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  1. BillKid

    Prince news

    Hello @TW Staff Do you have any insights that you can share with us about new Prince racquets on the horizon? What can we expect in 2021 or early 2022? Thanks
  2. BillKid

    Poly with long lasting playability

    I’m in search of a poly that would keep a decent feel after more than 10h (or more). And that would still be as soft and arm friendly as possible. What do you suggest? I was thinking Isospeed cream, did some of you tried it full bed?
  3. BillKid

    Beast 98 grommets

    Hello, Some TT folks have raised concerned about grommets of Beast 98 that seem prone to breakage. Is it something you are aware of? Is there really a problem with these grommets or just bad luck for some? Do you have replacement grommets in stock for this discontinued racquet? Thanks BillKid
  4. BillKid

    String properties data : what do they tell us?

    Recently I have been looking for a new poly. As I was digging through TW website, I noticed that string properties (stiffness, energy return, spin) were available. I was mostly interested by stiffness since I was looking for something relatively soft and arm friendly. However I’m not sure if...
  5. BillKid

    Hugo Gaston official thread

    It’s my pleasure to open a thread on the young French player Hugo Gaston. For his first RG, Gaston, 20 years old and ranked #239 drove his opponent Nishioka (#52) crazy by hitting a ton of drop shots. He played a solid match today at RG and got his ticket for the third round. Well done Hugo...
  6. BillKid

    Am I on the only one hoping...

    ... that Federer and Nadal will finish their career with the same number of GS wins? I think it would be great because I see them as two equally great champions deserving the GOAT mention. Although not a big fan of Djokovic, I would even say that the best conclusion for the Big 3 era may be that...
  7. BillKid

    Does Thiem stand a chance to win RG2020

    In theory he may have represented the biggest threat for Nadal. But he must be physically and mentally exhausted and will have nearly zero preparation on clay. What do you think?
  8. BillKid

    If Thiem loses the final... will be his 4th slam final lost. That would be really sad for him. Hope this will not add too much pressure on his shoulders. By the way what is the record of slam finals lost before winning one? Is it Lendl? And what about players who never ended up winning a slam despite reaching several...
  9. BillKid

    Vokl cyclone Tour

    Hello, I m pretty happy with Volkl cyclone Tour 17G, especially the level of comfort for a poly string. My racquet is a Prince Beast 98. I was wondering if you could suggest an alternative that would offer similar level of comfort and balance between control and power, but maybe with tension...
  10. BillKid

    Old racquets : can you find them?

    I was thinking that when a new model is released, previous ones are totally discontinued after a few months. But there might be a possibility that some old models have not been entirely sold. What would such racquets become? I was wondering if it was possible to find old racquets ("new", not...
  11. BillKid

    Customization to advertised specs

    I recently ordered two Prince Beast 98. In the past I had poor experiences with racquets that were really off specs and getting two sticks that were feeling pretty different. Since the Beast 98 advertised specs are right up my alley and there was an amazing discount on these racquets, I decided...
  12. BillKid

    Prince precision titanium midplus : what plays similar?

    What racquet would you recommend? L I'm looking for something that would play relatively similar to Prince precision titanium midplus with a slightly bigger headsize (98 or 100) and not too harsh on the arm. Suggestions?
  13. BillKid

    Of thick and stiff sticks

    Disclaimer: this thread is just about tennis racquets. I would like to better understand how thickness and stiffness are related and what they provide. Previously I thought that a soft racquet had necessarily a thin beam but we have now the Wilson clash, which has a low RA but a relatively thick...
  14. BillKid

    Why are some brands more expensive than other?

    Hi, I have a question that may seem naive but please think one second about it. I recently bought a Prince Beast racquet and was happy to see that it was somewhat less expensive (about 10%) than other brands like Babolat, Head or Wilson. I also noticed that Tecnifibre was also on the « cheaper...
  15. BillKid

    Arm friendly 100 sqin 300g

    Hi, I’m looking for a new frame in the 300g 100sqin range that would be as arm friendly as possible and still loaded with spin and power. A few months ago I decided to wait for the new Prince Beast 100 (no ports) and the new Volkl V Feel 8 300, since you told me their predecessors were good...
  16. BillKid

