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  1. soulfree914

    What string for Blade v7 16x19?

    I have tried the following strings on the Blade v7 16x19 so far: - Volkl Cyclone main + Wilson Revolve crosses (tension unknown; probably ~50 or 52 lbs): this was a great combination that provided great spin and a crisp but comfortable feel that worked well with the Blade. Didn't last long...
  2. soulfree914

    TWU: Numbers on RPM Power

    Hi, Is there any plan to measure and post the string property of RPM Power in TW University? Would love to see how it compares to other strings. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. soulfree914

    To Erik: Wilson Blade v7 16x19 vs Phantom 100x 305

    Erik, I have finally got a chance to demo the Phantom 100x 305 and was 98% sure that I was going to switch to it from TT310.... until I tried the blade 98 v7 16x19. I've noticed that you were not part of the review for the blade but chose it as one of your top 3 racquets. Can you help my...
  4. soulfree914

    Demo Racquets

    I currently play with TT100(310) and I'm interested in switching to either the Phantom 100x 305 or the Head 360+ Speed MP. I see that the Speed MP is available as a demo, but I don't see a demo for the Phantom 100x 305. Any plan to provide a demo for it? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G965U using...
  5. soulfree914

    To Erik: Phantom 100x 305 vs. TT310

    Erik, How would you compare the new PP100X to TT310 in terms of the following: 1. Put-away power 2. Maneuverability 3. Serving power & feel (1st flat/slice & 2nd kick serve) I've been playing with TT310 and recently bought a Beast 98 03 to use it when I'm feeling like I need a lighter racquet...
  6. soulfree914

    Crisp Round Poly Recommendations

    Strings I've tried so far: - Rpm blast 17: good spin and control, but a little too stiff and loses tension rapidly - VS touch / Rpm blast: great comfort and playability but too expensive - Luxilon natural gut / 4G - decent but pocketing was not at the level of VS touch, lack of spin - Hyper...
  7. soulfree914

    Poly vs. Natural Gut STRING WEIGHT

    I have found contradicting info on the string weight of poly vs. Natural gut. In a video from TW that explains about swing weight, it says that poly strings are heavier than natural gut strings. However, when I search through some old threads, there are several that say natural gut is normally...