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  1. hotasice

    question for yonex experts

    hello does anyone know if the grommet/ headguard for the yonex tour g 97 is interchangeable with the duel g 97?
  2. hotasice

    grommets for Tour g 97 and duel g 97

    hi TW, are the grommets/ headguard for these 2 yonex models inter-changeable?
  3. hotasice

    what is your favorite Yonex vcore frame?

    with the release of the new Yonex vcore frames, just wondering for those who have extensive experience in this line, what is their favorite one and why?
  4. hotasice

    For Chris re: Tec tflash 300 ps

    Hi Chris I was just wondering if you’ve weighted your tec tflash 300 ps up? Also could you comment on what the ball feels like coming off this frame (ie crisp, muted, etc) I’m curious about the frame but it seems way too light in stock form for me. Thanks
  5. hotasice

    Is my Babolat PD+ retail?

    hi all, I bought my first babolat frames ever on the 'Bay recently, two 2012 PD+ frames from a reputable dealer. I was recently looking at my frames side by side with one that a friend of mine owns. My friend's PD+ was purchased retail and it measures 27.5". Mine measure 27.25" and they seem...
  6. hotasice

    posting ads for pro stock frames

    hi TW I know advertising pro stock frames is not allowed, but if I bought a pro stock frame from TW, am I allowed to advertise that frame here for sale or trade?
  7. hotasice

    For Chris: volkl c10 pro vs. tecnifibre tfight 325 XL

    hi Chris, just wondering how you would compare these 2 frames, especially if you have had the chance to hit with the volkl c10 xtended? I'm referring to the original version of the tfight 325 XL that has a stiffness rating of 59, not the vo2max version that was much stiffer. I've read your...
  8. hotasice

    No more string trades?

    apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong section but I don’t see any more string trade there no more string trading thread on this site? Thx
  9. hotasice

    PS 97S stringing question

    I just picked up a used PS 97s that has gut in the mains and a poly cross. It has a string pattern in the mains that I've never seen before---the mains have 5 knots. The gut mains are tied off at 8T, 6B (both sides) and then at 9B on one side there is gut tied off onto the poly cross. I've...
  10. hotasice

    for Chris: Technifibre HDX tour

    hi Chris, Is Technifibre hdx tour considered a multi or a poly or some hybrid of both, give the poly strands embedded in it? I tried this string as a cross to Solinco revolution and loved the feel of how it softens the stringbed yet still gave a nice pleasing crisp response at impact. I read...
  11. hotasice

    Prince Tour XP

    Hi TW, I notice on your site that you only have Prince Tour XP strings in 15L. Are you going to get any 16L or 17g in this string? thanks
  12. hotasice

    head i.prestige MP

    I picked up 4 of these racquets from another user here and am wondering if anyone has any string set up suggestions? They were all customized for the original owner with silicone in the handle and lead at 12 so that the strung weight is 350 g and 8 pts HL. I hit with one yesterday strung up...
  13. hotasice

    Klip Legend availability

    hi TW, I notice there is no more Klip Legend available to order on the TW site---is it still being produced? thanks