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    Prince hairpin shape - foreign pallet?

    Hi All Ii I were to remove molded material from the handle of a Prince precision racket, what kind of shape would the hairpin have? I mean if the material are removed , would it be possible to install a pallet from Head or other brand? Simply put, can a pallet be installed on a Prince hairpin...
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    Onestring shake racket

    Hi Has anyone tried the Onestring Shake racket? It is a bit diffucult to get info.. Best Lphansen
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    Foam to reduce vibrations and sounds

    Hi Has anybody here tried to inject some kind of foam into a frame. I mean not only in the handle but into the entire frame ? If so could you please explain how to get the foam all the way to the hoop without the foam expanding and cracking the frame. I have some hollow frames that need...
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    TW Europe service check

    Hi , I bought a bunch of stuff from the European chapter and the parcel arrived surprisingly swift, excellent... Among other items I needed a new bumper for a Head prestige Pro racket, but only one of the sidebumpers was correct version; the other half was for the MP version. A few mails...
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    HELP needed with MADRAQ

    I'm the happy owner of a Madraq racquet and I'm about to restring it. If You recently have strung a Madraq racquet, have a pattern or know how its supposed to be done please share your knowledge. For instance does it have to be a 3-piece job, how much lenght is required and what...
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    Yonex mp 3 i

    I seem to have stumpled over a bunch of these rackets. Has anybody hit with it and can give me a review... Lars
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    Disapointed with TW

    Hi TW, about 6 weeks ago I sent a broken Pro Kennex 5G to You for warranty-claims. Since then I have not heard a word from YOU despite the fact that I´ve E-mailed several times. OK, You might not have received the racquet for some reason but You could at least have the decency to answer me ...
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    Swingweight versus diff. bumperguards

    I´m currently using the old Head Pro Tour 630/280. Depending of the racquets origin some comes with with CAP-grommets and some with the old "open" bumperguards. Does anyone know which setup gives the higher swingweight (and weight) ? Regards Lars