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    Racquet Codes: Head Edition

    Handled/strung them today, definitely PC600s, though the stiffness is unknown as of yet. Hit a few volleys with them, and they're definitely stiffer... I might post some pics in the coming days...
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    the wrost broken racqets

    Mine too, just not on that particular day. Granted, it was already broken thanks to a short trip to the back fence (which started from the service line a couple of weeks before that), but it was time to finish the job...
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    Please help. Most powerful midsize?

    Yeah, it's not.
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    the wrost broken racqets

    Here's my last one...
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    Racquet Codes: Head Edition

    Nope, they're 90's, sorry! I don't think I'd have been willing to sell/part with them anyways, they're testers/prototypes, so I might end up using them.
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    Why should players serve into the sun? this actually a serious thread? REALLY? Wow...
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    Racquet Codes: Head Edition

    I'll post pics here, if I have time. I'm not quite curious myself. I've had PC600s before, but none of them were this supposed stiffer layup, so this should be interesting.
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    Racquet Codes: Head Edition

    Oh? Well now I'm excited. I've been told this one is stiffer, though, so we'll see. I've been with Yonex for a while now, but if this is good I may go back to Head... Thanks!
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    Racquet Codes: Head Edition

    Wow, nobody? Really? And I know for a fact that they're not A's, as another person who playtested them before me told me that they're rather stiff. The racquet simply has the PT10 code on the inside of the throat. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until they get here to find out...
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    Racquet Codes: Head Edition

    I'm familiar with the PT57 code variants, but has anyone got any idea which racquet the PT10 code is for? Apparently I have a couple of racquets coming in under that code, so I'm kind of curious as to exactly what they're going to be under the paint...
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    Head Microgel Prestige?

    Well, no guarantees just yet, but there have been a lot of the 16 x 19 mid prototypes going around. It doesn't feel too solid, at least it didn't when I hit with it, but it's ok. Still, not sure if they're going to release it.
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    Head Microgel Prestige?

    Yes and no. The racquet is definitely coming, but it won't be anytime soon. There will also be a 16 X 19 version of the mid available, although I'm not sure whether this will be in addition to the current 18 X 20 pattern or whether it will be replacing it altogether. I got to play with a...
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    YONEX RDS001 MID club

    Sign me up! I've just switched over to the RDS001 Mid from my heavily customized PC600's. To be honest, I didn't actually like the racquet at first, but after a little tweaking (each of my four 001's now weighs about 375 grams strung, while retaining the original balance point), I've come to...
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    Why are my serves awful with Yonex

    I hate to be so terribly blunt, but it's probably got more to do with your service motion than with the racquet. Try adding some lead at 3 and 9, and then just try to swing a little harder. Or perhaps review your technique...
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    Weight Placement - Pros

    While I don't agree with johncauthen about the fact that the games of the general public would be improved if the racquet manufacturers were to make pro spec racquets available (most people simply are not good enough to use such well-tuned sticks and thus will not see a massive improvement in...
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    Yonex RDS-002 info

    I don't see them coming out with a 90 of the RDS002Tour simply because they already have one 90, and there's nobody to endorse the second one!
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    Nike Mens Fall 2007

    Wow, I'm really down with those!
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    what' the racket hewitt really use

    Worst sarcastic post ever. Also, MP's are lame.
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    RDS 001 Initial Impressions

    Honestly, when I first got my RDS 001 Mid, I too expected great things from it, and I too was disappointed at first. However, after some (extensive) customization, I actually really, really like it. The thing that really threw me off at first was the fact that, even though it's a 90, the head...
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    Roddick's shirt is like a dress

    Do you even know who Joe McCarthy is? You're hardly Edward R. Murrow, SS. Like I said, most of your threads and posts are pretty good, but the last few I've seen have been absolutely useless. Seriously, the length of Roddick's shirt is completely unimportant.
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    Roddick's shirt is like a dress

    None taken, so don't worry about it. I understand what you're getting at, but this is more or less of a serious part of the message board, i.e. here people discuss things that pertain to the game of tennis, how it is being played, etc... it's about the game and the players. I just think that...
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    Roddick's shirt is like a dress

    What exactly did I say here? I mean, really, no disrespect to you whatsoever, in all other sections of this board, your posts have been informative, well-worded and genuinely interesting, but I just don't see how some of your threads in this section of the site have been all that great. It's...
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    Quick RSD001 Question...

    I think you're misunderstanding me here; I don't actually have a problem with the racquet, I'm just not a huge fan of the soft-grommets. Also, I understand that the string pattern will obviously cause a different feel; I'm playtesting this racquet because it has a more open string pattern...
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    Quick RSD001 Question...

    BAH! Can I just get a regular, one (or two) peice grommet? Seriously. Perhaps the PC600 has forced me to realize that simplicity is best, but I'm hating this over-engineered grommet, as much as I love the racquet. I'll actually be going to a higher tension (and adding quite a bit more...
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    Quick RSD001 Question...

    Uh, yeah, I know. However, the whole "soft grommet" deal is starting to **** me off, because it does deaden the feel. That's what it's there to do. It's there to stop vibration, when it's a 90, and doesn't really vibrate. And I'm pretty sure I hit the ball more than hard enough;)
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    Roddick's shirt is like a dress

    Do you ever actually post about, you know, tennis? Because it seems like, for the most part at least, the vast majority of the threads you create revolve around how certain players on the men's tour are "pretty" and the length of Roddick's shirt. I've read your posts in other sections of this...
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    Quick RSD001 Question...

    Just got my RDS001 mid in, and as great as it is (well, with the added lead, of course), I'm not a huge fan of the whole "Soft Grommet" idea; it makes the racquet feel fairly dead. Anyways, the question here is, will the RDX500 Mid grommets fit onto an RDS001 Mid? In theory, because they have...
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    Frank Dancevic's Volkl vs Hewitt.

    The strings on the second racquet breaking right away? Yeah, that was a fluke. Coming to the court, for a Grand Slam match (in Rod Laver Arena, no less) with only three racquets in your bag? That's called stupidity.
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    String Recommendation

    Well, it would appear that I'm on the hunt for a new brand of string; here's the story, I'm currently playing PC600's, strung with Klip K-Boom 16 @ 25kg or 55lbs. I'll be switching to a Yonex RDS001 Mid, which I will probably be stringing at ~23kg (might go up to 24/25) due to the fact that it's...
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    Is K-Boom the same as alu-power

    Yeah, that's really weird, but... Personally, I think K-Boom is superior to Alu Power, but it's all really about taste...