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  1. Syfo-Dias

    Yonex Sale

    Just noticed a bunch of the Yonex VCORE racquets have gone on sale. Is Yonex coming out with a new VCORE line soon or something?
  2. Syfo-Dias

    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    Anybody tried the new 1.23 version of Cream? I really liked the 1.28 and have been thinking about trying the thinner gauge. I assume the durability isn't quite as good, but am wondering if the tension maintenance is pretty close? Considering trying a hybrid of Klip Legend 17g mains with Cream...
  3. Syfo-Dias

    Yonex Duel G 97 - Top Cross

    I've noticed the top cross on this racquet is really high up in the string bed. It's so short and close to the beam it almost seems pointless. Has anyone tried just skipping the top cross and stringing it 16x19? If so, how did it work out? Any potential downsides of doing that?
  4. Syfo-Dias

    Most Stable Shoe?

    After a 6 year break, I just recently started playing tennis again. I'm currently using an old pair of Asics Gel Resolutions that were sitting in my bag. The cushioning is great, but they don't really have enough lateral stability for me anymore. I have a tendency to roll my ankles, so I'm on...
  5. Syfo-Dias

    How much flexibility in the ASO ankle brace?

    I'm thinking about getting a pair of the ASO ankle braces for tennis and other activities. I'm just wondering, how restrictive are they exactly? Do they allow you to have natural movement while still offering support? BTW my shoe size is 10.5 D, so would that be a Medium in the ASO?
  6. Syfo-Dias

    TW Leather Grip Weight

    Can anybody verify the weight on the TW leather grips? According to TW the 25 x 1.3 mm grip weighs 32 grams. That seems pretty heavy for a grip that thin. I'm guessing the length has something to do with it though. Anybody weighed one of these at home to verify?
  7. Syfo-Dias

    Laserfibre Tourfit vs. Tourfit Reducer

    Can anybody tell me how these two Laserfibre grips are different? The Tourfit is already pretty thin as it is. What exactly is the Reducer grip like? Does it have the same feel as the regular Tourfit grip or is it firmer?
  8. Syfo-Dias

    Slickest Synthetic Gut?

    Which regular synthetic gut has the slickest surface? I've noticed that when using slick poly crosses, it allows the mains to slide back into place easily. I'm wondering if it's possible to get the same result using a regular synthetic gut that has a similarly slippery surface. Anybody know?
  9. Syfo-Dias

    What's the thinnest currently available replacement grip?

    Since it seems like Laserfibre is now defunct, who makes synthetic replacement grips as thin as they did? I really like the firmness of Gamma Hi-Tech grips, but wish I could find something thinner.
  10. Syfo-Dias

    Kick serve height?

    How high does a kick serve have to jump in order to be a true kick serve? I can get mine to kick up about 5 feet at it's apex on a good one. Would that be high enough to be considered a kicker or would it just be a topspin serve? I've just been wondering this for a while.
  11. Syfo-Dias

    I suddenly have a 1 handed backhand

    So, I've been working on developing a 1 HBH for a while now because I really hate my 2 hander. Until recently the results have been mixed, but last night things really started coming together. I had been using an eastern backhand grip, but I decided to try more of a semi-western backhand and...
  12. Syfo-Dias

    Anybody tried the new Silent Partner Edge series yet?

    I was going to get a Silent Partner Lite, but I saw that they recently came out with the Edge series. It looks like the Edge series is a pretty big improvement over the original series. It's got a totally new hopper that seems to hold more balls and looks more stable. It's also got 6 inch...
  13. Syfo-Dias

    Windshield Wiper Forehand: Any Cons?

    If there's one thing that has improved my game the most, it's switching to the windshield wiper forehand. It's so much easier to create head speed with this motion compared to a traditional swing. My depth, pace and spin have all improved greatly since switching to it last year. People that I...
  14. Syfo-Dias

    Interesting article on Serena

    Some people on Facebook were bashing this article, but I think the writer makes some good points about Serena. Check it out.,-but-
  15. Syfo-Dias

    How different is the RQiS 1 Tour XL from the regular version?

    This is just something I've always wondered. The XL is just a bit lighter and stiffer than the regular version. Do they play that differently? Does the XL version feel very stiff?
  16. Syfo-Dias

    Aerogel 200 & Aerogel 200 (16 x 19): Same Mold?

