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  1. J

    Zverev will get to #1 next year

    how does that support your argument. You said Zverev would have to win a slam. I'm saying Rios did it without winning a slam. am I missing something here?
  2. J

    Zverev will get to #1 next year

    With all due respect Rios did it without winning a slam. Now whether Zverev is capable of doing it or winning a slam is still unknown. We'll have to wait and see. Certainly can't base it one one tournament
  3. J

    Federer has a better slam dunk than Sampras

    Yeah I hate to admit it, but this is one place that I have to give the win to Pete. Besides it's about the only thing he has left as far as being the best at. I never could stand Sampras but he definitely wins this one.
  4. J

    Do people truly understand tennis ?

    so says the one who keeps the picture of Sampras up who has now dropped to what, 5th best?
  5. J

    Challenge: Can anyone find a longer time-span which involves fewer players than this record?

    First off I love Tim Henman so great Pic. I don't always understand some threads. What is the record entailing?
  6. J

    Peak Federer is overrated

    The issue is your statement of Peak Federer is overrated based on the one match.
  7. J

    Peak Federer is overrated

    Always find it amazing how a new user picks apart specific matches instead of looking at the career. I mean what's next Nadal is overrated because he lost to Soderling at the French Open where he's dominated 95% of his career?
  8. J

    When Federer wins his 100th title

    That's the perfect answer to the celebration. Nice job finding all these and putting it together
  9. J

    Federer breaking ‘old man’ records

    there's usually one jerk on here. Congrats the crown has been given to you for that
  10. J

    Analyzing Djokovic Slam wins

    oh ok, I didn't realize. It's funny too because I was going to say this is just as bad as what people have said about Federer. You never know on here, we do have some really out there fans and haters
  11. J

    Analyzing Djokovic Slam wins

    Honestly, this is the biggest BS thread on here so far. I mean nothing like trying to discredit one of the greats.
  12. J

    Remembering the 80s and 90s.

    Actually I was never happier once Sampras was gone. I hated watching him
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    Has Federer been top 2 in the world for the last time in his career?

    I don't see it happening yet. He's got to many places that he can hold the number 2 position. And that's a hell of an achievement. Seems like I learn of a new accomplishment every time I read a post on him
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    Big 3 will be breaking records left and right in the next 3 to 5 years

    I've already taken Djokovic out of the shadow of Sampras, sorry.
  15. J

    Potential reason for next gen inability to break through at slam level

    I agree with many others that the increase in social media has been a huge factor. I mean of course the talent of these 3 is the biggest reason, but there's no doubt that the media is on you the second you start to show promise. These three as they started to find form was from an error that it...
  16. J

    Is Querrey Finnish

    I meant it would have been nice for someone outside of Finland to catch it.
  17. J

    Is Querrey Finnish

    Was waiting for someone to correct them by a comment. Was hoping it would be someone that wasn't from Finland
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    Best match Federer played that he lost?

    The first two were exactly the ones I picked in that order. I mean Marat was just a beast, and it took everything he had to beat Federer. And I also picked the 2008 Wimbledon. To come from 2 sets down, dig in probably the hardest he's ever had to, and just come up shy. I mean 9-7 in the 5th set...
  19. J

    For the 1st time in the 147-year history of grand slam tennis, no man under 30 holds a singles title

    That truly is amazing when you think about, 147 years of tennis and it's happened for the first time. It just seems since the big 3 started playing that they are just taking every record off the book, or are at least contributing factors. Obviously there are records that they don't have, or are...
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    2 tennis players you always hated

    Hated isn't the word I'd use for my description. (absolutely couldn't stand is what I would use for mine) For Retired: John McEnroe (for all the tirades), Pete Sampras (for only caring about his ranking in tennis and number of slams) (thank God he's fallen to 5th on the all time list) For still...
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    Bernard "Bernie" Tomic -rises from the ashes towards top-10 (?)

    I can't believe we are even talking about him winning a slam. The issue with him is not talent, it's conviction. There are times he just doesn't give a ****, there are times he can't concentrate. Because of this he is so inconsistent and not driven. How in the world does someone like this win a...
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    Is Djokovic a good looking guy?

    I have no doubt when i was a Teenager, that I would have killed to go out with him. Let alone look as good
  23. J

    Career percentages of 17 alltime greats

    True to many things. I was honestly just giving a broad overview of things, trying to convey the message on just how many more factors there were
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    Career percentages of 17 alltime greats

    The stats are great, and it's nice to see them. One of the issues with the percentage stats is that there are so many variables that go into it. Did the player mostly play on their best surface. Did the player face people that excelled on one surface. Because of the difference in total games it...
  25. J

    Is Djokovic a good looking guy?

    Edberg is my pick of all time as well :)
  26. J

    Worst part about Laver Cup

    Say what you want, but the point is that it showed they'd work together. And as far as money goes, you can complain about that when I start seeing other tennis players past or present doing as much charity work and helping organizations as any of the big 3 have been doing. And yes, there is...
  27. J

    Is Djokovic a good looking guy?

    I'll be civil about this as we each have our own preferences, but usually when one is that critical like using the word ugly. One may consider looking in the mirror before being so harsh