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    New Arena has ranked the men numbers 1 - 25 So what do you think? I think there are some issues The first big one was Edberg in 17th place either...
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    Sampras now down to 4th in my book

    Bye Sampras, I now put all 3 of them ahead of you as Novak wins
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    I've got a great idea for Naomi Osaka

    If we really are tennis fans. Instead of just arguing on here lets all do something positive. Lets give Naomi that moment she should have had, by writing on her page
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    Serena and maybe number 24

    What an incredible career so far, and still the chance to win more. I see her lifting the trophy and matching Margaret Courts record (who's count is inflated by 11 AOs in her native country when very few high ranking players travel there. Serena please win this and number 25, to not only cement...
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    Draw of the US Open 2018

    You know for the first time, I thought maybe, just maybe that we would have some normalcy on here. I looked at the draw, and went well at least no once can complain this time that it's not spread out. But of course not its ttwarehouse where all the experts reign. And they have all the answers...
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    Novak and the Golden Masters

    Congrats Novak, well deserved. He hat to beat the G.O.A.T. of tennis to earn it
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    I have a feeling that we will witness another piece of history

    Djokovic is two wins away from being the first to win all 9 master titles. Both Nadal and Federer are each missing 2. He'll have to beat Cilic first. And its quite probable that the great Roger Federer in the final. How fitting is this. I am always a Federer fan and always want him to win. And...
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    Serious Question

    What did determine Federer to not play on center court? And yes it is a real question and not me say oh he would have won etc.
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    Is the Nadal vs Djokovic semi final really a final

    I am imagining that whoever wins this battle is going to win the trophy. With all respect to the opponent
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    Some basic truths

    As a Federer fan, there is no getting around saying anything but that he blew the match. It happens. Its not the courts fault, the sponsor change or the wind. Doesn't make him any less of a player. The man is 37 years old, won more titles then most people could count, why are people making...
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    When opinions of fans go crazy

    I think its wonderful that we are fans, and dedicated towards players. I think its healthy to debate, even to the point of saying why we believe this player is the best is the GOAT. But when one starts attacking players by saying weak era, or fixed draws its crossed the line. The insults hurled...
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    How can anyone be trying to diminish Nadals win?

    As a Federer fan since first seeing him. I think its incredible what Nadal has done. Its inhuman, I mean 11 FO's I mean, there aren't words for this. He's now matched Margaret Court with the most trophies at a slam. And sorry, but I think the only reason Court got 11, was half the players didn't...
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    Men and women's tennis

    Am not going to open up the whole equal pay in this post. Its been a while since posting. What I don't understand is why the women still only play 2 out of 3, and the men play 3 out of 5. I mean, I can't think of another sport that does this. Soccer, same amount of time, golf same number of...
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    This really has been a strange Wimbledon

    It really feels weird. I mean it eventually had to happen, but the way things are happening makes even stranger. There was going to be a time when Nadal wouldn't move as well on grass, and where he would finish strongest on Clay. There was going to be a time where the streak of quarterfinals...
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    Top 10 things on the board that need to die (be put to rest)

    I am a Federer fan, and Graf was one of my favorites, so am using them for examples as much as possible to prevent a war, but get the points across 10. The comparisons of the girlfriends of players, of who's the hottest (this seems to have died down thankfully) 9. The insulting of the...
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    When is the last time 4 people held the slams in a year

    It's been so many years of domination. I'm wondering, when is the last time that each slam was held by a different person in the same year. I'd have to do some digging, but it's got to be a while, am thinking maybe during the time when players were more specialists on one surface
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    Federer showing further sportsmanship and class

    Roger Federer was offered the chance to carry the Flag for Switzerland for a third time. Roger knew that it was probably a record or at least going to tie it and told Switzerland that although he appreciated the honor, he felt that he needed to give another athlete the chance to carry the flag...
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    Why the Wimbledon meant so much

    It was wonderful to see Federer, who has worked so hard, be able to come through, win a 7th Wimbledon and regain the number 1 ranking. And hats off to Murray for playing his heart out, that's probably the best I've ever seen him play, and I do believe Lendl will help him get his first slam at...
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    Number of people seeded at slams

    I remember when only the top 16 in the world were seeded. Somewhere in the late 80's, early 90's the seeding went to 32 people seeded. The reason for the change was to give a chance to clay court specialists to last a little longer on the grass at Wimbledon, and to provide matches that were...
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    Why some should think before posting

    I realize that we all have our favorites, and will defend them. I also realize that some things are less likely to happen then others. But there are so many on here that are just jerks with their posting. Saying that so and so is done, and that they'll never win again. And it's not just for...
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    The Olympic message, and French Open similarity "Spoiler"

    I had to go to work when it was tied up 1 set all, and tied in games between Federer and Djokovic. What a wonderful thing to come home too. In the olympics, it was thought impossible that Phelps could win the 8 medals, and I had said, maybe Federer could pull it out. When Nadal went out, that...
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    Jealousy of players

    It seems to happen more in the summer then any other time, which happens to coexist with the FO just ending and Wimbledon being played. I believe most of this increase in jealousy to come from the kids in school that have nothing to do in the summer, so instead of being outside and doing things...
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    Deja Vu? Is it the French Open all over again? spoiler alert

    I came home from work and hadn't seen the matches during the day. Turned on the tv after coming back from dinner to see that Federer was 2 sets to love down. I was like, oh you've got to be kidding. Federer probably had him after escaping the 4th set, but Bennetau's leg getting hurt a bit...
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    And the rank for number 1 is up for grabs

    Well, the dream can still become a reality. I remember back 4 years when the summer olympics were on, and people wondered whether Phelps could take 8 golds, especially with the medly relay. I still remember the announcer saying no matter how many times I go over the times, France still wins it...
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    The answer to the question on who's best on grass

    Well someone asked earlier who was best on grass courts. there's a video talking about the greatest ever on clay and grass. And with all the arguments of whether it should be Borg or Nadal, Nadal is 1 on clay by...
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    The battle for number 1

    In case anyone has missed it, on the ATP tennis website an article was written for the battle of number 1. Federer could possibly take back the number 1 position. He'll need to win Wimbledon to do it, and get a little help from Djokovic, meaning Djokovic would need to lose before the finals...
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    Even though Nadals the favorite, could Federer or Novak win it

    I know that Nadal is the clear favorite. I just was reliving in my head what Federer had to do to win the french open, including coming down from 2 sets against Haas, and having to go through Del Potro. I always feel that Federer has a better chance during tournaments that he has to struggle...
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    Sometimes I really hate the media in the US

    I can understand that the US media isn't as interested in Tennis without a prominent high ranking player from the US, but seriously the ignorance of the media is baffling. First it started with ESPN2 deciding not to show the replay for the Australian Open, because of the death of the once...
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    Djokovic stands alone

    Congrats Djokovic on being the first person to win 5 masters in the same year. I have to admit that the phrase got taken from one of the commentators after Federer won his 15th slam, and the announcer said and Federer stands alone. Now obviously the 15 slams is in a whole different category...