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  1. Josh Lyman

    We Swoon for Svitolina: A Thread About Elina #FamEli

    My girl, Elina Svitolina, begins 2018 as the betting favorite at the Australian Open, her first time in that position. She won the most tournaments on the WTA in 2017 (5) as well as her first tournament of 2018 in Brisbane. At the age of 23, she has added more offense to her world-class defense...
  2. Josh Lyman

    How did journeyman players make a living back in the day?

    Everyone talks about how it's difficult for players ranked outside the top 100 to make a living playing tennis because the prize money is so top heavy, but purses used to be significantly smaller so what did they do back then?
  3. Josh Lyman

    Fedal final would be "biggest match ever"

    Fed and Rafa haven't met in a major final since 2011 Roland Garros and any major round since 2014 Australian Open, both of which Rafa won. But Rafa is 3 years older while Fed looks younger than ever, certainly with a bigger racquet than back then. Andy Roddick says it would be the "biggest...
  4. Josh Lyman

    2016 French Open Women's Final: [1] S. Williams vs. [4] G. Muguruza

    Rematch of last year's Wimbledon final.
  5. Josh Lyman

    US Open Women's QF: Serena[1] vs. Venus[23]

    This is gonna be a bigger letdown than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Serena in 2 easy sets.
  6. Josh Lyman

    Wimbledon 2015 Final: N. Djokovic [1] vs. R. Federer [2]

    Rematch of last year's final!
  7. Josh Lyman

    Ladies 2015 Wimbledon Final: S. Williams [1] vs. G. Muguruza [20]

    H2H is 2-1 in favor of Serena, who won their most recent match at the 2015 Australian Open 2-6 6-3 6-2. vs.
  8. Josh Lyman

    Wimbledon 2015 QF: S. Warinka [4] vs. R. Gasquet [21]

    Who will win this battle of the one-handed backhands? or
  9. Josh Lyman

    Nick Kyrgios and Madison Keys are playing mixed doubles...

    against Melzer and Strycova and it's hilarious! On court 11, tune in!
  10. Josh Lyman

    Wimbledon 2015 R3: M. Cilic [9] vs. J. Isner [17]

    Who will prevail in this battle of big man big servers? or
  11. Josh Lyman

    RG QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Rafael Nadal

    RG 2015 QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Rafael Nadal Vamos Nole!
  12. Josh Lyman

    2015 Australian Open Mens Final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Andy Murray

    Novak is 2-0 against Andy in AO finals, but Andy is 2-0 against Novak in other slam finals. Will Novak get his 5th AO and 8th major, or will Andy get his 1st AO and 3rd major?
  13. Josh Lyman

    2015 Australian Open Womens Final: [1] Serena Williams vs. [2] Maria Sharapova

    As everyone knows, Serena has won her last 15 matches against Maria, whose last win came at the 2004 WTA Championships. Will Maria finally end the streak, or will we see a repeat of the 2007 final when Serena beat Maria 6-1, 6-2?
  14. Josh Lyman

    Media shows its bias by giving Federer credit for Davis Cup win

    I haven't followed the tennis media too closely since Davis Cup, but all the coverage of Federer leading up to and now during the Australian Open talk about him as the hero of the Davis Cup, when we all know full well that it was Stan who had the biggest hand in the win. Once again, the media...
  15. Josh Lyman

    Australian Open bracket challenge?

    I may have missed it, but I don't see a stickied post. Is TW not holding a contest this year?
  16. Josh Lyman

    Do any other majors or tournaments do this?

    I noticed they were transcribing his interview on the fly. Never seen that before elsewhere.
  17. Josh Lyman

    US Open 2014 draw ceremony - Today 12pm ET

    Live in 9 hours at 12pm, New York time. For Americans, it's streaming online on ESPN3.
  18. Josh Lyman

    Wimbledon rap song

    NSFW language. I... have no words:
  19. Josh Lyman

    Wimbledon 2014 Women's QFs: Halep [3] vs Lisicki [19], Bouchard [13] vs Kerber [9]

    Figured we should collect discussion for the first matches up on Centre and No. 1 courts.
  20. Josh Lyman

    The death of serve and volley: 2003-05 Wimbledon finals (video highlights)

    The 2003 final between Roger Federer and Mark Philippoussis was all serve and volley: The 2004 final between Federer and Andy Roddick had a huge decline in S&V, but both players approached the net quite often...
  21. Josh Lyman

    Help finding Sharapova (Bouchard?) interview question after semis

    I remember hearing radio Roland Garros play a clip of a Chinese reporter asking a question to Sharapova (possibly Bouchard) after their semifinal (possibly quarterfinal) match where Sharapova answered it in a very, very awkward manner, even more awkward than when Mahut was asked about his...
  22. Josh Lyman

    Why do larger racquets have more power?

    Everyone says this, but I've never seen an explanation of the physics. The easy response is to say "the larger racquet weighs more and transfers more momentum to the ball", but a 90 or 93 doesn't necessarily weigh less than a 98 or 100; in fact, it seems like the midplusses usually weigh less...
  23. Josh Lyman

    Do you prefer to carry one large bag or multiple smaller ones?

    Let's say you bring 2, maybe 3 racquets when you play. You could make due with a 3 racquet bag plus a medium duffel/gym bag for clothes/towels/shoes. In fact, if you only bring 2 racquets, you could just carry them in their covers. On the other hand, you could buy a 10-12 racquet bag with...
  24. Josh Lyman

    Racquet and grip size question from newbie

    I'm an avid tennis fan but I've only played a handful of times since high school gym class. My coworker is a decent player, and he's been pestering me to start playing regularly. Last week, a local store closing provided the perfect opening, so I picked up a 2012 Pure Drive for 50% off and a...