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  1. soulfree914

    Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs TFight RS 305

    Control: TF40 305 > Blade v7 > RS 305 > PS Feel: Blade: Plush with a flexy pocketed response TF40 305: Plush but direct response RS 305: Firm, crisp and direct PS: Firm and direct (slightly more muted than RS 305 if I remember correctly)
  2. soulfree914

    Which current Head Graphene 360+ Racket feels most like a Wilson Blade 98 v7

    ^ I second this. The Head Speed racquets did not feel similar to v7 to me in the plush department. Speed felt stiffer and with a more direct response. Tried both the MP and the Pro. Still great racquets though. I have been playing with a Blade v7 and slowly transitioning to a TF40 305, but if...
  3. soulfree914

    Hyper G Question

    Great to hear that Hyper-G works well on blade v7. I was going to try 1.20mm gauge at 50-52 lbs at some point. I've tried a similar-looking string Signum Pro X-Perience 1.24mm (stiffer than Hyper-G 1.20) at 52 lbs but it felt more muted and more controlled than Hyper-G 1.20. Couldn't quite get...
  4. soulfree914

    What string for Blade v7 16x19?

    I have tried the following strings on the Blade v7 16x19 so far: - Volkl Cyclone main + Wilson Revolve crosses (tension unknown; probably ~50 or 52 lbs): this was a great combination that provided great spin and a crisp but comfortable feel that worked well with the Blade. Didn't last long...
  5. soulfree914

    Which 3 of these Polys?

    Out of curiosity, what did you like about Evolution vs the other strings mentioned?
  6. soulfree914

    TWU: Numbers on RPM Power

    Hi, Is there any plan to measure and post the string property of RPM Power in TW University? Would love to see how it compares to other strings. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. soulfree914

    Yonex DR98 alternative

    After reading through the OP again, just thought of what might work. Prince Phantom 100x 305. 100-inch head size, arguably better comfort on off-center shots, similar buttery feel, lower-powered than DR98. The phantom has a slightly higher launch angle, but it shouldn't be too bad.
  8. soulfree914

    To Erik: Wilson Blade v7 16x19 vs Phantom 100x 305

    I think the phantom won't help much if your balls are landing short with the blade v7. I found the phantom to be lower powered than the blade in stock form. By "more plow", it would mean there is more mass behind the ball when you are hitting through the ball with the racquet. It could mean more...
  9. soulfree914

    Yonex DR98 alternative

    TT310 had more power and spin than the DR98. DR98 had more plow, control, and touch. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. soulfree914

    Yonex DR98 alternative

    My experience with the DR98 was that it can be a bit harsh on the arm/wrist off-center even though the racquet is very plush overall. I had to move away from it, play with an arguably more evenly-comfortable TT310, and it was great comfort-wise but I didn't get the same control and precise touch...
  11. soulfree914

    String recommendation for Wilson Blade 98 V7 16x19

    Has anyone tried signum pro x-perience on the blade? I wonder if the softness of the string would make the contact feel too mushy. I only tried cyclone mains + revolve crosses which was great for the first two weeks, then it started to go dead and put more strain on my shoulders. My usual go-to...
  12. soulfree914

    Prince Textreme Tour vs. Wilson Blade (v7)

    TT310 gives you more spin and a tad bit more free power, while the blade v7 16x19 gives you more control, more plow, and that buttery feel on contact. I switched from a TT310 to a blade and my opponents tell me that it produces a heavier ball. I do need some extra effort to get depth on my...
  13. soulfree914

    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    I've switched from a TT310 to a Blade v7 16x19. I think the standout feature of TT310 is spin and comfort, along with a large sweetspot. The blade offers more control and a flexier feel. I feel like it was easier to play with the TT310, but I like the extra control that I get with the Blade, and...
  14. soulfree914

    Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 (v3) vs Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP vs Prince Phantom 100P

    No love for the Blade v7 16x19? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  15. soulfree914

    Volkl Cyclone Mains, what string in the cross?

    Try Yonex Poly Tour Spin suggested above as a full bed, or try Rs Lyon or Luxilon 4G if you need a round poly that would work in the crosses that is low powered. But if you're stringing 59 lbs+ and feel like a full poly is too lively, maybe it's time to try out lower power racquets. Sent from...
  16. soulfree914

    Volkl Cyclone Mains, what string in the cross?

