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  1. S&V-not_dead_yet

    A great opponent

    I'm fortunate to have an opponent that is a fair bit better than I but he's usually content to defend and let me attack. So, while the score is usually lopsided, I'm not getting blown off the court with power and I get a chance to construct a point. We always end up with several highlight reel...
  2. S&V-not_dead_yet

    How To Slowly and Ponderously Start Improving Your Tennis

    Most people spend about 95% on stroke technique, 4% on fitness, and 1% on everything else. To shake things up, I propose that concentrating on the 3Fs will produce the biggest impact vs the standard allotment above. Footwork Fitness Focus [mental strength] spacing [the distance between your...
  3. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Great preparation tip

    From Brent Abel and Jeff Jacklich over at "Gold Ball Hunting": "Don't send your hand and your racquet to do what your feet should be doing." I'm guilty of this, especially on volleys: I will lean at the waist and lunge rather than taking that extra step or two.
  4. S&V-not_dead_yet

    What am I missing here?

    Look at this lob by Sinner: even in single frame mode, I see it out by 2'. Do I need my eyes checked?
  5. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Return Serendipity

    I went to the local park to practice serve because my regular partner got TE. What I really wanted was return practice but beggars can't be choosers. On one of the courts, however, a really tall young guy was practicing serve solo. I could tell just by watching his trophy pose that he likely...
  6. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Hamstring Inflexibility

    I've always had tighter hamstrings on the left [I'm a righty]. I work and work and work but don't seem to make much progress on improving the flexibility. I also notice I cramp easier on the left when I bend my knee with my foot moving towards my butt. If I grab my foot and pull upwards, no...
  7. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Tournament sportsmanship

    No, this thread is not about the negative but rather the positive. I went and watched part of an adult tournament and saw no disputes over line calls, no gamesmanship, no whining, etc. OTOH, I did see a lot of "benefit of the doubt" line calls, racquet claps, "nice shot"s, and "good luck in...
  8. S&V-not_dead_yet

    UTR Fluctuations

    For those who have resumed sanctioned match play, what has your experience been with your UTR? Was there a big spike initially which then settled out? Or are the #s still wildly fluctuating?
  9. S&V-not_dead_yet

    How Broad is Your NTRP?

    As a mid-4.5, I've handed out bagels and received them. Recently, I hit with another 4.5 and I couldn't even handle his warmup shots very well; too much heat. I don't often run into that large of a skill differential, especially since I'm roughly in the middle of the range. What have your...
  10. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Brengle's Serve

    Starts off in a WT position and then at the last second, goes to on-edge. Still, seems a bit awkward? Reminds me a bit of Bartoli and Siniackova.
  11. S&V-not_dead_yet

    The Art and Science of Ball Watching

    @SystemicAnomaly @JohnYandell Some of you may have noticed an advert in the latest Inside Tennis magazine for this book by Paul Hamori. Given that I sometimes have shaky consistency due to poor contact, I thought it would be an interesting read. It's only 81 pages with large type and many...
  12. S&V-not_dead_yet

    How to play relaxed doubles

    Djokovic/Djokovic v Haas/Lopez
  13. S&V-not_dead_yet

    5th Metatarsal Fracture

    Asking for a friend: she fractured her 5th metatarsal [foot, connected to pinky toe] and the bone is not healing in the right direction. Doc recommends surgery to fix. A) Is this a relatively minor procedure with a very high success rate? B) Are there non-surgical alternatives? I was...
  14. S&V-not_dead_yet

    UR in UTR

    It would seem to me that UTR should have extended the period of retained matches to 2 years to account for the gap due to the pandemic. Without that, there must be a whole bunch of players who no longer have a UTR. If one wants to enter a UTR tournmanent before having played any USTA matches...
  15. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Cam Norrie's BH: ugly?

    Note that I'm not commenting on its effectiveness but the aesthetic: it looks very uncomfortable with those locked elbows. Then again, for someone like me who tends to get jammed on the BH, it would probably help my game.
  16. S&V-not_dead_yet

    OH Footwork Flaw

    I just noticed [yes, @Curious, I am serious] that I have a flaw in my OH prep: instead of my first step dropping back with my dominant foot, I actually take a half-step forward with my non-dominant foot, I'm guessing in order to be able to push backwards with more force. I think it cost me the...
  17. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Forehand follow-through: "catching" the racquet

    I just noticed that Federer catches the racquet on the follow-through with his off-hand: By comparison, Djokovic does not: Stylistic difference only?
  18. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Fast and Furious: 0.0 to 5.0 in 2 Years

    While packing up to leave the court, I heard [not saw] someone serving on the next court and immediately thought "That's one heckuva serve!" I asked if I could return and he agreed and we ended up playing points. He said he hadn't played in 1 1/2 years but was hitting the cover off of the ball...
  19. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Do you hit more aces out wide or T?

    "aces" also includes unreturnables. I get more out wide on the Deuce and T on the Ad. Usually it's because I can catch my [righty] opponent leaning too far towards his BH. My flat serve down the T on the Deuce just doesn't have enough speed. My flat serve wide on the Ad isn't reliable enough.
  20. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Beware of Apparent Scam

    Both I and [edit: another tennista] friend got the identical email: Hi there,I hope you had a great day?My name is Hannah and my husband and I are looking to hire a Tennis coach for our 12yr old daughter,Her name is Martha and she is a 6th grader.What wae really want for her is a general...
  21. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Pros can not only hit faster but slower also

    I watch pros warm up and it seems to me that they're not only able to hit way faster than I can, but also slower, if that makes any sense. When they are in the early phases of warmup, they have nice, easy swings and the ball seems to take a second longer to traverse the court. When I warm up...
  22. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Without thinking much, name Santa's 8 Reindeer

    Stay with me because there is something tennis-related eventually. If you memorized them, you most likely did in this order: Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner Blitzen Why? Because that's how the songs and stories go. If I asked you to name them backwards, you could do it but it...
  23. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Typical Calories Burned During a Singles Match?

    I've been doing HIIT workouts and one of the guys in the video said he burned 600 cals during the 30 minute workout. So I figured my tennis matches would be somewhat comparable. I was wrong. I played a 2 set match that I barely won 7-5 7-6 [5] that took 3 hours and, according to my friend's...
  24. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Latest Essential Tennis Match part 2 [Cole v Mike]

    [@RiverRat: does these GSs still look short and choppy to you? :cool:]
  25. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Latest Essential Tennis match

    Cole [D3] vs Mike [5.0]:
  26. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Hip rotation: advanced vs rec

    Tomaz at Feel Tennis just put out a video concentrating on the importance of hip/pelvis rotation. Later on, he mentions that the advanced technique is to rotate the hips first so they lead and the arm follows. But he caveats that by saying this is much more difficult to master and he...