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    Micronite dead stringbed after only 5 hours - Why?!

    Micronite is a great string and performs as well as the best premium multi's. Solid with good power, feel and depth control. It is sensitive to initial tension. It really opens up a few pounds looser. I really like it in a hybrid with a synthetic gut cross. Forten Sweet at same tension if you...
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    Mikeler's Multis

    Mikeler I want to thank you for all you have done on this fine thread. Microfibre is listed as 1.30mm and MIcronite 1.32mm. Where you aware of any difference in actual diameter or playability between these 2? Do you know for a fact than Discho Microfibre was just rebranded Signum Pro Micronite?
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    Mikeler's Multis

    Looks like Discho Microfibre has been discontinued and was told it will not be restocked. Too bad as this was a fine playing multi at great value. Not sure if Signum Pro Micronite is really the same string as they are listed at .02mm larger diameter than same gauge Microfibre. Have others...
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    Full Syn gut - actually pretty great

    I also like the natural the best but in my playtests the gold was the softest string of the 3, more stretch almost rubber bandy, more power and less control at the same tension. The white is almost a different string with a smoother outer jacket.
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    Full Syn gut - actually pretty great

    I started stringing my personal rackets about 30 years ago and carefully tried all the synthetic guts and liked Wilson syn gut the best. It had a better feel and deeper pocket vs. Prince original syn gut. Gosen OG Sheep was more muted and placed between the Prince and Wilson syn guts in my...
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    Multi that has Spin + Power + Control

    Almost any premium multi plays very well for 4 to 6 hours, then its still usable but precision control and large sweet spot is reduced. After many play tests including multis and natural guts my go to string setup is a fresh Mamba Microfiber main and Forten Sweet natural color cross. Thanks...
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    Prince Graphite Longbody 28 Inch Racquet

    I still have not found a better racket for a two hander. Great balance of power and touch, raw feel but not harsh. These need a lot of lead on the head for serious play.
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    Mikeler's Multis

    I have played Laserfibre SNPSG years ago when it was sold by TW. Yes it was one of the better multi's of the day, but no better than current premium multi's. I would compare it with Prince Premier LT for its soft somewhat muted feel but I would rank Babolat Xcel better than SNPSG as it has...
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    Multi question

    After a long trial of Xcel, NRG2 and Disco Microfibre in 17 gauge I am convinced that none of them win me any more free points than another, so Microfibre wins on price. Now cross a Microfibre main with Forten Sweet cross and I declare that the best playing, arm friendly, high value setup...
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    Talk me out of replacing my klippermate

    Had to replace one clamp right at 20 years and the new one from Klippermate has much better action than the original. Also around the same time frame one of the bolts broke on the drop weight string clamp mechanism which i had to drill and tap out to replace. There really is almost nothing to...
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    Talk me out of replacing my klippermate

    I have been stringing on my Klippermate for 25 years now for my personal rackets only. I easily do my 16x18's in 30 minutes at the kitchen table, but I do use a computer chair raised to highest level for comfort. Probably average one string job ever week to 10 days so I have done at least...
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    Will Gut Really Make a Difference?

    I am an old school 4.5 and find that Xcel or even NRG2 that been hit with a bit is just as comfortable as the mid level priced guts with just a bit less power. Definitely an upgrade to basic syn gut. One last suggestion is use the mutli or gut in the main as a hybrid with a synthetic gut...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Hi Daniel, We really need you on the string forum as some of us would rather focus on string. Maybe your response to this question can be posted there. I saw your previous comments on BT7 where you acknowledge Babolats intent to improve durability and that there are many trade offs in life...
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    natural tension gut advice

    Agree with this, go up at least 10% from your poly.
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    Multi question

    Thanks, I will try out Discho Microfibre and report back with results vs. Xcel.
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    Multi question

    For all you multi experts, is there a string better than Babolat Xcel if the priority of characteristics are in the following order? comfort, control, feel, power, cost, spin, tension maintenance, longevity I have tried a number of multi's and guts and here's my take on them. Xcel - best...
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    Mikeler's Multis

    Have you guys ever tried an Xcel or Xcel Power main crossed with Forten Sweet natural color cross? Has to be the best playability to price vs. any full multi IMHO.
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    Non poly hybrids

    For those non poly players, they owe it to themselves to hybrid their multi of choice main with a Forten Sweet cross. Slightest bit drop in power but more consistency, better depth control and better tension maintenance at almost half the string bed cost. For the record my favorite multi main...
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    Need soft multi but low powered

    I did a bunch of play tests comparing the following strings side by side in matched rackets all strung at the same tension. With my strokes would list the strings in the following order from soft to stiff. Alpha 2000, good for a couple of hours but lost tension very quickly Asterisk, nice...
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    First Time Natural Gut - Full or Hybrid?

    My recommendation is to use half the gut in the main and use your normal string in the cross. Based on that experience you can decide how to use the other half set. You can also start with the gut main and a synthetic gut cross to get pretty close to the feel of a full gut setup. If that does...
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    How profound is the effect of string gauge on top spin production

    I generally agree with your statement and actually play with a thinner string to get best results with my game. The issue is when I use a thicker string I realize I have to take bigger cuts at the ball and once I get used to it actually wind up with a spinier game. The problem for me is that I...
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    How profound is the effect of string gauge on top spin production

    Given the same stroke a thinner string will provide more bite and spin especially at slow to medium swing speeds. The thing is you can actually take a bigger cut at the ball with thicker strings while maintaining depth control and therefore the thicker string proves out to have more overall...
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    Mamba Supra gut?

    Anyone have any more playtest info on the Supra?
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    Alternatives to Babolat Xcel?

    Have you ever tried a good multi main and syn gut cross or are you just stating a stock response? This combo provides very high playability for the price for the play whose game does not benefit from stiff, low powered poly.
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    Alternatives to Babolat Xcel?

    Use an Xcel main and Forten Sweet cross. Or even better try NRG2 main with Forten Sweet. Both hybrids are soft and powerful while holding tension better than a full multi job at near half the price.
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    String affect on strung weight?

    Best practice if your sensitive to a few grams difference is to get a digital scale with 0.1 gram indicator. You also need a balance board and add a scale with 1/64 inch gradients. Just match up your rackets after stringing with lead tape. Once you get the hang of it it only takes a minute or...
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    Prince Premier Attack 16 String - Review

    This sums up my experience with PPA 17 gauge when directly compared to my normal NRG2 17 main string strung at same tension in matching POG Longbody's. I have now used PPA for a good 10 hours. It started out stiff and somewhat boardy and never developed the pocketing or spin potential I have...
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    This is the best stringbed in the world.....ever!

    Agree, one day one hit wonder only. The magic is gone the next day. No other combo has proved higher performance in my opinion, but stringing everyday at that cost is not for me.
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    Why 27 inch ?

    Over 40% of male top 100 use a racket length 27.4" or longer based on the data sets previously posted here by tour stringers.
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    Gut/poly emptying my pockets

    Gut / co-focus just dosn't have the initial playability of gut / ALU whiich has more pop with pinpoint control from the start but the ALU is pretty dead at 3 to 4 hours. The co-focus is mute to start and continues to slowly soften over time. You can use the co-focus longer but it is a...