seen in a while, easily the best since Wimbledon. The tension between Roddick and Hewitt, and the best backhands in the WTA. Hell, we even got some competetive Federer action as icing on the cake. Any more of this and my Tivo will explode! I know...
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    Experience with TiMO 18 with VS Team 17

    I decided to give a hybrid a try, to reduce some power and add some longevity (not too much more longevity, but at least a little bit more). I used to be on full VS Team 17g @ 60 lbs, which was slightly loose for me. My new hybrid experiement was TiMO 18g @ 56 lbs (main), VS Team 17g @ 61 lbs...
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    String for my racquet of last resort

    Hi All, first time poster, so hope I don't trip over myself. I generally hit with Vs Team, but I'd like to keep a spare racket in the trunk of my car to play some "pick-up"/impromptu tennis. This racquet is going to end up going through some temperature differences, and it'll probably end up...