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  1. happyloman

    Obliques pain

    ( I saw a 2007 thread in the health forum with no replies so posting in this forum) Please post any personal experience/ knowledge you have with pain in the obliques (serving arm side) Me: 1. Suddenly got this 3 weeks ago, so stopped playing tennis for three weeks to rest 2. Have never had...
  2. happyloman

    Roddick has thrown away his trophies

    .. he helped the one from US open
  3. happyloman

    Would you play with someone like this?

    Background: There's a website where one can find hitting partners for rallies, matches, etc. I played against this player (in June) from that website and won 6-4, 6-3 (it was his idea to play the match, I was thinking of just hitting around) Come July, I got around to posting the scores on the...
  4. happyloman

    Which shot was more impressive?

    Both are jaw dropping career highlight shots. Which one did you like more and why? Wawrinka: +Went around the net post +Backhand --Had more time to set up Nadal: +99 mph and stretched out wide on run --went over net instead of around net post
  5. happyloman

    Tell me why grass tennis is fake tennis

    Another poster has convinced me with unbreakable logic and unassailable arguments why clay tennis is fake tennis. Thank you for the epiphany. Is it possible that grass tennis is also fake tennis? Don't be afraid to speak the truth. Let's hear your thoughts.
  6. happyloman

    "Did you bring any new balls?"

    Have been playing with this person ("Charlie") about ten/fifteen times previously. Charlie has never opened a new can of balls and has never brought decent playable balls. Charlie always has the same can of used balls that never even leave the bag. I've ended up always either opening new cans...
  7. happyloman

    Did Nadal listen to TT posters?

    What did Nadal do differently this clay season (and 2017) that has led to these amazing results after a subpar 2015 and 2016? Was it moya? Heavier racket? Aggressive backhand? Going for more pace on first serve? What? What did he change/add?
  8. happyloman

    Does anyone share this pet peeve?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one, but those who do not share this pet peeve might find it hard to understand. Just trying to get a feel of the average poster's opinion on this. On changeovers, I always like to hand any remaining tennis balls (in my shorts' pockets) to the upcoming server when we...
  9. happyloman

    Stringing for your partners

    I have a stringing machine but I refuse to string for friends (free or with pay) I compare it to washing one's own car or ironing one's shirts: it's something I don't mind doing for myself, but not something I'd want to do as a job/responsibility for others. (Of course I'm sure many of you...
  10. happyloman

    What don't you do in doubles?

    I'm assuming slice backhand and dropshot are rare? Anything else?
  11. happyloman

    What serves are possible with frying pan grip?

    Is the frying pan grip limited to flat serves? Anyone able to get anything other than flat serves?
  12. happyloman

    Which player has the most backspin

    So if Nadal is the king of topspin which player has the most backspin on their slice?
  13. happyloman

    ESPN. WTF.

    Their replay section has changed ( for the worse) since last year - the main draw matches are only up for a day or so. I remember they used to have matches from at least 2-4 days old. Instead, they now have archive matches of juniors, legends, etc for this AO. WTF ESPN
  14. happyloman

    Did Murray really do the jumping around (distraction) waiting to return in the fifth set?

    Saw a few seconds and wasn't sure if I saw that correctly. If he did, not his finest moment, even if permissible by rules. (Whoops, fourth set, not fifth set)
  15. happyloman

    Slice serve on the ad court for righties - should I bother?

    Given that there is only so much someone can spend practicing tennis serves should I bother practicing the slice serve on the ad court for a right-handed player? It seems to me like it is not that much bang for the buck. It seems to me like the following serves are much more effective and...
  16. happyloman

    Players who play out of their minds for one tournament and then disappear

    It's so frustrating when I see this last year Laura Sigmund in some tournament in Germany, aleksandra krunic and her US Open run, maybe Monica Puig after the Olympics I'm not just picking on the WTA also happens with the ATP. these players look like world-beaters but then you never hear...
  17. happyloman

    Share your awful tennis coach stories.

    Anyone had bad tennis coaches? I had one guy who showed up late (apologized for drinking too much the night before), and proceeds to waste my time with half-assed lessons. Then gives me a hard sell on why I should continue lessons with him "at least once a week". Wouldn't use him again even...
  18. happyloman

    Can you handle your own serve?

    There is a clone of you on the other side of the court serving to you. How well would you do returning your clone's serve?
  19. happyloman

    Is an ace more like a strikeout or a slam dunk?

    Is the service ace in tennis more comparable to the: 1. Strikeout in American baseball 2. Postering slam dunk in basketball? 3. Some other play (in some other sport) Both the strikeout and the posterizing dunk are humiliating, mano-a-mano, manly displays of complete ownage. Your thoughts?
  20. happyloman

    Which one of these three serve returns do you find prettiest?

    1. The first return: Nadal had a quick "flick" with minimal racket takeback with the forehand on deuce court 2. The second return: Nadal repeat of the first but this one hugged the line and had more pace. Nadal also had to take a quick step to his left to reach the ball. 3. The third return...
  21. happyloman

    Just saw this new sensor online
  22. happyloman

    Tomic sledges Wawrinka
  23. happyloman

    Best women's major 2016

    Which one was the most enjoyable to watch?
  24. happyloman

    Questions interviewers should stop asking

    1." Which player would you prefer to play in the Final?" (Asked of the finalist about the remaining players in the second semi final) Has anyone replied with anything other than "it doesn't matter/i don't care/etc" type answers? Any other questions you are sick of hearing?
  25. happyloman

    Bagels, breadsticks, and...?

    What's the appropriate bakery item name for 6-2 beating?
  26. happyloman

    Your match point preference?

    How do you like to end your matches?
  27. happyloman

    Your NTRP vs potential

    What's the difference between your current NTRP rating and your maximum realistic future NTRP potential rating? What's keeping you from reaching it
  28. happyloman

    If tennis didn't exist...

    What would you spend your time on instead?