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  1. dropshotlikeitshot

    Del Potro looms

    I’d much rather have Delpo’s hair over Novak’s. Much more volume, slight wave, more styling options.
  2. dropshotlikeitshot

    Tsitsipas needs surgery

    Hope Tsits won’t be out for too long. Last thing tennis needs is another top player injured.
  3. dropshotlikeitshot

    Alcaraz to finnish top 3 in 2022.

    What exactly is happening with the rankings anyway? When are players going to lose points from 2019 and 2020?
  4. dropshotlikeitshot

    IMHO. neither Rafa or Roger are EVER winning another GS title

    I’d be far more surprised if either Fed or Nadal won another slam than if they didn’t. All Nadal has left is the French, and there are at least three players who have a legitimate shot against him there.
  5. dropshotlikeitshot

    Who had a better serve overall: Kyrgios or Arthurs?

    Depends. Which one has a more compact service motion?
  6. dropshotlikeitshot

    Obscure stat of the day: Nadal has won as many Grand Slams losing 1 set or less as Federer/Djokovic/Sampras combined

    Just an honest, curious question. Surprises me how attacked you seem to be by that.
  7. dropshotlikeitshot

    Who out of Medvedev, Zverev, Thiem, Tsitsipas will win the most slams of that group

    Hm. Honestly thought Zverev’s stats were a bit better than that.
  8. dropshotlikeitshot

    Time to remove the asterisk from Thiem’s USO

    His level throughout the tournament was actually pretty decent. Poor final overshadows the previous six rounds, sadly, but straight setting Medvedev was very impressive. Still rate Medvedev’s win this year over Thiem’s.
  9. dropshotlikeitshot

    Who out of Medvedev, Zverev, Thiem, Tsitsipas will win the most slams of that group

    I’m thinking Zverev. His clay and grass games are better than Medvedev’s, and I feel like he still has a bit more room for improvement than Medvedev, who I’d say is peaking. I think Zverev has a better chance beating Medvedev on hard than Medvedev beating Zverev on the other two surfaces. As...
  10. dropshotlikeitshot

    An Ode to Stan Wawrinka

    Wawrinka is the only player since Djokovic’s AO08 win to have won his first major at a slam other than the USO. Wonder when that will change.
  11. dropshotlikeitshot

    Post your predictions for 2022 Grand slams.

    AO Medvedev RG Djokovic W Djokovic USO Medvedev
  12. dropshotlikeitshot

    Two things will change in 2022

    Still can’t see anybody beating Djokovic at Wimbledon next year. His best surface is hard court, for sure, but the gap is far greater between himself and everyone else on grass.
  13. dropshotlikeitshot

    Will Big 3 end up with 20 slams each?

    Medvedev could sweep the HC slams next season, but I can’t see both RG and W going to players not named Novak or Rafa. At least one of the two will hit 21 next year.
  14. dropshotlikeitshot

    Medvedev delayed side throw is def. Most memorable thing from USO 2021.

    I KNEW IT L2 plus left is a celebration input in FIFA, the same one he threw tonight.
  15. dropshotlikeitshot

    Djoker loss but got the love he wanted

    Can tell how much the support means to Novak, given how rarely he receives it.
  16. dropshotlikeitshot

    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    The most Medvedev-esque celebration. Congrats to the Mad Lad!
  17. dropshotlikeitshot

    Your favourite and least favourite slam

    Least favorite Wimbledon. Hard to pick my favorite from the other three. Maybe Australian Open.
  18. dropshotlikeitshot

    The Berretini-Brooksby-Griekspoor-Zverev Open

    So slam titles is what matters when determining the strength of an opponent? I guess slam winner, unseeded Cilic would be a tougher opponent than a top 6 seed.
  19. dropshotlikeitshot

    The Berretini-Brooksby-Griekspoor-Zverev Open

    Berrettini- most recent slam finalist Zverev- most recent USO finalist Medvedev- most recent HC slam finalist 6th seed, 4th seed, 2nd seed. These guys are likely all slam champions if they weren’t stopped by Djokovic. Not easy.
  20. dropshotlikeitshot

    Carlos Alcaraz just handed Medvedev a Final in the UsOpen

    This. Medvedev was going to maul Tsitsipas in the SF, even worse than AO.
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    Rank Djokovic's Seasons

    2015 2011 2021 2018 2016 2012 2019 2014 2013 2008 2020 2007 2009 2010 2017 2006 2005
  22. dropshotlikeitshot

    Mindset while playing tie break

    I’ve always been a really good tiebreak player, and it all comes down to self belief. I just play my game. Very frequently, the opponent changes to a more conservative, high percentage tennis, and I pounce on that. Additionally, it was always easier to digest a loss knowing I played my game and...
  23. dropshotlikeitshot

    Line calling etiquette

    I always play the ball unless I’m absolutely sure it’s out. Sometimes if I make a call I’m unsure of, and the opponent asks if I’m certain, I concede the point. I’ve called my own serves out many times, too. Never felt good when I’d win a point off a missed serve called good.
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    Dear MOTJ

  25. dropshotlikeitshot

    Which player do you like best and which player do you hate the most?

    Favorite: Wawrinka Least favorite: Zverev AO20 QF was one of the worst experiences I’ve had watching tennis.