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    Yonex Poly Tour Rev - 17 Gauge

    It doesn’t look like the 17 gauge is listed in TW University’s string comparison database. Does anyone out there have any measurables for the 17 gauge in terms of: - total tension loss - total tension loss percentage - stiffness I do use the Tune app, but like to refer to TW University as...
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    U.S. Open - Halep vs. Gorgi

    I'd say this is the most interesting matchup on Day 1 (men or women).
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    Wang Q.

    Good heavens is she beautiful. Just had to tell someone. Thanks :sneaky:
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    Korda’s Karatsev Beat-Down

    Sebbi just did to Karatsev what Karatsev has been doing to everyone else. By the end Karatsev looked completely demoralized.
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    Another Gutsy Zverev Performance

    Thoughts, musings, opinions....... For me, I can’t understand how a guy with that much talent cannot overcome his yips on the second serve. I know he just won in Acapulco last week, but man does he seem mentally fragile.
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    The Genius of Hsieh

    Shieh is becoming one of my favorite WTA players to watch. It’s amazing to watch her just take opponents apart. There is just no one that plays like her. The younger ball-bashers could learn a thing or two from her (especially point construction).
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    AO 2021 Shapo vs. Sinner

    Curious to see opinions on this matchup.
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    Maria Sakkari

    Good heavens does she have broad, muscular shoulders. I have narrow goat shoulders compared to her......ha ha ha Just had to get that off my chest
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    How Pros Rate The Four Slams

    How do you think players rate the four grand slam events from most prestigious to least prestigious? For example, I think most Americans would rank them: Wimbledon U.S. Open French Australian For pros who grew up outside of the U.S. I would bet something like: Wimbledon French Australian...
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    Axes & Racquets

    My Tecnifibre TF40s and D. Lakin P-Bass.