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  1. basil J

    Volkl advisory thread.

    playing it in stock form, full gut 16g at 58#
  2. basil J

    Why aren't you using Volkl?

    Melbourne and the PB 10 series are absolute gems. Still play with the Melbourne and a buddy of mine still uses the PB 10 mid. Unmatched in feel, comfort and control.
  3. basil J

    Prince TT 100P v. TT 100, recommended string tensions

    I hit for an hour today with a solid 4.5 buddy with the 100p. I put 3" 1/4" lead tape strips at 3:00 & 9:00 for a little more weight. We Hit groundies and volleys for an hour, then I served for points for 1/2 hour. My initial impressions are as follows: Groundstrokes: very solid off the forehand...
  4. basil J

    Prince TT 100P v. TT 100, recommended string tensions

    I have the 100P and I string with VS gut at 58lbs and I could go higher.
  5. basil J

    New Prince Textreme Tour Series

    I still use the Melby as my main stick, but as I near 61, for singles, I probably could use a less demanding frame. I'm hoping the Prince will deliver what I am looking for.
  6. basil J

    Volkl C10 Pro

    I love my c10 pro, but it is a touch too heavy for me to use over a 3 hour match. My foot work erodes after 2 hours and if I am late at all with his frame, I spray a lot of shots. I find that this frame is a good offensive frame, not so great at defense, unless you are extremely fit. I am very...
  7. basil J

    New Prince Textreme Tour Series

    I've been looking for a good solid sub 12oz frame recently as I age I am not as quick as I once was. Most tweeners I tried played way too hollow and had too much power. Tried the tour 100P this summer 18 x 20 and liked it, but ended up giving it to my wife as she needed a frame for the summer. I...
  8. basil J

    Volkl advisory thread.

    I am back to full gut at 58# 16 G. I do find that days I am not at 100% this frame can really punish you. I am putting one up on the for sale section because I don't see myself using this as my main stick, just not playing enough to get the most out of this gem of a frame.
  9. basil J

    Völkl C10 Pro Club!

    Did you have TW match them for you. Yours a re lighter than mine. Mine weighs in at 12.6 oz with over grip, dampener and head tape.
  10. basil J

    Volkl V-Cell 10

    I like mine with full gut 16G at 58# and I like it with a gut/poly hybrid as well. Tension over 55# works best for me.
  11. basil J

    Volkl V-Cell 10

    You have excellent taste my good man.
  12. basil J

    Volkl advisory thread.

    Played indoors yesterday and decided to play the first set with my Melbourne, second set with the Volkl. I have gotten my strokes dialed in pretty good with the Volkl now and can easily switch back and fourth between frames. My opponent immediately noticed how much harder and faster my shots...
  13. basil J

    Does Stefanos have tennis elbow ?

    Old is relative. Most of my hitting partners are in their late 30's to early 50's and hold their own quite nicely against younger players.
  14. basil J

    Does Stefanos have tennis elbow ?

    I'm surprised that so many pros continue to use full poly with all the info out there about how tough it can be on your joints. The 18 x 20 blade as a frame, is not a harsh racquet, I have one and I use full gut at 55# and I get plenty of spin, control and power with it and it has never bother...
  15. basil J

    Any of you all ride Peloton? Curious what workouts best translate to tennis stamina

    I use my Peleton 3 times a week. I got my hip replaced last year and my surgeon told me not to do any distance running f I want my new hip to last. Peleton has been a life saver. It accelerated my recovery and helped me get back on the courts pretty quickly(8 weeks). Cody and Ally Love are my...
  16. basil J

    Hip replacement

    I had my right hip replaced last July. I was back in the gym at 6 weeks, back just hitting not running round the court at 8 weeks. A year later, lots of weight training, elliptical and Peleton biking I can happily say I have 95% of my mobility back and I am moving better than I have in 5 years...
  17. basil J

    Anyone else use different rackets for casual and semi-competitive play?

    same here, 3 identical frames, 2 set up with full gut for practice, one set up with gut mains poly crosses for match play. i get a little more spin with the hybrid set up, but I have a frail shoulder and my current frames(Becker Melbournes) strung up with full gut never bother my shoulder or...
  18. basil J

    Is 1HBH really a weakness in today's (professional) game?

    2 HBH is taught to the young because, if taught correctly, both wings will progress fairly equally as they learn to play the game. If they teach the OHBH, chances are that the forehand will progress at a much faster rate than their back Hands. I tell people to go with what feels natural. i was a...
  19. basil J

    Best racket weight for an advanced 13yo boy?

    My son is 14 and just stated playing and he is using my wife's Textreme tour 100 18 x 20 with a little weight at 3:00 & 9;00 weighing out at 11.9 ounces strung, and he is absolutely loving it. I asked him if he wanted to demo some lighter frames and he said no way. I was hoping to have him try...
  20. basil J

    What is the racket of the decade?

    Obviously for me it was and still is the Becker Melbourne. Just got a new old stock frame and still love this frame as much as I did 10 years ago when I first started using it. I felt the late 2000's had better frames than 2010 to 2020. Ones that stick out for me that I used are: Wilson kfactor...
  21. basil J

    BB Melbourne Club

    Played my first sets with my new Becker today. the frame does not need any additional weight like my older ones do as it plays very smooth and has great stability in stock form. I just added a 2nd over grip instead of changing the pallet and it seems fine. I played indoors for the first time in...
  22. basil J

    Volkl advisory thread.

  23. basil J

    I lol so hard @ people who don't own at least one of these

    c10 pro plays very similarly to the RF 97 IMO. More flex but a little less power and way more comfortable.
  24. basil J

    Volkl advisory thread.

    so I restrung my c10 pro with Poly mains and a multi cross just to see if I would like it any better than using full gut. I really like this frame but gave up on it because I played very erratically with it compared to My Melbournes. I strung this at 54lbs poly hurricane mains and a wilson...
  25. basil J

    What are the rarest but greatest rackets ever?

    Dunlop 200G 90"Muscle weave. I hit with it once at Saddlebrook in Florida and it was a fantastic frame. Could never find any over the last 15 years. probably couldn't use it in match play at this point but a great hit none the less.
  26. basil J

    BB Melbourne Club

    So My Melbourne finally arrived from Australia yesterday. They only had 3/8'grip which I never use, But I have pallets so I can change the grip if I decide to. I strung her up with 17g vs hut at 58lbs. strung with head tape and an over grip 12.4 oz, just like my other 2 before added weight. I...
  27. basil J

    Boris Becker11 98 18X20 mods to increase power/ sweetspot

    Both had equivalent power levels from what I remember from the BB11. The melbourne is much more stable.
  28. basil J

    Boris Becker11 98 18X20 mods to increase power/ sweetspot

    I still play the Melbourne and I found it much more solid than the BB11. I get decent power with this frame, but the allure of this frame for me is the comfort, control and shot variety I can produce. My set up is 2"of 1/4 in lead tape at 3:00 & 9:00. I use VS gut 17 g at 58lb and I use VS gut...
  29. basil J

    which rivalry you like the most

    Sampras/ Agassi Nadal/ Djokovich
  30. basil J

    Volkl C-10 vs. Head Prestige 360 MP

    I have a new C10 and strung it weighs in at 12.8 oz. It's a club.