    Have you tried Wilson revolve in the crosses? Poly tour pro that you have should be a good cross string too. Not sure how much snapback you will get if you are stringing 59 lbs+ though. Should soften up the stringbed a little bit since Revolve and YPTP are softer polys. If you need more control...
  17. soulfree914

    Prince Official - Racquets

    When I run out of gas playing with the Blade (usually the 4-5th match), I get my Beast 98 O3 out and it does the extra work for me. If I were to use the 100x 305, I would definitely need to add some weight to it. It has great spin and that super plush feel, but I prefer a bit more responsiveness...
  18. soulfree914

    Prince Official - Racquets

    I had the exact same experience with 100x 305 (demoed) and DR98 (had owned). I own and play with the Blade v7 16x19 as well. Definitely underrated by TW reviews (especially by TW Europe), not underrated by actual users. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  19. soulfree914

    Blade 16x19 V7 with more free power and spin?

    I think Blade is not a good racquet to use if you use your forearm a lot. Try a more head-light TT310 or if you prefer a 98inch head size, try the Beast 98 or the O3 version of it. I can see that an Ezone 98 could fit the bill as well, but if you liked the plush feel of the Blade, I would steer...
  20. soulfree914

    $15 ShockSorb Vibration Dampener

    Try the ultrasoft version. I didn't think I would like it and thought it was a bit pricey, but it stands out among other damps to me in the way it absorbs the vibration extremely well without making the stringbed feel locked up or muted. Note that it adds around 4g so it's a bit heavier than...
  21. soulfree914


    Ice code has become one of my favorite strings. It's controlled but also explosive when you string it lower (52 lbs or less on an open pattern racquet) and utilize the good pocketing that it has. Not sure how and why, but it also lasts very long for me, probably the longest "playability"...
  22. soulfree914

    PS 98 vs Ezone 98 vs Blade 98

    I've recently switched from TT310 to Blade v7 16x19 in search for a bit more control. To me, it feels like TT310 has the head weight distributed more evenly in the hoop (this is probably why it feels so stable for its weight), while the Blade has the head weight more focused towards the tip of...
  23. soulfree914

    PS 98 vs Ezone 98 vs Blade 98

    If you are feeling discomfort with the 3rd gen Pure Strike, I would not recommend Ezone98. Blade 98 is nice and plush and if you put a soft poly in there (that is if you normally play with poly), it shouldn't give you any stiffness problems. Since you are looking for comfort, low power, and...
  24. soulfree914

    To Erik: Wilson Blade v7 16x19 vs Phantom 100x 305

    Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on Blade v7 and the Phantom. I've demoed both for a week (from TW), and I gelled more with the Blade. I'm not sure though if I'll put it over the Prince TT310 that I'm currently playing with just yet. The Phantom was very plush. Feel was a bit "cleaner"...
  25. soulfree914

    To Erik: Wilson Blade v7 16x19 vs Phantom 100x 305

    Erik, I have finally got a chance to demo the Phantom 100x 305 and was 98% sure that I was going to switch to it from TT310.... until I tried the blade 98 v7 16x19. I've noticed that you were not part of the review for the blade but chose it as one of your top 3 racquets. Can you help my...
  26. soulfree914

    Potential Moving from Prince Textreme 310 (Questions)?

    Try the Beast O3 98. Should give you more swing speed and more power from the frame. The launch angle is slightly lower than the TT310 due to the 16x20 pattern. Not as big of a sweetspot as the TT310 and has less touch/feel, but a very maneuverable and spin-friendly racquet with lots of put-away...
  27. soulfree914

    Demo Racquets

    Any update on this? I see that some of the previously missing demo racquets are back in (e.g. TF40 305), but still don't see a demo for 100x 305. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  28. soulfree914

    Demo Racquets

    I currently play with TT100(310) and I'm interested in switching to either the Phantom 100x 305 or the Head 360+ Speed MP. I see that the Speed MP is available as a demo, but I don't see a demo for the Phantom 100x 305. Any plan to provide a demo for it? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G965U using...
  29. soulfree914

    Tecnifibre ice code vs Luxilon 4g vs Head hawk touch

    I would put Alu at a similar level as Ice code. Power: Alu = Ice code > HHT > 4g Spin: Alu = Ice code > HHT > 4g Tension maintenance: 4g > Ice code = HHT > Alu Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  30. soulfree914

    Tecnifibre ice code vs Luxilon 4g vs Head hawk touch

    Power: Ice Code > HHT > 4g Spin: Ice Code > HHT > 4g (I don't think there is one that stands out in spin potential though) Tension maintenance: 4g > Ice code = HHT Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk