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  1. jugheadfla

    lower cross tension than mains

    Looking through older threads I know this has been discussed several times but I wanted to see if there are any newer perspectives on what affects lowering the tension of the crosses compared to the mains has on playability. I currently use a G360+ Prestige Pro which has a notoriously small...
  2. jugheadfla

    ALU Power Spin

    I searched and there are a bunch of older threads about ALU power spin, but didn't want to bump any of them and wanted to see if anyone else has tried this string lately. I played it for about 8 hours last week and really enjoyed it. Its crisp but rather comfortable and plenty of bite and spin...
  3. jugheadfla

    Head Leather Tour Grip help

    So I like the Head leather grip because it is a little thicker than most of the other leather grips, in which the other leather grips make my grip to small. The problem that I am having with the head leather grip is that because it is thicker I keep getting a small bulge near the buttcap on the...
  4. jugheadfla

    knot for NG?

    Been having a bad streak lately of snapping NG when tying to tie off the last main. I typically use a double half hitch or a Wilson pro knot but my results have been erratic when tying off NG. Anyone have any knot they specifically use when tying of NG that may help this or any advice?
  5. jugheadfla

    Prince Diablo Pro anyone?

    A couple months ago I demoed a G360+ Prestige Pro and it had Prince Diablo Pro 16L in it. I liked the racquet so much I ended up purchasing 3 of them but didn't think much about the string as I thought TW just put any old string in it and obviously since it was in a demo it was probably dead...
  6. jugheadfla

    What year PD+ Team?

    Help! I'm going to be putting the 2 racquets below up for sale but for the life of me I can't remember what years I bought them in or what year model they belong to. I believe the swirly is from 2001 maybe and the other from 2002? I know I bought them a year apart. They are both pre-cortex. Can...
  7. jugheadfla

    Gamma X-2 convert to 6pt mount?

    I searched the forum and couldn't find anything concerning this. Before I reach out to Gamma, is it possible that you can just but the 6pt mount with fixed clamps and replace the the 2pt mount that comes with the X-2 without have to buy the the whole X-6? Is the 6pt on the X-6 just a pole in the...
  8. jugheadfla

    cutting out overlapping strings - CAP grommets

    I have a couple G360+ Prestige Pro's and I can't seem to find a good way to cut out the string from the grommets that overlap, being that the CAP grommet doesn't allow me to get the wire cutter down in the groove to be able to cut and separate them. On other racquets without CAP grommets its no...
  9. jugheadfla

    How how to set Gamma stand?

    Does anyone have a rule of thumb for setting the height of the Gamma stand? Obviously, I know in the end its about what is comfortable to the person, but originally I had my X-2 on a table and my back hurt every time I strung. Then bought the Gamma stand for it and raised it up and back still is...
  10. jugheadfla

    Babolat starting clamp

    Anyone know where to get a Babolat starting clamp these days other than the one UK site? is that the only option?
  11. jugheadfla

    Gamma X-2 gripper slip

    So, I know I'm going to catch crap for this post, but I'm hoping it may help someone who has run into the issue I have. I have only had my X-2 for about 3 months now and putting it to good use during that time. A couple days ago I was stringing a poly and the gripper was slipping so bad on every...
  12. jugheadfla

    Stencil ink suggestions?

    It seems like every review I read for basically all brands of stencil ink are that they are terrible and don't work. Yet I see the pro's are all stenciled so there has to be one brand that may be better then others? Anyone have any recommendations for a decent ink?