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    IW Postponed /Cancelled

    Are you actually still buying all this? So now you can take the long awaited vaccine and still transmit the disease? How dense does one have to be not to see what's going on here?
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    Federer to miss 2021 AO

    Yeah I guess that was kinda predictable, even though I went in thinking he actually would play.
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    Nike 2021 general thread Nike going to have normal shorts in their AO/Spring 2021 line? Woops, nevermind. Just noticed the new collection on TW's Nike page.
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    Any sponsorship changes for 2021 season?

    I thought Zverev was.
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    Louis X of France vs Federer '06

    The plot thickens!
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    Djoker ‘19 W vs. Doherty ‘99 W

    Created my own and didn't even notice this thread. Swear I wasn't just trying to copy haha! :-D Feeling is mutual.
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    Louis X of France vs Federer '06

    Here's my contribution to the vs threads. Discuss!
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    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    Prestige Mid users, How would you rank all the Prestige Mid versions in terms of closeness to the PC 600? Disregarding string pattern of course, which is now 16x19. Wanting to know how close the current 360+ Prestige Mid comes in terms of feel and playability.
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    Delray Beach Open 2021 Player List Released

    Florida is the model of how this pandemic should be handled. DeSantis rocks!
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    What was the biggest choke in a Slam final ?

    Coria-Gaudio. Was that ever a sight to behold. Gaudio had no business winning that title. Hell I don't know how he made it to the final. Fluke run if there ever was one.
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    Is Felix’s racquet going to doom him?

    Felix with a Prestige MP, or even Mid (I wish...), would be very cool. Even a Radical would suit him well! Someone here made a great point here that Head hasn't been able to find a suitable face for the Radical. Murray himself wasn't the best match and now they've got....Schwartzman and Fritz...
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    How Nick Krygios has spent the pandemic

    People call it a weak era but boy do I miss the early 2000's. That while group of Federer, Hewitt, Roddick, Safin, Ferrero, Nalbandian, Coria, Gonzalez etc, along with Agassi the veteran playing the best and most consistent tennis of his life, was fun and interesting to watch. Everyone had their...
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    How Nick Krygios has spent the pandemic

    I'm genuinely happy he's done some good things with his wealth and influence. He's still a tool.
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    Felix Auger-Aliassime to train at Rafa Nadal academy

    Felix really triggers people. It's hilarious to watch. It's like you're all so bored of the current tennis landscape (can't say I blame you there) that you're hanging everything on Felix to be the saviour and you're taking it so personally that he's stumbling # little bit from that steep curve...
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    Tsitsipas Racket

    Agreed. It's refreshing.
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    For those who have bought a 360+ Speed Pro

    I dunno. Black and white is signature Speed. Mostly black would be great, along with an appropriate amount of white in the right places. I don't have ideas myself as I'm not artistically inclined but you get the point.
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    Wilson Blade 104 v7 deaaammmmmmmm

    No need to be embarrassed about using an OS. In my mind if an experienced player can make their game work with an OS, like Serena or Andre, then that's actually pretty badass! I've played with different versions of the Head Radical for years since I was a teenager because Andre Agassi was my...
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    How often do you switch to a different/newer racquet?

    Just a side thought: If you consider tennis equipment a hobby, I think you can be forgiven for buying tons of different racquets. It's all about the reason you're doing it. People have all kinds of money-gulping hobbies so tennis equipment should be no different. However, if you're constantly...
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    IW & Rio Cancelled Tomorrow?

    Is it? Haven't seen anything official.
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    How Nick Krygios has spent the pandemic

    It wouldn't be irresponsible anywhere.
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    How Nick Krygios has spent the pandemic

    Hopefully this isn't serious.
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    Fed Still Concerned With Knee As OZ Nears

    Disappointing, but understandable. Fed is 39 and this would be - what? - his 22nd year on tour? The last few years have been gravy. Even if he flat out retired, as sad as it would be to not be be able to see him play again, 2019 was a pretty good year for him to end things off on (Well, 2019 + 1...
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    Is Felix’s racquet going to doom him?

    I have a Pure Aero VS 2026, Felix's actual frame. Trust me. It doesn't play like an PA. Sweet spot is tiny, it doesn't have near the pop of a PA. It sports Babolat's signature aerodynamic design so if that's what you mean, then sure. But it's still noticeably different from the PA's. Some have...
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    Monte Carlo is a go for 2021

    Right on! Return to normalcy for the win!
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    The racketaholic in me is awakening.... And he's hungry! Planning on purchasing a couple RF97 v13's to keep in my bag as souvenirs. Champions Choice at whatever Roger's string tension is, Pro Overgrip, the works!
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    Clarification on Federer's racquet history

    Ugh, to think I had one of those years back. I got the itch like many of us do to try a new racquet but I stead of just buying another one I traded the K90 in for credit. We're not all smart at 19.