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    Best tennis club in Houston

    Looking for the best club for adults and eventually my kids. Opinions appreciated. Thank you.
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    Best youtube channels for Federer videos

    Looking to subscribe to the best youtube channels for Fed videos. Finally got a blu-ray to stream the vids to my TV. Thx.
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    Can't hit bkhd slice with new Babolat.

    I generally have always used wilson prostaff type rackets. Recently, I switched to Babolat aero prodrive -- the new nadal racket. I made the switch to help out my game because I am getting older. Anyway, the racket is awesome on pretty much all strokes, but now I can't hit a backhand...
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    How do you find a playing partner?

    I am 33 y/o male, with a job, wife and a kid - so not that much free time, but I want to start playing tennis again after playing in high school. How can I find a playing partner and figure out my level? 15 yrs of no tennis, but I have good technique from being taught when I was younger. I...
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    ESPN classic matches

    It appears that ESPN classic is replaying some of the best matches of the decade this week, including - Roddick vs. El - Aynauoi AO 2003 Federer vs. Safin - AO 2005 Federer vs. Nadal Wim 2008 Federer vs. Roddick Wim 2009 I am setting my DVR!
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    Best Babolat racket?

    A little info about me - 33 y/o - getting back into tennis after about 15 yr hiatus. Played high school varsity, but gave it up due to school/career demands. I played back in the day with the Wilson Pro Staff Classic - 95 inch frame. I have a one-handed backhand and a semi-Western...