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  1. estigma2001

    Do you like Thrash Metal?

    Here our Sepultura cover: MASS OBLIVION Meaningless Movements SEPULTURA COVER #sepultura #arise - YouTube
  2. estigma2001

    Federer to use new tennis shoes

    Bye bye Vapors!!!!
  3. estigma2001

    Meet the Tennis Player with No Backhand!!!

    Cheong Eui Kim, 29. Current Ranking = 493.
  4. estigma2001

    DelPo to comeback soon!!!!

    Excellent news
  5. estigma2001

    Marco Cecchinato to win Roland Garros 2019

    He just won Buenos Aires and his clay court dominance is starting to grow. What does the forum think?
  6. estigma2001

    Could ever Thiem win a tournament one day bigger than an atp 500?

    I´m a little beat skeptical after his Madrid lost, he needs to improve mentally!
  7. estigma2001

    Solinco Hyper G vs Luxilon 4G opinions?

    Well i love 4G 16 in my Wilson PS97 but 256 dollars is too much, i was reading many reviews about the Hyper G and seems pretty similar to 4G but is only 159 dollars. the thing that i like the most of the 4G is the feel and the playability duration, seems to last for ever :p Need your advices...
  8. estigma2001

    Verdasco has a better drive than Nadal

    Well i think that Verdasco drive has more rpm and also produces more damage however he made more UEs. What do you think?
  9. estigma2001

    The Best Nike Ever!

    I love these Nike and i really miss them
  10. estigma2001

    Janko Tipsarevic trying to come back!

    He won his first round match in the Ostrava Czech Republic. Tipsarevic def. Hans Podlipnik 76(5) 36 64
  11. estigma2001

    Brian Baker to play Miami Open by Itau 2016

    Glad to see him back and trying again and again, really like his all court game. Tournament Name: MIAMI OPEN presented by Itaú Location: Key Biscayne, FL, USA Dates: MARCH 23-APRIL 3, 2016 (WEDNESDAY START/COMBINED EVENT) Prize Money: US $6,134,605/Total Financial Commitment US $7,037,595) 96...
  12. estigma2001


    Well if you need more spin or you don´t know how to obtain more spin, please train your strokes, i mean change the techniques. All this spin trend means more money because you broke more strings, etc. Tennis is not all about spin so please stop! Just learn how to play and train, train and train!
  13. estigma2001

    Del Potro starting again!

    From his official facebook: The hardest moments of my career are gone, those in which I didn't know what I would do next. I've already told you the discomfort of being unable to do what I like and the suffering of watching tennis on TV. Today is a different story. I have great expectations for a...
  14. estigma2001

    Del Potro update!

    I took this from his facebook: Hola a todos. Quiero contarles que Franco y Martiniano han dejado de ser mis entrenadores. Sólo tengo palabras de agradecimiento por los años que hemos trabajado juntos y les deseo lo mejor. También un agradecimiento especial a sus respectivas familias por el...
  15. estigma2001

    Stan shows it all (almost)

    For ESPN:
  16. estigma2001

    Rafa testing a new racquet?

    Check the video A picture...
  17. estigma2001

    Kyrgios injured again!

    This guy is made of crystal o what´s wrong?
  18. estigma2001

    Blade 98 16x19 vs PS 97 vs Babolat PS 16x19

    Is the difference in the SW noticeable?
  19. estigma2001

    Please help me to understand this!

    I used to play with the APD 2013 and now with the Blade 98 and to me the APD has more power but according to this the blade and the rf97 have more :twisted...
  20. estigma2001

    Juan Martin to come back stronger in 2015!

    Taken from his facebook account! Despite the positive recovery of my wrist and the progress in my overall physical condition, I have decided not to take part in the end-of-year European tournaments. I´m currently not at the 100% capacity required to confront this challenges. I intend to take a...
  21. estigma2001

    Me training inside out drive!

    Coments, advices? :)
  22. estigma2001

    MTOs per player per year in the ATP?

    Do we have this stat?:confused:
  23. estigma2001

    Tension for an hybrid set up?

    I´m testing and hybrid set up for my Blade 98 16x19 TB 16 for the mains and Isospeed Baseline Control 16L for the crosses, What would be the right range of tension between the crosses and the mains?:-?
  24. estigma2001

    Wilson Steam 99S vs Wilson Blade 98(16x19)

    Please help me here i used to be a Wilson guy, i played with Wilson Staff, Ultra FPK, Pro Staff 6.0 Dual Tapered Beam then i stoped playing tennis for some years and returned to tennis but using Babolat Aero Pro Drive since 2008 but i never like the feel at all, love the power and spin However...
  25. estigma2001

    Roger i have no sympathy for Troicki

    The GOAT said:
  26. estigma2001

    Iso Speed Baseline Control any comments?

    I´ll buy this string because a friend told me is a very good option Someone here use it? Thanks in advance. :)
  27. estigma2001

    Gulbis underarm serve!

    Against Janowicz! :twisted:
  28. estigma2001

    Anyone watching Tsonga-Thiem? Great match Dominik has good hands thrid set Tsonga leads 5-4
  29. estigma2001

    Haas-Mecir Vienna Open

    Second set tie break first set to Haas 7/5 very good match! :)