    A bit disappointed by Tourna big hitter blue rough 17G

    Hello, I recently ordered a few sets of Tourna big hitter blue rough 17G. Coming from Volkl cyclone 17G I was looking for something a bit softer that would offer a bit more pop and good tension maintenance. Usually I don't break Volkl cyclone strings before 10-15 hours. I was surprised that the...
  17. BillKid

    Mixed feelings on the tourna big hitter blue rough

    I'm a self rated 4.5 baseline player hitting with topspin on both sides. Until recently was using the Volkl cyclone 17g strung at 48lbs. I liked it but was looking for something a tad softer and powerful with good tension maintenance. Based on some reviews I decided to order a couple of tourna...
  18. BillKid

    String pattern: more to it than just the number of mains / crosses?

    Until recently I never paid attention to the fact that string patterns with identical numbers of M/C (eg 18x20) could be plus or less open. Especially someone drew my attention to the number of mains in the throat. For example, Graphene Radical mp or Ai98 (16x19) have 8 mains whereas many 16x19...
  19. BillKid

    Does Anderson have a chance in final?

    Let's say if he plays against Nadal, which seems likely at this time. I know that you always have a chance in a tennis match, but what can we expect from Anderson in your opinion?
  20. BillKid

    OHBH: bend or straight arm?

    When initiating their OHBH stroke and doing the "unit turn", most players have their elbow bent and get the arm straight later (eg Federer, Dimitrov, Henin, Wawrinka), whereas some players have their arm straight from the beginning (eg Thiem). Does the Thiem-like favor a flat shot? Are both...
  21. BillKid

    V sense 8 300g? Or a Babolat?

    I'm currently using a Head GRad mp (with a little bit of weight added) and I'm looking for a 100 sqin tweener that would provide a little bit more free power, spin, foregiveness and comfort. I was thinking the new Pure Drive could be a good pick but after reading your review I'm not sure it is...
  22. BillKid

    Tecnifibre Red Code Wax or another soft poly

    I'm looking for a poly that would play a little bit softer than my current strung Volkl cyclone 17g and that would have a good tension maintenance. I know Volkl also offers the Tour version which is supposedly softer but I read a lot of positive comments on the Tecnifibre Red Code Wax. On TW...
  23. BillKid

    Fast game conditions in future GS?

    The fast surface and light balls may have play in important role in the outcome of this AO. Was it just a choice by the organizers of the AO or is it more a global orientation that Will be adopted in other tournaments, especially GS? If so, that may sound good for number 19 at Wimbledon
  24. BillKid

    Fast game conditions in future GS?

    Double thread please delete
  25. BillKid

    Comfort rating in recent TW reviews

    Hi TW team, I'm in search for a new frame and looking for something relatively arm friendly in the 100sqin 300-310g range. I was thinking on the PS100 or the Speed touch mp. I found the Speed Touch mp very comfortable but much more muted than what I'm used to. I would have to demo it more...
  26. BillKid

    Professionals endorsing Graphene Radical?

    Hello, Everybody on this forum knows that many (most?) ATP and WTA players under contract with Head are using old frames with PJ. However, I assume that some players, especially in the young generation, must use recent frames in pro stock version. I was wondering who among professional players...
  27. BillKid

    Rating quality of paint

    I would be interested to get your appreciation regarding the quality of paint for different brands (current models only). Please rate from 1 (low quality, chips easily) to 5 (very strong quality) Head Wilson Prince Yonex Babolat Volkl
  28. BillKid

    Racquet casting

    What stick would you recommend? Criteria as follows: 100sqin Not too much "thick beam" (no PD, Warrior...) 300-310g unstrung Crisp but comfortable and arm friendly Good for topspin Power and control "intermediate", in the same range as my current stick that is a Graphene Radical mp with a little...
  29. BillKid

    Prince graphite II precision 730 longbody stiffness

    Hello there, Sorry for the double post. Already asked in the racquets section but then I thought it would be better here. I have a question about the Prince graphite II precision 730 longbody (used in the past by Alberto Costa.. and me:)). Is there anybody that could rate thestiffness of this...
  30. BillKid

    Prince graphite II precision 730 longbody stiffness

    Hello there, I have a question about the Prince graphite II precision 730 longbody (used in the past by Alberto Costa.. and me:)). Is there anybody that could rate the stiffness of this frame ? Not sure how it compares with current frames. Anybody knows the RA?