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    Back Tennis or Front Tennis

    This is a new article that uses another name for two-handed forehand tennis (Back Tennis or cross-handed two-handed tennis) hitting styles on both sides, the link - Back Tennis or Front Tennis - a $64K Tennis Question I'm trying to find a proper name to catch the essence of this tennis playing...
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    Symmetrical (360 degree) rotational tennis - from discovery, practice to deployment in real match, in week!

    Symmetrical C&C two-handed playing style on both sides provides tennis forms to increase the angular momentum of tennis shots, making tennis matches more intense, faster paced, more entertaining and watchable. From discovery, practice to deployment in a real match, in a week! Why making this...
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    Modern Tennis Playing Style Chart (Regarding Hand Positions)

    Open a can of worms - tennis so far has been dominated by asymmetrical ways in forms and techniques, so forehand is totally or at least partially different than backhand. Would future tennis stay the same way or goes toward more symmetrical styles? What is your current playing style? Did I...
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    Seles & Two-handed Tennis Playing Styles

    We know that Seles tennis carer was effectively ended by the stabbing incident that caused sever bodily injury and more so, psychologically. If that event can be called a black swan event in tennis history, most people probably would believe I'm making an exaggeration. So this is just something...
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    Donut Tennis, the C&C way

    Just wrote another paper last night/this morning on symmetrical tennis - Before define what C&C is, let's dive to the basics in biomechanics, the nitty-gritty stuff we need to understand. Since I am an outsider, only studied Computer Science in school, so by searching through tennis books, I...
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    Tennis without Forehand? Are you kidding?

    Tennis without Forehand? Are you kidding? No, not at all, wthout backhand too, to tell the truth! If a player can use the same forms and techniques to play both sides, do we still need the term Forehand or backhand? This can trace to the very beginning of tennis...
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    Let the virus die before my last stroke - Shelter in Place Tennis

    Practicing Symmetrical Tennis, in way of Solo/Shelter In Place. Emphasizing Muscle Memory and Endurance. A little surprise - No more Forehand or Backhand. Just right shot or left shot, as they are all the same form-wise and technique wise.
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    Alternative two handed backhand

    What can be done to improve the odds for backhand stroke to rival the modern forehand? The single handed backhand is less and less likely to be the good option. The current two handed backhand is a better choice than the single handed backhand, but it still appears to be a weak choice. The need...
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    Thumb-Up, Do We Need a Law for Tennis?

    This article is a little long, but compare the slow evolution of tennis, it's actually too short;) The Thumb-up and Thumb-down of Tennis Hope to get some comments from unfamiliar faces:)
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    Unified Tennis System Possible?

    Is A Unified Tennis System Possible Is A Unified Tennis System Possible Gary E. Lou 03/09/2019 Once upon a time, there was a unified tennis system - a closed system where players used closed stances and closed grip (continental grip) to play tennis. The baseline stroke...
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    Forehand Backhand

    Anyone know why in the two handed backhand stroke, player mostly (if not all), keeping the dominant hand at the very end of the racket handle (and put the non-dominant hand in front of the dominant hand)? Is this for convenience so the grip changes don't involve the hand position changes...
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    Tennis Arm, the Active Story?

    To summarize, the #1 modern tennis story is about the passive arm. It is the minimization of arm’s contribution in pace generation for the forehand first. The same is going to happen in the serve. Federer let his hitting arm take the back seat in the forehand hitting, using an open stance and...
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    Pronation - small vs. big; fast vs. slow, active vs. passive

    "Pronation" is a fascinating word in tennis. We cannot play tennis without it. It is also a divisive word. The ones who can do pronation right became advanced players, and the ones who cannot remain to be sub-par players. This picture is undergoing changes now. To me, pronation in tennis has...
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    Why forehand evolved to the modern style by serve remain to be tradistional

    Why forehand evolved to a totally different stroke both form wise and techniques wise in recent decades, but the serve is still kept mostly traditional? I don't pretend to have the answers. I once asked an elite player during a presentation; then we had a conversation afterward. We kind of...
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    Open Topspin Serve

    Made a video this evening to focus on topspin serves. A long time held teaching dogmas have three big must do things - A. one has to use continental grip B. and a closed stance (either pin-point stance or platform stance), plus C. an active arm and quick flexing of the wrist and elbow to make...
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    Division of Labor and Delegation of Task In Tennis Strokes

    Just wrote a short article - Division of Labor and Delegation of Task In Tennis Strokes (a Forehand Example) Your critiques are welcome.
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    Forehand Tennis Serve

    I've been advocating open style tennis serves fore a while now. Since my practices and my point of view were in direct contradiction to the 'official' recommendations for coaching/training tennis serves, one can imaging the overwhelming negative responses I got so far. Even so, I have been...
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    Open Tennis Serve

    This serve needs more spin, so someone spins me around, lol, to let the followthrough be free and unconstrained. I said two years ago that it may take 10 or more years to open the serve to use open stance, and later also added open grip to it. Seeing more 4.0 and 4.5 gals and guys use open...
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    Revival of single handed backhand

    Is there a new trend in tennis backhand form/technique? If we look at man's quarter final players of current Wimbledon, three out of eight are single handed backhand players - N. Djokovic M. Cilic S. Wawrinka R. Gasquet A. Murray V. Pospisil R. Federer G. Simon All of these three players are...
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    One Step Toward Open Tennis - Venus Williams' Way

    Anyone noticed some change in Venus Williams' serves? My observation is that first, she moves her back foot forward to the right more than she used to do, so her stance has becomes semi-open at least for her first serve. Second, her second serve is more or less kept as usual, maybe opened...
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    Tennis Novel

    Enjoyed reading many posts about healing of physical injuries. Helped my bad knee and tennis elbow. Here is a writing about the mental part -
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    Open tennis kick serve practice (upper body)

    This is a upper body serve practice for kick serves. Without legs it is hard to bend/twist the upper body, but one can still do topspin open tennis serves (both stance and grip are open). 0:00-0:14 semi-open stance/open grip serves (knee down) 0:15-0:47 open stance/open grip serves (knee...
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    Monfils Serve stance

    Monfils is very unique player. I'll call him the most open minded player on the tour. Anything work for him, he will do, disregard if it deviates from the norm. This is the video that got me laugh the loudest - I guess with that kind of free...
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    Serve stances & forward weight pushing

    I'm trying to get better on serve and volley by practicing forward weight pushing on my serves. So I recorded my serves using different serve stances to find out the how far I can jump into the court. Like to get some input on whether my results are logical or abnormal. Here is the video -...
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    Serve video using open stances and open grip

    This video shows something totally against all the teaching of "correct" tennis serve on stance and grip. The stance is not a platform stance or a pin-point stance. The grip is not a continental grip. So what I was doing? I had been trying to improve my serve using continental grip for a long...