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    Cage 2 - anything out match ankle stability?

    I am coming off an ankle injury and need a shoe like my old cage II that really locks my foot/ankle in and is rigid rather than flexy. I like how the opening was firm, heel was elevated, and had a narrower fit. The ballistec models after the cage 2 had a flimsy/soft opening and felt wider, more...
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    Prestige Mid vs Blade Mid (2012)

    Both of these rackets get phenomenal TW reviews. Anyone hit with both of them can share your thoughts? I hit with last model of the prestige mid a couple years ago and it was amazing: could hit huge topspin, bomb flat serves or huge kickers, comfortable, amazing feel and stability etc. It looks...
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    Delbonis frame

    By looking at photos online, 18x20 and extended exo3 tour?
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    why remove ntrp/string info on customer feedback?

    it looks like in the last year these details were removed from customer reviews. a 3.0 player saying a racket has pinpoint control is different from a 5.0 player saying the same. Now the customer reviews i take all with a grain of salt and have no way understand what kind of player is reviewing...
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    Anyone who has had hand injuries?

    What was the diagnosis and did you/how did you heal? Has anyone had anything like this below? I am 4.5 and have played for years, now in late 20s. My forehand hand has been sore for months everytime i play tennis and afterwards, in the fleshy muscle between thumb and index finger...
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    Bigger serve: Prestige Pro or Pure Drive

    Ive hit with both and can hit huge huge flat serves with either. Can anyone who has hit with both chime in?
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    ESPN should disclose that BABOLAT is paying them

    to plug RPM Blast. They did it all during the French and are going over the top on the finals today. It is shameful that they try to hide that it is an advertisement. Completely dishonest
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    How should I string my PDR

    i have all these strings in 1.25, cant decide which to go with!
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    Why Star 5 over Gamma 8800

    I was told the star 5 is now $3200 from Nate at Babolat and shipping adds $180, does not include any tools. So looking at $3380 and the tools are an additional $350 if you want them (wow). The gamma is $3299 shipped and does include tools, not sure which ones or how great they are. The...
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    Cyberflash 1.25 review - wow

    Ive tried lots of strings, and i had to share this.. Hit twice with PDR GT and full job 1.25 cyberflash 59 lb. I knew the string provided big spin but i was amazing by the power. My first serves were 10 mph faster than with any other string I have tried. I was hitting the hardest flat serves...
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    TW has been worse than heroin the past 24 hours

    Who else has been been stuffing their face nike/adidas shoes, and new racket pre-releases. I feel so disgusted with myself. I have no self restraint. Shame on you TW for putting all this stuff out at once! This is not good for obsessive compulsive people!!!
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    Williams sisters backhands

    Do they both hit them with completely loose wrists? It appears so, they drop the wrist (if not **** back) on the backswing and violently swing forward. The question is do they keep a loose wrist when swinging forward? If so, is this is same concept as a forehand, where you get whip action with...
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    Exo 100 vs Youtek Radical Pro

    Pretty similar specs except for the difference in stiffness. Can anyone comment on these two rackets? To me, one was great one was awful. Not going to say which though :twisted:
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    Best Wilson 95 model?

    Between the K and the N, it sounds like the Ncode version is preferred by the vast majority on the forum here. Which is the best of all the versions that have come out over the years?
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    head size consistency among manufacturers

    Is head the only company that has smaller headsizes compared to other competitors? Ie 98" head being smaller than 98" wilson? And if this is true, would a Kblade tour be the same headsize as an rdis 100 mid? (listed 93" also).
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    Racket headsize consistency

    . please delete
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    My backhand --- let me have it (vid) Some doubles points singles and rallying 2hbh was never a natural stroke for me and as a result looks pretty stiff. I think I am also hitting the ball a little early...anyway let me know if you have any helpful observations
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    Speed MP 16x19

    I gotta say great frame. Tons of pop but very good directional control. I found it to be very stable despite many claims otherwise on this site. It is much stiffer than 63 but very comfortable if that makes any sense. I found it to serve very well and could hit anything anywhere. The biggest...
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    Why does tennis channel give us these commentators?

    Weve had the fortune of listening to the european crew the past month or two of the indoor season, and they are 100% better than leif freaking shiras and that guy who played in the 80s and looks like rick moranis. It is like going from hi-def to vhs tape overnight having to endure this crap...
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    Forehand - Drop down takeback vs Loop

    I have found that for me the 'drop the racket down with a loose wrist preparation" works better for me than the big wind up that a lot of pros use. Maybe less moving parts to screw up. Is there any reason why to advocate one over the other? Here is the drop down takeback displayed by marcel...
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    The Best tennis scene in US?

    What are the best areas in terms of access to courts, ability to play year round, quality and quantity of players etc?
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    Just got Wise 2086: 3 broken strings (pics)

    Have revo 4000. Never had a string snap or bad string job. The wise is very easy to use but ive done a couple string jobs since I got it and here is what has happened: Strung a PDR with topspin cyberflash mains (60 lb) and when tensioning one of the mains the string just snapped....strange...
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    Poly with LITTLE spin

    What poly strings play great and do not have much spin? Big ace is one that I can think of. Trying to think of a string that is very similar to synthetic gut but is more durable.
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    Revo 4000 MAINTENANCE

    -My clamps are getting very squeeky, had it for 15 months. Do not know what to apply or where to apply it! -What should I put on the base where the clamps slide, that is not gliding very well... - Should i do anything to the crank or tensioning device? - Can I get buy better clamps...
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    PD+ vs PDR+

    What kind of difference do you see in groundstrokes, serve, and topspin? I would imagine the roddick has better feel, stability, and volleys...
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    Does anyone hit a topspin 2 hander like RAFA?

    Most players with a 2 hander seem to drive through the ball and hit it flat. Cant think of anyone else besides rafa who hit topspin, or atleast brush up on the ball like rafa does?
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    Harder on ankles - hard or clay?

    Which surface puts more strain on the ankles? I have my thought but i will leave it to you!
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    Please provide me with technical feedback >:)
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    Feather IV $99?

    Come on now this is getting ridiculous. These shoes wear out in two months on clay alone, yet adidas wants $99 for them??????????? give me a break.
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    Who commentated the nadal/tsonga AO match?

    It was on yesterday on tennis channel classic match. Whoever the commentator is screams after every point "OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDDINGG MEEEEE" and im going to kill him. Its the most obnoxious forced enthusiasm schtick ive ever heard. Get me his name so i can get him fired. "THAT WAS RIDICULOUS...