    I'm just curious if these two share the same mold? They look the same to me, but I just wanted to check. Anybody know for sure?
  17. Syfo-Dias

    Gut Mains & Poly Cross: How much tension difference?

    For you guys who use this combo, how much different do you usually tension the poly crosses from the gut mains? I think I did my last Klip Legend and Silverstring setup at 60/58 which seems pretty good. I know that poly tends to lose more tension than gut over time though, so it gets confusing...
  18. Syfo-Dias

    Do string savers prevent string movement?

    I know string savers help keep strings from breaking, but do they actually prevent strings from moving around? I've never used them before, but am thinking about trying some. I've got a full gut job in my RDiS 100 and like the way it feels, but I'm getting a lot of string movement. Thanks.
  19. Syfo-Dias

    Anybody hit with the RDiS 300?

    I haven't seen many posts about this racquet yet. It looks like an update to the RDS 003 in a standard length. I'd like to hear feedback from anybody who's used it.
  20. Syfo-Dias

    ESPN2 should change their name to the Serena Williams Channel

    Seriously WTF? All I saw was her fat ass every time I flipped over to the FO today. First her crappy singles match, then her doubles match and then a repeat of the singles match. I'm so sick of the bias ESPN has for her in every tournament they televise. I don't think that that many American...
  21. Syfo-Dias

    Anybody gone back to full gut?

    I really enjoy co-poly hybrids, but having to restring so often due to tension loss is getting old and it feels like a waste. I think I might just go back to using full gut at high tension for better longevity. Since I'm not a huge string breaker, a full gut job can last me a while. Anybody...
  22. Syfo-Dias

    Something I've noticed about poly/gut hybrids

    I've noticed a lot of people seem to string natural gut tighter than poly when using a hybrid. In my experience, I've noticed the poly loses tension a lot faster than gut in a hybrid though. So, wouldn't it really make more sense to string them both at the same tension of even the poly a...
  23. Syfo-Dias

    Court position when playing high topspin players?

    Last night I played a new guy who hit deep with a lot of topspin. This threw me off at first because all winter I mostly played against one guy who hits pretty hard and flat. When adjusting to the new guys shots I was trying to find the optimal place to hit from behind the baseline. If I was...
  24. Syfo-Dias

    Is poly hurting my arm?

    I've been playing with poly and poly hybrids for the last few months. I was using a full job of Silverstring before and now I'm using a hybrid of Black Code and Natural gut. I gradually noticed some arm discomfort after switching to poly and now I'm getting sharp, shooting paints in my...
  25. Syfo-Dias

    Does natural gut prolong the life of poly in a hybrid?

    This is something I've kind of wondered about. When hybriding natural gut with poly, does the natural gut prolong the overall life of the string job? Obviously poly loses tension and playability faster than gut, but when they work together in the same stringbed I would think the gut would have...
  26. Syfo-Dias

    Max Safe Tension for Pacific Classic & Klip Legend?

    I've got a couple of packs of these and am curious what the maximum safe tension is to use on them. They're both 16g by the way. I'd like to go about 65 lbs because I like natural gut tight, but I don't want to snap it.
  27. Syfo-Dias

    Klip Legend vs Pacific Classic Gut

    If anybody has hit with both of these, I'd appreciate a comparison. I've used Klip Legend a few times, but am curious about the Pacific Classic. I know it's trivial, but I've heard the Pacific is clearer than the Klip which appeals to me more. The last set of Klip I got was pretty dark and...
  28. Syfo-Dias

    Silverstring 1.25 & SPPP 1.18 Hybrid?

    I have some left over Silverstring and SPPP. I was thinking about putting the SS in the mains and SPPP in the crosses. Anybody ever tried this particular combo before? I've never tried hybriding two different polys before.
  29. Syfo-Dias

    Poly Hybrid Tensions for Yonex

    Ok so I know most people usually string their crosses tighter when using a poly main and a soft synthetic cross on most racquets. The thing is that I use Yonex and I've heard it's very bad to string crosses tighter on Yonex racquets due to the unique head shape. Say if I put Big Ace in the...
  30. Syfo-Dias

    Is natural gut supposed to sound crunchy?

    I recently got my RQiS strung with Klip Legend 17g at 60 lbs. I've noticed that when I move the strings with my fingers it makes a kind of crunchy, crispy sound. Does all natural gut do that or is it just Klip? BTW I hit some serves with it today and noticed a big increase in power compared...