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  1. TennisBoysCousin

    Need help with tension head on used Alpha Revo 4000.

    Hey guys, first post in this subforum, and looking for advice with my new machine. Recently bought an Alpha Revo 4000 on the Bay. This is my first machine ever, and the first time even stringing a tennis racquet. I set up the machine, and everything seems to be setup propery on the racquet...
  2. TennisBoysCousin

    Looking to increase grip size with leather/hard synthetic

    Hey, whatsup TT! Recently, I have purchased a few used racquets online, and due to the nature of used products, recieved some specs that were not customized to my needs. The grips are 1 size to small on one racquet. I bought an Angell 4 3/8 grip, and the ideal fit for me is a Yonex racquet at 4...