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    Multi question

    For all you multi experts, is there a string better than Babolat Xcel if the priority of characteristics are in the following order? comfort, control, feel, power, cost, spin, tension maintenance, longevity I have tried a number of multi's and guts and here's my take on them. Xcel - best...
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    Same string - different main / cross tension

    When I look at Jura's fine post of Pro's racket specs taken at the French Open, 60 of the pro's used the same string in both main and cross rather than a hybrid. Of these not hybriding almost half used different tensions between the main and cross with 42% using a cross 1 kg (2.2 lbs) less...
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    Gut mains / restring the cross

    I have switched to gut mains and find it worthwhile to restringing my low cost crosses about midway through the guts life to maximize playability and value. Recent comments in other threads say this is a terrible practice, but as an engineer I don't see it that way as long as you properly mount...
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    Premium Natural Guts - soft, powerful and consistent

    Let's consolidate comments from those that have tried and compared the premium natural guts that are soft, powerful and consistent. Looking for best value string that meets this criteria. Candidates that I have heard discussed in order of cost from low to high. Pacific Prime Prince Natural...
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    Gut main - poly cross or syn gut?

    Do I dare try a softer poly as a cross instead of synthetic gut and if so what string? I am near 60 but still hit solid 4.5 with controlled counter punching and depth, slice and dice angles and high percentage opportunities to go for the flattish baseline winner or net approach. Pretty...
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    Softer more playable but powerful natural gut?

    For some years I used BDE Performance Gut but when they stopped making it tried Klip Legend and Pacific Classic and was very disappointed at how stiff and unrefined they were in comparison to the BDE. I finally settled on using Tecnifibre NRG2 as my main string for its overall comfort and...
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    New grommets and precise string tension adjustment

    I have a customer who is very tension sensitive and easily notices even a 1/2 pound tension change. I am about to change grommets and want to provide a string job as close as possible to his normal string bed stiffness. I am concerned that the standard recommendation of increasing tension 2...
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    Measured String Diameters

    I have recently started to measure the diameter of my strings with a digital caliper when strung at my usual lower 50 pound tension with constant pull in 100 square inch Prince Graphite Longbody's and found some surprising results. No wonder I was having trouble comparing Prince Premier Softflex...
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    Most powerful multifilament

    What is the most powerful 17 gauge multifilament string currently available in your opinion?
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    Heads Perfect Match Program and their powerful multi's

    Head's Perfect Match Program is located at: I am looking for a powerful, very arm friendly setup, that provides a deep pocket and excellent depth control. On my first try I get a recommendation of FXP...
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    Premium Multifilament Prices / Value

    Given all the recent price increases I am on the lookout for a new premium multi. I previously used Prince Premier Softflex but the price has jumped 45% to $16. My priorities in order of importance are soft, arm friendly, power, spin, feel, control, price and tension maintenance. Here is a...
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    Arm friendly string help & Ashaway Dynamite Soft

    Can anyone provide feedback from an actual hit with Dynamite Soft? The Ashaway market announcement for this string fits me perfectly. "Both recreational and professional players are looking for the added ‘bite’ thinner strings provide. They also want more power. Plus, the increasingly...
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    Bow Brand Natural Gut

    Looks like Bow Brand gut is becoming available again. Can anybody compare the Championship or Professional to some other guts? I really want something similar to the now discontinued BDE gut which I found to be softer, more powerful and more playable than Pacific Classic or Klip Legend.
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    Thinnest light weight replacement grip

    I did a search and the consensus was that the thinnest light weight replacement grip is the Laserfibre TourFit Reducer grip. So I go to the Laserfibre store on-line and it doesn't take my order. Not surprising given the negative feedback I read about them elsewhere on these boards. My question...
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    Thin light weight replacement grip

    I did a search and the consensus was that the thinnest light weight replacement grip is the Laserfibre TourFit Reducer grip. So I go to the Laserfibre store on-line and it doesn't take my order. Not surprising given the negative feedback I read about them elsewhere on these boards. My...
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    Racquet Length Customization - Part 2

