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    Any new Prince bags coming in 2020?

    Hey, Brit! How about it? Especially 6-pack bags. Thanks.
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    Prince Classic Graphite 100 grommets?

    Any chance you'll be getting these beauties back in stock? Thanks again for supplying them earlier this year. TW is the best in the West! (And everywhere else.)
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    Prince Classic Graphite 100s....

    Any plans for TW and Prince to re-release these beauties in the future?
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    My multi reel drying out?

    I've been cutting out sets from my 2 year old Head Rip Control reel for my stringer to use. He just said that this latest set felt alittle dry in spots, and didn't have its usual semi-oily feel. He cautioned that this stringjob might break early. Rip Control is a ribboned string, and is pretty...
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    Hey, Joe!

    I just strung up a beautiful Wright+Ditson woodie from the '40s and put a new Wilson leather grip on it. Then I weighed it---the scale says 15 ounces! All the woodies I used as a kid weren't nearly this heavy. Were the racquets from the '30s and '40s really this heavy, or just some of em...
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    Gamma starting clamp....

    I finally ordered a Gamma 5003 machine. Should I really also buy a Gamma starting clamp to make my stringing easier? As usual, thanks in advance.
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    SC (self-centering) option?

    I've got my next cranking stringer narrowed down to a few choices. But should I pay an extra $100 for the self-centering feature? I'd only be stringing my POG Longbodies, and nothing else. Thanks in advance.
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    Which 6-point cranker to buy?

    I've got it narrowed down to 3 machines. The Gamma 5003 and the Gamma X-ST are both similar, but I'm not sure the X-ST has a diamond-coated gripper like the 5003 does. With a Gamma stand, the X-ST is $100 less than the 5003, but money is no issue here. Then there's the Tourna 300-CS with a...
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    Decent radar gun under $100?

    Looks like the Bushnell Velocity gun (at $90 or so) has mixed reviews, and only a limited (115 mph or so) readout on serves. Maybe I should attend the weekly Fast Serve Challenge at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, (most Saturdays at noon, $10 for non-members), to see how lame my 100 mph-or-so...
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    Nike Air Tech Challenge II?

    Are these re-issued retro shoes playable on the courts, or are they really just street shoes? And will I have to go up half a size, like I did with the retro Air Zoom Trainer (McEnroe) shoes? Thanks in advance.
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    The widest Nikes nowadays?

    Looks like Nike has been concentrating on narrower shoes the past few years. I tried the wide Prince T22, but even that hurts towards the front. Guess I have to try a nice n wide New Balance? Thanks in advance.
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    An Alpha or a Gamma machine?

    I'd like to buy a 6-point cranker with a floor stand. I've narrowed it down to an Alpha Axis Pro and a Gamma X-ST. Both are pretty similar. The Alpha comes with an instructional dvd. I've heard that Gamma's printed instructions are alittle lame. Which is the better buy, guys? Thanks in advance.
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    Head Rip Control 17.

    What's the latest on this great string? Looks like you've dropped it for awhile. Head hasn't discontinued it, have they?
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    Home satellite dishes?

    What's your TV experience with Dish Network, Directv, or HughesNet? And the customer service? If you have internet service with em, how reliable has that been? Thanks in advance.
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    Prince grommets....

    I suppose the Tour Diablo MidPlus/POG Longbody grommets are discontinued, but will come back as the new POG Graphite 100 grommets? (Same head and string pattern.) As always, thanks TW!!
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    Babolat grommet trouble.

    So I bought a Pure Control Team Plus, then did the research about what grommets would fit this 98 sq in head. So I ordered some Pure Storm/Control/Zylon etc. grommets from TW. They don't fit. It looks like they'll fit a 97 sq in head, though. Any suggestions for a solution? Thanks. What I mean...
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    Prince grommets, please....

    When's your next batch of Prince Tour Diablo MidPlus/POG Longbody grommets coming in? (Please don't tell me they're discontinued. Thanks.)
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    Did Gilbert ever lose to Becker?

    I thought I read this somewhere. I can't find any stats anywhere, and don't want to read Brad's book again for confirmation. Did his style of play really frustrate an impatient Boris, back in the day? What do you say, Moose? Anyone?
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    The taste of New York style pizza....

    Here's a mystery---why is great-tasting 'New York style' pizza usually only available in New York City? The "experts" insist it's the NYC water that "is perfectly balanced for making pizza dough". And, "the sauce has alot to do with it." And all along, I thought it was the cheese.... I did have...
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    Prince Tour Diablo MidPlus grommets?

    Any chance you'll be getting this grommet set back in stock? (Prince code #TC55D.) Thanks in advance.
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    Margaret Osborne DuPont, RIP....

    I guess nobody noticed that she died last week, at age 94. She's #4 on the all-time list for Grand Slam titles, winning 37 Slams from the '40s to the '60s. In singles, she won the US Open, the French, and Wimbledon at least once. She never played in Australia. When I visit my hometown in...
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    New October Nikes?

    Didn't Nike promise a new line of shoes in October, including a new Air Zoom Tennis Trainer? Just curious....
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    4.0 doubles in Oakland/Berkeley, CA?

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    US Open coverage today?

    (Sorry I don't have cable.) So, I know the NFL on CBS outweighs any morning tennis, but what will CBS show in the afternoon? Just Serena? What about a mens semi-final?
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    Cutting down a handle, and weight loss.

    Just bought a used Babolat Pure Control Plus, for cheap. It weighs in at 12.8 ounces strung! I can't find lead tape hiding anywhere. 12.8 oz is an ounce more than my 27.5" POG Longbodies! So, if I bother to cut this monster down a half inch, what would you reckon the weight would then be...
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    Prince EX03 White grommets?

    Have these grommets been discontinued so soon, right after the racquet got pulled off the market?
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    2012 Aussie mens final on dvd?

    I know this is the wrong place to ask, but I'm trying anyway. All the tennis-on-dvd sellers out there aren't getting back to me. If anyone can make me a copy (probably on 2 or 3 discs), I'll reward you like crazy, either with cash, copies from my huge pro match collection, or both. (I need...
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    Wanted: 2012 Aussie Open dvds.

    I know some of you will record the two upcoming men's semi-final matches, as well as the men's final. If you send me copies of those 3 matches on dvd, I'll make it worth your effort, with either cash or dvd copies from my huge collection of pro matches (and, er, Hollywood movies). Thanks...
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    Replacement for a Wilson Profile?

    My buddy's been using that old Wilson Profile 2.7 95 for years, and might want to switch to something else soon. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Upgrading from a Klippermate....

    What's the cheapest decent crank-style machine out there, 2 or 6 mount? Would it be the Gamma Progression ST II? Thanks in advance.