    Lengthening up to 1/2 inch - Please reference introductory comments in Part 1 regarding removing the butt cap, shortening and using 2 part epoxy glue. Any racquet with a removable butt cap is a candidate for length customization. Shorten as much as you want or add up to 1/2”of length using the...
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    Racquet Length Customization - Part 1

    Any racquet with a removable butt cap is a candidate for length customization. Shorten as much as you want or add up to 1/2”of length using the method described. This is one more tool in addition to weight and balance that can be done easily at home with a few simple tools and not much time...
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    Simple and Effective Racquet Extension

    Any racquet with a removable butt cap can be easily and professionally extended up to half an inch in length at home with minimal tools in about 15 minutes. This is especially relevant for those players who wish to try up to the 28” length as most long player’s racquets today are only available...
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    RSI String Stiffness Data Problems

    I have played with about 40 of the strings on this chart and find that my real world play test results do not coordinate with the lab test findings for strings within the basic string composition categories. As an engineer I do appreciate the effort in producing this chart, but these test...
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    Under $30 Natural Gut

    Looking for recommendations on the best playing natural gut currently under $30. My needs in order of priority are consistency of gauge, comfort, control, power, spin, tension maintenance, longevity, and price. Previously liked BDE Performance. All comments are welcome, but I would...
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    Prince Premier Softflex vs. Prince Premier LT

    I have been experimenting with multifilaments since I developed a tender elbow about 6 months ago. In a previous thread I identified my priorities as arm friendly, good tension maintenance, good control and power in a value multi and Softflex was the consensus recommendation. Given the...
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    Eagnas Flying Clamps

    My Klippermate has been going strong for 20 years now. One broken screw and one replaced clamp in about 700 string jobs. Never felt the need to upgrade as I get consistent results without rushing in under 40 minutes. Here’s the problem. My aging body recently told me I need to try some...
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    Prince Premier LT

    Anyone hit with it yet, how does it play?
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    Full job vs. hybrid - no poly’s

    To cut cost many use a higher priced string in the main with a synthetic gut cross. Most agree the main string generally contributes more to playability and feel than the cross. So at any price point what’s better, the full job or hybrid? If your using one of these price points have you...
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    Natural Gut Help Needed

    I have had a tender arm lately and need to experiment with gut again. I have the following priorities in order of importance. Soft arm friendly, tension maintenance, power, control, cost. I used BDE Professional successfully years ago without prestretch, but noticed the relative price...
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    Battle of the Multifilament’s

    Let’s define groups as follows: Premium Multi’s – Wilson K Gut’s, Babolat Xcel’s, Technifibre X One Value Performance Multi’s – Prince Premier Softflex, Techifibre Multi-Feel, Babolat Addiction Syn Guts – Forten Sweet, Gosen OG sheep, Prince syn gut original or duraflex What would you...
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    Value Multifilament

    Can someone compare the following multifilament strings? Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament Technifibre Multi Feel Babolat Addiction Prince Premier Softflex I am looking for the following characteristics in order of priority; arm friendly, good tension maintenance, good control and...
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    Oversize Players Frame Stringing Ideas

    What works best in your open pattern player’s oversize like the Prince Graphite, Chang's, Avery M5, Donnay Pro One, etc? So far for my Chang Ti’s there is something special about Prince Topspin 15L. Tried various synthetic guts, multi’s and natural guts in 16 and can’t get them to beat the...
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    Premium Multi vs Gut Hybrid

    For those non-polyester users, what would you choose from these three options and why? Prompted by the great discussion in the thread titled “Closest to gut?” Option 1 – Premium multifilament full string job ($18 – $21.50) Your choice of: Babolat XCel Power Wilson K Gut or K Gut Pro...
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    Isospeed Classic vs. New Pro and Control

    I am interested in trying thicker versions of the MOJO gut hybrid in an open string pattern. The question is does anyone have experience with the new Pro or Control instead of the Classic? I like the idea of not having to string 10% higher. Also concerned that the Classics aren’t shown...